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9 No-Sweat Hacks To Deep Clean The Cruddiest Things

how to clean cruddiest things 9 No-Sweat Hacks To Deep Clean The Cruddiest Things

Cleaning up grime and build up is an unfortunate part of having your own home. Whether you live in a spacious house, comfortably sized apartment or some other cool digs, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to clean. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you tackle those places that are hardest to scrub. Also as a pro tip, we definitely recommend putting on your favorite music to make this chore a little easier.

Cleaning Window Tracks

cleaning window tracks

Windows often need a lot of love as they are the perfect place for dirt to build up. Luckily, this is a super easy area to clean and requires very little other than some good old-fashioned elbow grease and a few things in the pantry. You’ll need to first place some baking soda on the window track making sure that there is enough to spread around. Pour ¼ of a cup of white vinegar on the baking soda and leave the solution on the window track for 5-10 minutes. After 10 minutes, use the toothbrush to begin cleaning the gunk. Use paper towels and rags to wipe up everything you cleaned off using the toothbrush.

Deep Cleaning Bathroom Grout

Bathroom grout tends to be one of the hardest areas to keep clean. It’s a place where humidity and moisture make the room ripe for mold to grow around the tub and shower. You can clean this area and have it looking as good as new by first creating a paste mixing ¾ cups baking soda with ¼ cups of bleach. Make sure to wear gloves and safety glasses when working with bleach since it can cause eye and skin irritation. Spread thick paste over the grout and let it sit for 10 minutes and use the toothbrush to brush the paste more into the grout and let it sit for another 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Getting Rid of Gunk from the Oven

oven gunk

Build up from food droppings and grease splatter are extremely difficult to remove in ovens. Cleaning it out is made even more unpleasant because the build-up keeps getting baked on the surface. Mix up ½ cup of baking soda with 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. Add a tablespoon of iodized salt to help make the paste more abrasive. Coat the interior of the oven and let the paste sit overnight in the oven so that it can break down the grime. Use a damp rag to wipe out the out paste from the oven. Fill a spray bottle with a little vinegar and spritz any areas that still have the paste. Use the rag again to remove the vinegar and remaining residue in the oven.

Cleaning Faucet Handles

Gunk and discoloration can make the faucets look aged and unsightly. Cleaning the faucet handles is pretty easy and can be done in less than an hour. First, pop off the faucet top using the screwdriver. Then use it to carefully remove the faucet screw inside of the handle. Lift the faucet handle from the fixture soaking it and the top in water with dish detergent. Use the toothbrush and some dish soap to scrub away any accumulated dirt and grime. Then clean the faucet parts in the water and use the q-tip and pin to clear out dirt from hard to reach areas. After everything is cleaned, let the parts dry completely before putting them back together again.

Removing Grease from Cabinet Doors

cabinet door grease

This is one of the easiest cleaning hacks that will take you just a little time and give you a whole lot of shine. You’ll need to make a prewash solution using 2 tablespoons of dish detergent into 2 cups of warm water. After making the solution you can scrub the cabinets, making sure to go with the wood grain. You’ll then dry it off using a soft cloth. If you need a little more cleaning power, consider making a paste from half a cup of Borax into 2 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of dish soap.

Clean Up Dirty Baseboards

Baseboards can be one place where dust and dirt can accumulate and become difficult to remove. Using a damp cloth with a little soap can remove most dirt on baseboards. You may need to go back a couple of times to remove it though since it can take a little more scrubbing.

Removing Dust and Dirt from Air Vents

air vents cleaning

Using a scrub brush, a little soap, and some water, you can easily clean up your air vents. Cleaning this area will not only help the overall look of the vents but improve the air quality in the room. You’ll need to remove the vents and brush them off using the scrub brush. Afterwards, you’ll soak the vents in warm, soapy water. Once they are clean, all you need to do is to dry them and then screw them back into the wall.

Get Rid of Grime on Stove Burners

Like the interior of the oven, the burners themselves also need a lot of extra love. This cleaning method involves using ammonia to clean the parts within a large ziplock bag. After putting the parts in the bag along with a little bit of ammonia, you’ll need to leave them in there overnight. The next day, you can just take the parts out of the bag and clean them using soapy water to get them looking like new.

Mopping the Walls

mopping the walls

While many don’t think about it, the walls can be cleaned using a sweeper mop and a thicker cloth. You can use ¼ cup of Pine-Sol in a gallon of water to make the solution for the walls. Then you’ll just need to wipe the wall in sections. This is a great way to remove dark marks and mysterious stains that may or may not have come from children playing around in the house.


You now know how to handle all of those areas that are hard to reach and especially difficult to clean. While it can sometimes be tedious and usually the least enjoyable thing to do with your free time, it is worth it to maintain good hygiene for your home. From baseboards to walls and everything in between, you’ve got some new ideas to help you get rid of dirt and grime.