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Any phone owner is likely to experience a couple of problems from time to time regardless of the model of the phone. It’s normal for a phone to get some faults when using it reason being; they are handheld and are likely to fall leading to some severe problems.

Nowadays cell phones have dominated the industry, and they have become a must-have for everyone. It can be stressful to go without one even for a day as your communication with anyone can become next to impossible.

But, despite the popularity of mobile phones in the market, they do not come cheap. In fact, it’s hard to get a good quality phone under $200. Some brands such as Apple’s new iPhone 8 can have you parting with close to $900. Therefore, it’s prudent that you take care of your phone to avoid the unnecessary inconveniences and losses that can happen when it’s ruined.

However, it’s still hard not experience problems with your phone when using it. When the unfortunate happens, you will be faced with the task of getting it repaired. Most of the time a manufacturer will have a warranty running for a close to a year. If you are lucky to have the phone repaired by the manufacturer for free under warranty, the better.

You may also opt to look for repair services depending on the extent of the damages. Most phone repair contractors can fix your phone problems at a fair price as compared to the manufacturer. You just need to do your research and a reliable phone repair professional that will give your phone an excellent service.

Common Phone Problems and Their Costs of Repair

Cracked screens

You have probably at one time used a phone that you could hardly see past the screen due to cracks that looked like a spider web. A significant percentage of people are clumsy and are likely to have their phones falling from time to time. Accidents also happen and leave your phone hitting the ground with a thud that leaves you with a cracked screen

Cracked screens are a common occurrence for smartphone users nowadays. Remember, phone screens are made of glass which will break if dropped. If your cell phone is already out of warranty, it would be safe entrusting it to a professional to fix it for you.

It’s important to note that a small crack can lead to several cracks with time leaving your phone completely shattered. You also risk injuring your fingers while swiping through the cracked screen. Cracks can expose your phone to outside toxins and particles that might with time affect the functionality of your phone.

A cracked screen also does not look good at all. It makes the phone lose its appeal. But the question for most phone owners is how much it would cost to fix the cracked screen. Most professionals will charge an average of $59 – $200, and you could have your phone looking as good as new in a few hours.

Battery Problems

Your phone can have a couple of problems related to the battery. It can be frustrating if your battery does not hold the charge for long leaving it off most of the time. Most people rely on phones to carry out their day to day tasks, and if your phone keeps going off, it may interrupt you planned schedules.

Here are common battery problems for most phones.

  • Battery not charging
  • A short battery life
  • Battery gets abnormally warm while charging
  • Phone goes off unexpectedly and often
  • A swollen battery

Some factors can affect the performance of your phone battery leading to the above problems. They include:

  • Overcharge

This is a common problem with most cell phones. If you leave the phone to charge for long hours after it has reached 100%, it can overcharge. Leaving your phone for a few more hours after it has charged fully may not affect the battery. However, if you leave it for more than 15 hours charging, your battery may overheat and get damaged.

  • Age of the battery

Most phone batteries can last between two to three years. A battery can handle around 500 cycles of charge. After that, the battery may start having a shorter lifespan, and your phone starts going off more often. Unfortunately, with an old battery, there is nothing you can do other than replacing it. A professional will charge you a range of $29 to $129 depending on the type of phone. The iPhone can cost a lot more for a battery replacement since the process of replacing its battery is complicated.

LCD Screen Faults

Most people may not be able to tell the difference between the protective screen and LCD. You should note that your phone’s screen is made of layers and what you see on top of your phone is the protective screen made of glass. The top screen is designed to protect your phone and enable you to view and operate it.

However, just beneath the glass screen, there is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. The LCD screen is meant to stimulate your phone’s touchscreen, and it’s the one that enhances the quality of images your phone displays.

How to know if the LCD is broken

When you drop your phone, your screen will most likely break and get shattered. However, your LCD may remain intact and in working condition. In fact, the above scenario is prevalent, and that’s why you would still be able to use your phone with a cracked screen.

How do you know if your LCD is faulty? Here are signs that will enable you to identify a faulty LCD.

  • A black screen
  • Lines or patterns appearing on the screen
  • The LCD is white
  • LCD fails to display images and texts
  • Images and texts may appear inverted
  • The phone may not respond to touch

If you experience some of these issues with the LCD, then it means you have a more significant problem than just a cracked screen. The LCD is very vulnerable and if it spoils you may not be able to use your phone at all. However, you should not despair when your LCD gets damaged. A professional can replace the damaged screen and LCD for you. It will cost a range of $60-$129 depending on the model of your phone to replace the LCD and screen.

