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Feng Shui: Do You Need It In Your Home? We Discuss The Benefits!

feng shui in your home Feng Shui: Do You Need It In Your Home? We Discuss The Benefits!

Feng Shui is for some a necessity to maintain balance and spirituality in all aspects of life. More specifically, as it relates to the home and personal space. While some feel that it’s overrated, there are others who believe that utilizing the principles of Feng Shui truly brings a sense of balance to an otherwise mad world. So we’re going to give you a few things to think about when deciding whether or not Feng Shui is the right thing to help add more zen in your home.

What Exactly is Feng Shui?

There has been a lot of buzz over the past few decades about Feng Shui. Sadly, many people might think of it as a more recent trend. However, the practice of Feng Shui has been around for over 6,000 years. To break down the translation Feng stands for “wind”, on the other hand Shui stands for “water”, which are both associated with good fortune in Chinese culture.

feng shui principles

Maintaining harmony within your personal space is an important tenant of the art of Feng Shui. Speaking of art, this is often thought of as an art form that explores how objects interact with energy, which is also known as “Chi”. This approach often teaches how spatial relations between everything from houseplants to pillows, can create a sense of balance and positive energy flow. If you’ve heard of yin and yang, then you know that these two entities need one another to maintain balance.

The Benefits of Feng Shui for Your Home

Having good feng shui in your house means that the energy that surrounds the space, along with how it makes you feel is positive, bright, and uplifting. When you are at home, you want to be in a peaceful place where you can relax and de-stress. This doesn’t mean that you need to go minimalistic though. By reducing the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated, you’ll free up space for creating an inviting space that lifts you up.

Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Utilizing the natural elements of Earth, fire, metal, water, and wood, you can build the foundation for positive Chi, health, and abundance in your home. When decorating your home, these elements are combined to help you improve the overall energy. You are not limited to only using these principles in the home, but these tips can be used in the office or other places where peace and decor can be combined.

Open Your Space to Attract Wealth Energy

The thought behind this principle is that having an open space where there is zero clutter invites more energy into your life that creates wealth. It allows you to clear your mind and allow new energy to come in. This makes room for more focus to be placed on accomplishing your personal, financial goals.

Use Nature to Create Abundance

feng shui plants

It’s no secret that incorporating live plants in your home attracts a similar energy that invites wealth into your life. You don’t need to have a room full of houseplants though. The principles of Feng Shui utilize simplicity to help create the home environment and life that you want. Some of the most common plants are the money plant and lucky bamboo. They not only look nice but are easy to care for and are common staples in any Feng Shui inspired home. If you don’t like the idea of having plants around, you can also incorporate natural photography into the decor.

Let the Water Flow

feng shui water fountain for house

Water can be a calming force. One that creates a relaxed environment where you can experience peace and tranquility. Tabletop fountains are perfect to introduce Feng Shui into your home. They are an inexpensive option for those who want to enjoy the peaceful sounds of water each day. Placing one in your living room or office will create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. While these generally make for a positive addition in any room, it is recommended not to place your fountain in the bedroom since it is considered bring about “bad Feng Shui”.

Allow Fresh Air and Light

feng shui room

Living and working in a dark and dreary space does not make for good feng shui. Opening up your home so that natural light can enter not only creates a warm and inviting space but also revitalizes the home. By opening the window and allowing fresh air to come in, you are renewing the energy that comes into your home on a daily basis.

Use Mirrors to Open Pathways

feng shui mirror placement

While mirrors are extremely useful, they are also part of Feng Shui. According to the principles of Feng Shui, mirrors reflect and create an opportunity for wealth and abundance to enter the home.

Is Feng Shui Right for You?

Ultimately, whether you believe in the benefits of Feng Shui or not, there is no denying the fact that it’s guiding principles are helpful. They combine elements of nature and provide the knowledge to create more balance in your life. Having a place that you can home to that is calm and welcoming will allow you to create the life that you want.


While the debate over whether or not to incorporate the elements of Feng Shui into your home is ongoing, there are still parts of it that you can adopt. This method of home decorating not only helps you to build a more peaceful environment, but also helps to attain a more peaceful mind. So is it worth the effort? We certainly think so.