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we tested the best car vacuum cleanersBuying Guide
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Best Car Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed & Rated
If your car is a hotbed for dust residues, it’s time you invested in a high-quality car vacuum cleaner to give it a thorough cleaning once a while. Constant exposure to dust residues increases your predisposition to respiratory complications, which, without health insurance can easily erode yea...
we tested the best gas leak detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Gas Leak Detectors Reviewed & Rated
The U.S.A consumes a mindboggling 27 quadrillion cubic feet of gas annually, and though it seems like an immense value at first, it makes sense considering all we do with gas. We use natural gas to produce power, heat our home and heat water seeing as natural gas water heaters are some of the best in...
best tap and die setsBuying Guide
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10 Best Tap and Die Set Reviewed & Rated
Though these sets are not popular in most garages as you can purchase bolts and nuts with ease, they are still a great armory addition for any home mechanic. Tap and dies are used to create screw threads in a process known as threading. The die creates the male portion, e.g., the bolt of the mating p...
we reviewed the best front door locksBuying Guide
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Best Front Door Locks Reviews & Editorial Ratings
The vast majority of homeowners have a preference for the deadbolt and for good reason. Besides the simplicity of design and the attendant ease of use, deadbolts add an extra layer of protection. They give you the peace of mind and confidence to keep some of your treasured belongings at home. For the...
we tested the best step laddersBuying Guide
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10 Best Step Ladders Reviewed & Rated
If you like to fix things in and around your house, you must have noticed that your height might not be enough to reach some fittings. This includes even individuals who are over six feet tall. However, this hasn’t slowed anyone down as the existence of ladders has made these fittings more reac...
we tested the best motion detectorsBuying Guide
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Best Motion Sensors Reviewed & Rated
Motion sensors are the mainstay of any home security or automation system. These simple devices are integrated into an alarm or  home automation system and alert the user of any motion. They can sense intruders but also can be helpful in monitoring movement within your home and saving energy. &n...
we tested the best industrial vacuumsBuying Guide
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10 Best Industrial Vacuums Tested & Reviewed
The standard household vacuums are a great choice, but you can do yourself one better and get an industrial vacuum. This begs the question of why you should invest in an industrial apparatus. First, these are cost-effective. The upfront cost may be high, but these appliances are built with endurance ...
we reviewed the best manometersBuying Guide
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10 Best Manometers Reviews & Ratings
Manometers are for gauging pressure in a fluid or gas column and is used by technicians and professionals in measuring industries. Typically, the device is u-shaped with two graduated legs and have a liquid that will rise anytime pressure acts upon it. The liquid acts such that when the two legs are ...
we rated the best DeWalt grindersBuying Guide
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Best DeWalt Grinders Reviewed, Tested & Rated
All serious woodworkers,  welders, contractors, and even extreme DIYers should have a DeWalt grinder. It comes in handy for cutting through a wide range of materials, removing burrs and rust-stained parts, finishing, or cleaning up various workpieces. If you don’t want to make the costly m...
Best Magnetic Sweepers Reviewed & TestedBuying Guide
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Best Magnetic Sweepers Reviewed & Tested
When ferrous metal debris is left after the day's work is done at a construction site, plant, warehouse, or any other place where metal debris is present, a magnetic sweeper can make the workplace safe with fast and easy cleanup. Our buying guide of the best magnetic sweepers can help you learn about...
we tetsed the best sanding blocksBuying Guide
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10 Best Sanding Blocks Reviewed & Rated
In construction, woodworking, auto bodies, motorcycles, and other areas where sanding is necessary, you need an ideal sanding partner for the best results. You can invest in a sanding paper or a sanding block, but the difference is like night and day. Using a sanding paper is time-consuming, and lead...
we reviewed the best portable bad sawsBuying Guide
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Best Portable Band Saws Reviews & Ratings
There are manifold advantages to using a portable band saw. In addition to cutting materials accurately and intricately, it also features an intuitive, user-friendly design with a very gentle learning curve. Compared to other traditional alternatives, they also boast exceptional portability, high-end...