Damages on the Charge Port

A faulty charging port can make your phone not charge which can be very inconveniencing to a phone owner. You do not want to be disconnected from communicating with other people because your phone is off.

If you find yourself trying to hold your charger into the charging port for it to charge then that’s a sign that your charging port needs fixing. However, before concluding that your charge port has become loose, you should perform a simple test of pressing the charger to the charging port and see if there are any signs of charging.

What causes the charging port to be loose?

Wrong Charger

If a phone user frequently uses a wrong phone charger and has to insert the charger into the port forcefully, it may loosen the charging port with time.

Wrong Use

Frequent forceful connecting and removal can eventually cause your phone’s port to bend or even damage some internal parts. Your device then will not be able to hold a charge leaving your cellphone uncharged most of the time.

If you suspect your charging port is faulty, you may need to have a professional diagnose the problem and do a repair or replace it. A professional will charge you $47 to $79 to replace the charging port depending on the type of phone you have.

Power Button Damages

Power buttons can get disconnected or displaced and ultimately stop shorting the circuit that makes it power your phone. Due to the frequent pressing of the power button, the button may not be able to click and actuate to power on your phone. Also, if a phone is dropped, the power button may become loose or broken causing it not to function as it should.

If this happens, a professional should be able to restore the button controls by doing some repairs. They can charge you $30-$64.99 depending on the type of phone.

Speaker and Microphone Damages

A broken board, a faulty wire or other internal issues might be the cause of your speaker problems. However, it’s possible to confuse a microphone problem with a speaker. If you have sound problems and you cannot hear any sounds from phones such as ringtones and music, then you are probably having a speaker problem.

However, if you can hear the sound from the phone but your callers cannot hear you, it means you probably have a microphone problem. It’s important to know a phone may have more than one speaker. When your phone rings or when you are listening to music, the external speaker is what makes you hear the sound. But the internal speaker is the one you use when on a phone call.

The external speaker is louder to enable you to hear the external sounds better. So, if you cannot hear the sound from the external speaker you are probably having a hardware problem. Other things like liquid damage interfere with your speaker. You can source for the services of a professional to fix your speaker or a microphone. A professional can charge you low as $10 to $79 depending on the model of the phone.

USB Port Damages

Sometimes the USB port may refuse to sync, or the internal parts may be dislodged leading its dysfunction. You can try using several USB cords to ascertain that the port does have a problem. If the USB port is not working, you may need to have a professional diagnose the phone and get to know the root of the problem. A replacement of a USB port depending on your type of phone and the extent of the damage can cost you $ 35-$150.

Phone Camera Damages

For most people, a phone’s camera is one of the essential features in a phone. Your phone may fall, and the camera lens gets broken, or it may just stop working altogether. You can try switching your phone off and on to see if the camera will function. If the camera fails to work, you may need to have a professional look at it to see if you need a replacement. You might pay an average of $70 for a professional to replace your phone camera.

Water Damages

Water damage is widespread and its one of the most common problem to phone owners. When it happens, it can be very devastating. Whether it drops to a small pool of water or a bucketful of water, the damage that may happen to your phone can be adverse and might ultimately render your phone unusable. Some manufacturers have gone a step ahead to have waterproof smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone phones, Samsung Galaxy S8 e.t.c.

However, a majority of people do not have the luxury of owning waterproof smartphones, and so the issues of water and phones are still widespread among cell phone owners. If your phone falls in water, the damages can be extensive. If necessary precautions are taken immediately, you might be able to minimize the number of damages.

Nothing can guarantee you that your phone will be rescued when it falls in the water. However, these few steps can help you salvage your phone in some incidences.

Take your phone out water immediately

The moment your phone gets in contact with water, do not get paralyzed and watch it drown. Get it out of that pool of water immediately to avoid further damage.

Shut It Down

If your phone is by some miracle still on, shut it down. If it’s already off, do not attempt to turn it on. Remember your phone has electrical components that do not operate well with water. Turning it on while it still has water may worsen the internal damages. Also, for the same reason, do not plug it into the charger.

Do Not Press Keys

Remember your phone is water soaked. Pressing any key may further push the water down which can lead to more damages. Try as much as possible not to interfere with the phone. If possible do not move it unless it’s unavoidable.

Disassemble the Phone

Disassembling does not mean getting screws and tearing the phone apart. It means you remove all the user-removable parts. They include; the battery (if it’s removable), SIM card and SD card.

