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1. Oregon 54-026
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10 Best Chainsaw Oils Reviews & Ratings

Most people know that owning a chainsaw is almost equal to owning a car. In most cases, people purchase chainsaws but forget to buy the best chainsaw oil that will keep their saw running smoothly and serve them for long. Like it or not, but you have to treat your chainsaw well.

Understanding your chainsaw oil makes you make the right choices to make sure your chainsaw keeps running smoothly and accurately maintained. The best chainsaw oil is essential to preserve the life of your chainsaw. That is why you need to include it in your to buy list.

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Have you ever had your chainsaw wear out so quickly and suddenly discolored? That is a significant issue with your chainsaw oil. You might have bought the wrong one, or its flow rate was less. If you are work in a timber industry where chainsaws are extremely useful, then you need to purchase the best oil.

10 Best Chainsaw Oils


1. Oregon 54-026

1. Oregon 54-026
Oregon 54-026 has the best properties to help you acquire the best lubrication and prevent friction most easily. It is specially compounded to provide extra high tackiness and even under unfavorable conditions, and it prevents throw off quickly.

You would also like to own oil that gives your tool maximum power. Apart from preventing friction, it also empowers your engine or device to have a faster cutting rate thus making your work easier and saves you time. Even though it is a little pricey, it is a product worth buying to protect your saw from all the damages that most products cannot achieve. Among our best features, we have;

High film strength - too much friction increases the chances of your tool breaking and thus reducing its lifespan. For this reason, your tool needs a product that will be able to help it withstand the effects of friction, speed, corrosion, rust, and load without breaking down. You should also know that an entire film that appears between the surfaces of equipment prevents wear. Thus, this is the most crucial features any oil should have

Resist build-up of particles - this is one thing that most people don't know. Any chainsaw oil should have the ability to enable your saw to clean away all the debris and sap that could have been formed while cutting. We all know that during a wetter season, many things form a habit of sticking to your chainsaw. If you use this product, it will drastically reduce the build-up or clogging of particles.

Also, This oil does not only help protect the saw from rusting and wear, but it also protects it from metal surfaces like links and chains. It also protects the internal parts of a chainsaw thus providing the user with best cutting experience.
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Product Features

High film strength
Has maximum engine power
Formulated to increase efficiency
Has bar and chain lube

Who is it for?

It is suitable for all the brands.

Prevents wear and scuffing of chain links

It keeps your engine working smoothly

It lubricates the engine while it's also running

It saves the surface of the chain

It lowers friction as well as maximizing engine power


Can be challenging to make sure that it reaches all the parts of the engine

2. Royal Purple 04311 HP

2. Royal Purple 04311 HP
Keeping your tool in a span and spick condition is essential. To make this happen, then you need to purchase this product to make sure that you are operating in the best state with your equipment. Just as the name suggests, it is 2-stroke engine oil that is designed to provide total loss lubrication. Also, the oil serves as full synthetic oil meaning that it allows for superior mechanical performance, reduces engine wear and increases gas mileage.

Apart from increasing the engine power, it makes sure that it sticks to the chain and bar to improve the high tack additive. This in return helps the equipment perform smoothly and flawlessly. It also helps the chain last longer. Below are the fascinating features about this product

Rust and corrosion protection - when operating a chainsaw, there is always a possibility to rust and be affected by corrosion due to various reasons. However, this product gives your chainsaw maximum protection from rust and corrosion effectively. That in return increases durability

It is ashless - the biggest reason why you should purchase this oil is that it is formulated with selected kinds of paraffin base and additive package having ashless dispersant. That helps minimize exhaust deposits thus provide a clean environment to work.

Apart from that, it also offers maximum safety to the user and the equipment since it doesn't splatter everywhere. That usually happens to oils that do not stick to the chain. However, it attaches to the chainsaw completely even when rotating.
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Product Features

It is ashless
Has a synthetic solvency
Contain Synerlec additive technology
Has HP 2-increases horsepower

Who is it for?