After managing to disassemble the phone, let it dry for a day or two. If you are sure that your phone is dry, you can try assembling it back. If it does not work, it’s time to take it to a professional to assess the damages. The cost of repair may not be easy not to estimate until a technician diagnoses the phone to know the extent of damage caused by water. In some incidences, you might be charged around $20 for assessment.

Here is a table summarizing the average cost of repair and replacement for the common phone damages.

Repair/ ReplacementAverage Costs
Cracked screen replacement$59-$200
Battery replacement$29-$129
LCD screen replacement$60-$129
Charging port repair/replacement$47-$79
Speaker and microphone repair$10-$79
USB port repair$35-$150
Phone camera replacement$70
Power button repair$30-$64.99
Assessing water damage$20
DIY repair kit$25

The costs of repair and replacement will majorly depend on the model of the phone and brand.

How to Get the Right Professional for Your Phone Repairs

When your phone shuts down or has problems, and you are unable to use it, you need someone who will repair it as soon as possible and possibly have it working in a couple of hours. Sometimes you might be lucky to have your warranty still valid to take care of your phone.

However, if you have run out of your warranty, and you prefer having a professional near you fix your phone, you will need to source for the right one. Not everyone listed as a phone repair professional is reliable. You need to take your time and get the right person to fix your phone and guarantee you of quality services.

Here are useful tips to help you look to get the right professional for your phones.

Ask for referrals

Phone damages are common. You probably know one or two people who have had their phones repaired. You can get referrals to a competent professional from your friends or neighbors. Make sure you ask about the quality of services they got from that particular professional. Was the repair well done? Was he quick? How was their experience working with them? Would they use the same professional again?

All the above questions will enable you to determine if you are getting the right person. Also, asking around will help you know the people to avoid dealing with for phone repairs.

Search on the internet

The internet is the hub of all information. Most professionals run websites that list the type of services they offer. You can search for phone repair services near your to see the available professionals. Go through their websites to see if they will be able to provide you with the kind of repair you need. Make sure you read reviews about them to see if they are good and reliable. How are they rated? These details will help you settle for a reputable professional who will handle your phone professionally and deliver excellent services.

Look for someone experienced

Phone repair needs someone who has dealt with some phones and gained a considerable amount of experience. It’s best to hire someone who has made enough mistakes in the past and perfected their skills with time. Ask for someone who has been in the phone repair business for quite awhile to handle your phone damages.

Get several quotes

While looking for a professional repair person, you need to interview at least three of them and ask for a quote to know how much they will charge you. Several quotes will enable you to make a price comparison and settle for an affordable professional.

Questions To Ask a Phone & Cell Phone Repair Professional

Sometimes getting the right person to entrust with your phone can be a daunting task. If you are not taking your phone to the manufacturer, you need to be confident that the person you handover your phone knows what they are doing and that they are qualified enough to do phone repairs. Your phone is important to you. It holds essential details that you will not want to lose.

To be sure that you are hiring the right local phone repair professional for your phone repair, you need to ask these questions before you give them the repair job.

1. Ask How Them about Their Experience

It’s vital to know how long someone has been in the phone repair business. You do not want to hire a novice who will probably experiment with your phone for repair. Someone who has been in the business for a long time is familiar with most of the damages and their solutions. They have probably seen it all and experienced the frustrations of some of the phone problems.

An experienced local cell phone person is in a better place to understand your phone’s problem and advise you on the best action to take.

2. Ask If They Have Undergone Training

A professional phone repair needs a training process that will enable them to understand the structure of a phone and accurately repair them. With proper training, a professional will be able to identify the damage in your phone and quickly repair it. You will not need to wait for days as someone tries to understand the functionality of your phone. With proper training, your professional is likely to be up-to-date with information about the latest phone models and how they function. They will not have a hard time dealing with any device.

3. Ask If They Have the Appropriate Tools for Repair

A phone repair professional should be equipped with the necessary tools for the job. Ask them if they have the complete tools to repair your phone accurately and fast. Most phones need diagnoses before repair that will show the source of the problem. The professional will need special software that will test the phone. You need to know if they have all it takes to get the right results.

4. Ask If They Are Licensed

Most phone repair professionals may not be obligated by law to have a license, but some states like California may require you to have a license for electronics repair. However, it’s safe to ask a professional if they are licensed. It shows that they are qualified enough to handle the repairs and that they take their work seriously.

5. Ask If They Have a Written Guarantee for Their Services and Replacements

If a professional is going to replace an essential part of your phone with a new one, you need a guarantee that it will work and in case of any problem, they will take it back and fix or replace. Ask for a written guarantee before handing out your phone for repair.

6. Ask How Long It Will Take Them to Repair Your Phone

You need to have your phone working as soon as possible. You have probably missed out on a few tasks because you have no means of communication. Ask your phone repair professional how long it will take them to repair your phone. Do you need to wait at their store for just a few hours to have your phone fixed? Or do you need to come back to get the phone the following day? Most technicians take two to three hours to repair phone damages.

7. Ask For Them to Tell You the Exact Problem of Your Phone

When you hand over your phone for repairs, you may not know the source of its problems or what is making your phone not to function. After the technician diagnoses your phone, let them tell you the exact problem and what caused it.
A professional should not blindly repair your phone without telling you why it’s not functioning. You need to know the cause of the damage and possible ways of preventing it from recurring in the future.

8. Ask About the Cost of Repair and Replacements

You do not want to be in a situation where your phone has been repaired, and the price you are given afterward leaves you in utter shock. It is very vital to discuss the cost of repair and the parts to be replaced before the work commences.
You need to know how much it will cost you and determine if the price makes sense and if it’s worth repairing the phone or buying a new one. Do not wait until the work is done to inquire about costs.

9. Ask If They Save Your Information

Sometimes the process of repair may interfere with the phone memory, and you might lose some crucial details saved on your phone. You need to know if the professional can protect your information while doing your repairs. However, this will highly depend on the type phone you have.

10. Ask For References

If you do not have enough information about the phone repair professional you intend to hire, you need to ask them to provide you with the references. A reputable professional will readily give contacts of past clients if their services are excellent. Call the references and request for information about the technician. Get to know if you can entrust them with your phone.

Avoid Getting Scammed When Getting Phone Repair Services

Some unscrupulous people will be ready to exploit you when you take your phone to them for repair. They will scare you with false information and tell of nonexistence problems with your phone and make you pay exorbitant charges.
To avoid being scammed, follow these useful tips and safeguard yourself against cons.

Always Research the Person You Are About To Hire

Before you hire a professional to repair your phone, it’s crucial you search for information about them. Look for vital information from people who have engaged them in the past. Unless you have expertise in how phones work, you will have to trust your technician to tell you the extent of damages on your phone.

To make sure you are dealing with an honest person, learn more about their practical ethics from several sources.

Do Not Pay For the Entire Services before Repairs

If a phone repair professional asks for full payment before doing the repairs that should be a red flag. Only pay for services that have been done to your satisfaction. Making a complete payment before your phone repairs are done may expose you to a poorly done job or delayed services.

Get Several Quotes

To be confident that you are getting a fair price, get several quotes. If a quote does not feel right, it’s safe to ask for a quote from a different phone repair professional and compare the prices. A price comparison will save you from being exploited by dishonest professionals.

Get a Written Guarantee on Services

A reputable professional will be willing to give a written guarantee of their services. You do not want to risk going home and getting the same problem two weeks later with no assurance for repair from the technician. Protect yourself against poor repairs by insisting for a guarantee on serves.

Do not Agree to Open Deals

Open deals are agreements where you get the final cost of repair after the service is done. Let your technician make a diagnosis and estimate the cost of repair then agree. Pay after the service is done to your satisfaction.

DIY VS Professional Phone Services

Sometimes when your phone shuts down or stops functioning, you can try and troubleshoot the possible cause of the malfunction. Some things like a faulty charger or a worn out battery are easy to tell. You can also purchase a repair kit and fix the minor problems by yourself. A Repair kit costs around $25.

If you have some expertise in phone repair, you can make use of a repair kit and fix some problems such as the charging port or replace a camera. However, it’s important to note that most Smartphone repairs are complicated and time-consuming.

If you lack sufficient knowledge about your phone structure, do not attempt to repair it. It’s always best to let a professional handle it. You might end up causing more damage if you tamper with the internal parts of your phone.


Phone damages come in many forms, and most of them are common to many people. Once in awhile, you are likely to drop your phone and end up with a cracked screen, or more, unfortunately, adverse internal damages. A damaged phone should not make you despair especially if your phone’s warranty period has expired.

A professional can fix your phone in a matter of hours and have your life back into the schedule. Look for reliable phone repair professional who will diagnose your phone’s damages and give you reasonable cost of repair.

Let us know what you think of the information provided in this article.