It is highly recommendable for use in pre-mixed, and oil injected gasoline 2-cycle engines. If you work with motorcycles, jet skis, SAWS and motors, then this is the best oil.

Reduces friction easily

Has more efficient combustion

Improves performance and reduces wear

Increases oil film strength

Provides maximum protection to both the user and the chainsaw

Reduces oil consumption, heat, and emission


The container does not have a handle; Thus you can get easily pour it while using

3. Husqvarna 610000023

3. Husqvarna 610000023
Among the most important things to do with your tool is to keep it in span and spick condition. Well, Husqvarna chain oil has all the qualities required for that. It is best used to grease the tool on a regular basis. In return, it provides the user with the best operating experiences since it makes sure that the equipment is operating in the best and optimal condition.

If you want to start using it, it is available and accessible in the markets since it is also not very expensive. Below are some of the most exceptional features you might want to have a look;

Optimizes the performance - any chainsaw owner needs that oil that will help them save time and energy at the same time. This product increases the cutting performance of your tool. When applied, it helps the chain to run smoothly and faster thus to optimize the performance.

Protects the internal components - people who have used this product know that it is the best to use regularly. It does not only protect the chain from damage, but it also protects the internal components of your tool. These components include the bars and links.

Apart from that, Husqvarna chain oil utilizes its ability to reduce heat and friction thus adding the durability of your tool. It is also one of the best to minimize the fast throw-off of the debris while operating your chainsaw.
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Product Features

Made of tackifier additives and premium blend of base stocks
It is a premium bar and chain oil
Contains all the lubricating properties

Who is it for?

It best recommendable for powered tools.

It is best to reduce friction

It helps minimize heat while operating your equipment

Helps reduce the fast throw-off of the debris

Optimizes the performance of the engine


It is hard to pour out the oil from the bottle

4. Poulan Pro 952030203

4. Poulan Pro 952030203
If you want the best oil that is suitable for all chainsaws, then Poulan Pro has sorted you out. This product contains some of the most exceptional features that are needed to take care of your chainsaw in the best appropriate way.

One thing about it is that it can resist high temperatures. That helps to keep the saw working under cooler temperatures to work in high qualities. Just like most of the chain oils, it helps reduce friction and make the engines run smoothly with minimal struggles. That, in turn, increases the durability; thus your tool can serve you for a long time. Below are our best features;

Ability to resist extreme pressure - working with the chainsaw for long hours can sometimes insert a lot of pressure to the tool. That quickly leads to wear out and low performance. This oil enables the device to resist any extreme pressure that could be inserted to run smoothly and faster.

Optimal for all kinds of saws - This is one of the best features since the user can be able to lubricate other chainsaws with the same oil thus saving money. You do not need to buy extra containers of fuel for other chainsaws

Also, it keeps the chain from jamming whenever there are precipitates or gums of the wooden material.
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Product Features

Formulated for use in logging industries
High temperature resistant
Extreme pressure resistant
Optimal for all kinds of chainsaw

Who is it for?

We would recommend it to people working in logging industries.

Helps clean all the metallic surfaces easily

Reduces the risk of wear and tear

Helps reduce friction and excess pressure on the chains

Help keep the temperatures cooler


The construction of the storage bottle is inadequate to use while pouring

A bit pricey

5. STIHL 0781 313 8002

5. STIHL 0781 313 8002
Just like the name suggests, it is a high-performance oil. Most people know that you have to fill the tool as a regular interval of time. If the chains are not oiled for long, the metals get rusted easily. To prevent this, you need to buy the best oil that prevents rusting. The primary reason why the majority of the people buy this product is due to its ability to avoid metals surface from rusting.

Besides, many oils cause biodegradation of the wooden material. However, STIHL chain oil does not cause such harm. It means that while the user is using the chainsaw to cut his/her wooden pieces, they are not getting affected due to the oil. Below are the fascinating features;

Ultra-lubricating qualities - for any person owning a chainsaw knows that this is a vital quality that every oil must have. The oil should be capable of preventing corrosion, has hydraulic stability, has a high viscosity index, contains high boiling point and low freezing point among others. It is a beautiful thing that this oil is capable of all that.

Fully synthetic oil - this product contains synthetic materials that are the best especially for the high performance of the chainsaw engines and constitutes of products that are not harmful to the wooden materials.

You don't have to worry about working in a dirty environment that's is not suitable for your job. This oil contains outstanding engine cleaning characteristics. That is because it cannot spill everywhere whenever you want to run your equipment. Also, you cannot inhale it. Thus it is recommendable for your safety.
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Product Features

2-cycle engine oil
It is fully synthetic oil
Has ultra-lubricating qualities
Has outstanding cleaning characteristic

Who is it for?

We would recommend it for people who want to make the value of their money over quality product.

It extends the lifespan of the engine

It has a very high viscosity level

Help reduce high throw off

Help reduce heat and friction


It is a bit expensive

The quantity in one bottle is small

6. Sun Joe SWJ-OIL

6. Sun Joe SWJ-OIL
Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Provides the user with reasons to not worry about that. It prolongs bar and chain life in a significant way and the long run, it equals less work for you. That is because it keeps the chains well sharpened to cut appropriately for a long time. If you are a profession and you want to reduce your wood without worrying whether your chainsaw is well sharpened, try using this oil.

Also, it is not very expensive as other oils; this grants the user an excellent opportunity to save lots of money. When you consider the fact that the oil will last for a long time, then it will be worth getting it at a lower price. It has the best deal. In addition to these properties, you can consider the following;

Reduces the heat and friction - Every time you are working with tools that contain engines, it is pretty more accessible for it to get overheated. The more the engine overheats, the more it wears out quickly. This oil can reduce the heat that comes from the engine thus prolonging the lifespan and also reducing friction during operation.

Exceptional cleaning characteristic
- the oil sticks well on the chain; therefore whenever the saw is in use, it doesn't spill all over. That helps keep the working environment clean and suitable for professional workers.

For higher performance, this oil is also used for other purposes too. Thus you do not need to spend a lot on many types of oils to work efficiently.
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Product Features

It is corrosion free
the Oil is thrown-off resistant
Contains sprocket oil

Who is it for?

We would recommend it for anyone having tight budgets but still wants to protect their tool.

It easily reduces friction

It protects tools from rust and corrosion

Cheap therefore affordable

It prolongs bar and chain life


It is only recommendable for Sun Joe chainsaws and pole chain saws

It is hard to pour it out of the bottle without dripping everywhere

7. Poulan/Weedeater 2-Cycle EZ Mix

7. Poulan/Weedeater 2-Cycle EZ Mix
We all know that most people have a problem when it comes to measuring their oils or anything that is fluid. One of the best features that give you reasons to add this product in your to buy list is that it comes with a measuring bottle. Therefore, you can accurately measure the amount of oil whenever operating your equipment. That also makes it easier to know how much oil you spend every time you are working. Therefore, it can be easier to make your budget.

Apart from that, it is also the best to be owned by any regular tool owner who doesn't want to use most of the time trying to change blunt chains. When it comes to cutting, no one wants to have worries about whether their chainsaw is well sharpened. This product makes the chain run smoothly without getting blunt. You can also consider looking at the following features

Protects the environment - as you put your safety into consideration while working with saws, you should also find your environment. Like most of the chainsaw oils, this oil sticks to the power tool well such that whenever you want to run your machine, it doesn't spill everywhere.

It has a smokeless formula with fuel stabilizer - using the right oil for your chainsaw means your work is made easier. When you use this oi, you will notice that it does not make your tool produce any smoke while running. That is one of the best features since it is an environmentally friendly tool.

Also, it is one of the cheapest products in the market. Therefore, you can easily access it even when under tight budgets.
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Product Features

Has an easy measure bottle
Used in 2-cycle engines
It has fuel and smokeless stabilizer
Can be used for 40:1 and 50:1 application

Who is it for?

It best recommendable for professionals working in wood industries.

Protects the environment

Prolongs the life of your chain

Saves you a lot of money

Help keep friction low

The bottle shape and size is excellent for pouring


The measuring process of the measuring bottle can be a little difficult for some people

8. Makita 181119-A

8. Makita 181119-A
Among the many types of chainsaw oils, Makita holds a primary position. Most people have liked this product due to its durability and also due to its ability to deliver quality results once applied to the chains. It is one of the best to keep the chainsaws work to its fullest in the most natural way.

What you need to know is that most timber industries prefer this oil due to its higher use and its availability. However, it is not only used in the timber industries but also to homeowners who use a chainsaw to cut down a tree in their backyard. Consider looking at the following features.

High film strength - in any chainsaw, film strength is significant to enable the engine to withstand the effects of speed, load, temperature. Without lubricating the surfaces of the chains, the tool can quickly wear out. High film strength, therefore, provides greater durability to different areas of the tool.

Reduce heat capacity - during the cutting process, most of the engines get overheated. The heat can affect its durability or its speed in cutting. This oil, however, can reduce the heat capacity through-out the cutting process by cooling the engines and chains.

Additionally, this oil also increases the efficiency of the engine by protecting both the external and internal parts.
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Product Features

High film strength
Both bar and chain oil

Who is it for?

It is best suitable for people working in timber industries.

Provides great Durability

Reduces heat capacity

Increases efficiency of the engine

Fair price

Prevents the metal parts from wear and tear

Reduces the fast throw off


The bottle is not convenient to poor with

9. Maxpower 337045

9. Maxpower 337045
Most people prefer the quantity and quality of any products to make the value of their money. Maxpower 337045 comes in a big container that lasts for a long time and can be used to serve many chainsaws. For people working in a tight schedule with lots of work, this is the best oil that should be in your to buy list.

As we all know, Chainsaw oils are made of additives and recycled oils. All the additives contained in this oil are used to take care of the life span of the saw. Among its additives is the tackifier which does all it can to keep the oil in between the chain and grove. So even when you are starting your tool to operate, the oil can reduce the throw off quickly. Consider having a look at the following:

High tac oil
- there are so many potential advantages of getting oils that have high tac oil. With this one, it helps improve efficiency with less than 1 percent. This is due to the ability to reduce the temperatures and also increases the strength of the engine.

Anti-wear additives - This means that the oil can work even under extreme pressure with the tool but still help lubricate the moving parts. Therefore, it prevents contact of metal parts thus efficiently preventing friction.

Among these features, this product is most recommendable for its ability to keep your tool working to the fullest over long hours. If used in regular intervals, it easily extends the life of your chains saw and also protects the bars and links.
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Product Features

High tac, no sling
Contains anti-wear additives
Bar and chain oil

Who is it for?

Recommendable for anyone since it is affordable and can be used in all chainsaws

Increases chain life

Prevents friction

Recommendable for all the chainsaws

Helps reduce thro-off

It is long lasting


Can easily spill all over

10. Pennzoil 550045232

10. Pennzoil 550045232
We all know that chainsaw engines are very fragile if not taken care of. Well, Pennzoil is formulated to make sure that your equipment stays for long in good shape and good working conditions. It protects the engine of your tool from harmful engine deposits that usually form after a long period of working. It also helps to keep it clean thus you will not be required to keep cleaning the engine after operating.

Have you ever asked yourself how you could keep the performance-robbing carbon from forming in the combustion chamber, under crowns or piston tops?. Worry no more, this is the best oil you can use to solve that. Below are our most exciting features in this product:

Multi-purpose 2-cycle chainsaw/engine oil- The good thing about this oil is that, apart from all the good qualities it holds, it is also a versatile oil. That means that it can also be useful in other areas. For instance, the oil is usable in outboard engines, marine application, and outboard motors. That helps the user save the extra cash and also time.

The container has two handle - Packaging is also an essential thing for any customer. This oil is packaged in a container that contains two handles to provide the user with more comfort while pouring. That is the best packaging to prevents spillage.

On top of that, this does not only protect the tool from wear and tear, but it also helps protect the internal surfaces. It helps the bars and links work correctly to produce the best results. In addition to protecting the internal parts, it also makes sure that the parts are not affected by rust and corrosion.
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Product Features

Multi-purpose oil
2-cycle engine oil
High film strength
High cleaning characteristics

Who is it for?

It is best for people working with engines under the most severe operating conditions.

Easy to carry around

Keeps the engine clean

It guards your engine against harmful deposits

Easily keep carbon deposit from forming

Acts as a multi-purpose oil


It is costly

Factors to Consider Before Making Your Purchase

Before purchasing any oil, you should know that these oils are made to help reduce friction while making the cuts. They also protect your tool from wear, tear, and rust and thus increases its lifetime. However, Since there are so many brands in the market, it is advisable to know the kind of things you must consider to make the right choice. We shall help you with the best factors to consider and also give you our ten best chainsaw oils to choose from.

1. Lubricating properties

Before making any purchase of the best oil for your tool, you need to know the lubricating properties of the oil. Oils that have higher lubricating are more likely to keep your device running smoothly. That is because any oil that has the lubricating property reduce friction between the surfaces of the tool.

Therefore, it provides the user with a smooth experience while working. If the oil does not have lubricating properties, you will find yourself having a hard time working with your tool. Also, you will be required to use a lot of force to overcome the friction

2. Cleansing properties

Generally, the oil is used to cleansing the surfaces of the tool. Any time you cut the wood, some precipitates and gums flow out of it. That effectively damage the surface of the saw, and you should use oil to cleanse the surfaces regularly.

Therefore, the oil should have a high resistant film to keep the metal surfaces intact and not cause any damage to the metals. It is, crucial to look at the cleansing property of the oil before buying it.

3. The speed of the chainsaw

One of the prime factors, is the rate of the engine in a chainsaw. The higher the frequency, the higher the performance. The oils should be able to maintain that speed. Often, when you stop using any oil on your saw, the rate decreases.

If you continue ignoring it, it comes to a point where your chainsaw cannot operate at its maximum speed. You should always consider whether the oil can keep the rate of the tool.


Can you add chainsaw oil when the tool is still running?

The truth is that you cannot fill your chainsaw while it is still running. That is because by the time it is running, it is already becoming hot and sometimes, the oil in the tanker is boiling. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to wait until the tool becomes cool. However, you don’t need to wait until it is completely cool.

Can you always use oil old than 30 days?


One of the most important things is always to make sure that your oil is well shaken whenever you want to put in your equipment. However, you cannot use the same oil that has stayed in the tanker for a long time like 30 days. In many cases, your chainsaw might refuse to start. For that case, always make sure you empty your tool and use fresh oil to reduce any problem that could form afterward.

How much oil should you use in every operation?

It is always good to read the instructions given before using any chainsaw oil. When given the ratio of the amount you should use, it is still easier to make the mixture. You should use the exact amount you have been given to avoid any complication. In any case, stick to the amount you have been given no matter what.


Above are our best chainsaw oils that you can use to maintain your tool life and ensure smooth working. They have so many advantages that you can take advantage of before making the wrong choice. Besides, they are all available in the markets, especially in Amazon.

Moreover, they are cheaper, but even before buying, you should consider the included factors in our list. That will make your work easier also when picking the best suitable product for your job. We highly recommend these products for the best results.