we tested the best cheap carpet cleanersBuying Guide
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10 Best Cheap Carpet Cleaners Reviewed & Rated
When it comes to keeping your carpets and home clean, vacuum cleaners might not be enough. As such it is best to invest in an application-specific appliance such as the carpet cleaner if you want your rugs in the best conditions always. You don’t need a carpet cleaner as one wash per year is...
we rated the best wood glueBuying Guide
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Best Wood Glues Reviews & Editorial Ratings
When it comes to working on professional or any random DIY woodworking tasks wood glue is a must-have. Whether it’s filling some gaps, binding joints, fixing broken pieces of wood or preventing surfaces from disintegrating, there is no doubt that this characteristically sticky liquid is needed ...
we tested the best concrete sawsBuying Guide
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Best Concrete Saws Reviewed & Tested
As everyone in the construction industry knows, a concrete saw is a very indispensable tool. They are not only tough and robust but also high-performance and versatile, allowing the user to quickly, accurately, and easily cut through a wide range of construction materials. Besides concrete, they work...
we tested the best post hole augersBuying Guide
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Best Post Hole Augers Reviews & Ratings
A post hole auger is a DIY staple and will come in handy for a wide range of activities around the house. As well as ice fishing, a post hole auger is an ideal tool for installing a new fence, erecting a mailbox or signs and digging up holes in the garden or yard for planting trees and crops. Their v...
best wall heaters reviewsBuying Guide
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Best Wall Heaters Reviewed & Tested
Winter is here and that means putting up with frigid temperatures, at least in some of the spaces or rooms that the central heating system can’t adequately heat up. Given the limitations of a central heating system, keeping the bathroom, bedroom, the foyer, and even the basement warm and comfor...
we tested the best screw gunsBuying Guide
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Best Screw Guns Reviewed & Tested
When you need to drive screws into materials at home or on the job, you have your choice of power-assisted ways to do the job. Depending on the power you need and the number of screws you need to drive, you can choose a cordless screwdriver, a screw gun, a drill, or an impact driver. When you need a ...
we rated the best cordless sandersBuying Guide
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Best Cordless Sanders Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Since time immemorial, cordless sanders have always been an extension of every handyman’s professional life. They are a perfect alternative to the tedious, energy-sapping, and time-consuming conventional method of using one’s hands to sand various surfaces. The modern versions have immens...
we tested the best aviation tipsBuying Guide
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Best Aviation Snips Reviewed & Rated
Technicians and contractors are conversant with the indispensability of aviation snips. They are a must-have for anyone, from the seasoned professional to the budding greenhorn in search of a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, and dependable way of slitting or cutting through sheets of metal. While you can res...
Best Husqvarna chainsawsBuying Guide
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Best Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviewed & Rated
A highly reputed and revered industry doyen, Husqvarna has mastered the art of making some of the best chainsaws to ever hit the market. The brand harnesses several decades of experience and expertise to showcase its mettle, leading to the production of high-end, high-performance, and very dependable...
we rated the best pool cleanersBuying Guide
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10 Best Pool Cleaners Reviewed & Rated
We all appreciate swimming in crystal clear water, and very few activities are as refreshing. However, there is often the laborious task of keeping the pool clean which is necessary for the sparkling water. If left for long periods without cleaning, pool water collects slime and grime. These are cont...
best dog kennels ratedBuying Guide
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Best Dog Kennels Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Crates are great to safely transport your pet during and to cuddle her/him up while indoors. Moreover, crate training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviors into animals. Though it is controversial as most people think it is unfair to the animals, crates satisfy the dog’s i...
we tested the best carpet shampooersBuying Guide
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Best Carpet Shampooers Reviews & Editorial Ratings
It's an indisputable fact that carpets accumulate dirt, debris, unsightly stains, and pet hairs over time. As well as losing its clean, fresh look, it also starts to double up as a safe haven for the growth bacteria and other disease-causing elements. Which is all the more reason to invest in a quali...
we tested the best surge protectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Surge Protectors Reviewed & Rated
Power spikes and surges happen every once in a while. If you are unprepared for them the damage they cause could force you to purchase a new set of electronics. Given that most of these cost a large amount of money you probably don’t want that to happen. The best thing you could do to prevent t...
we tried the 10 best mini milling machinesBuying Guide
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Best Mini Milling Machines Reviewed and Tested
Milling machines were once solely the purview of large factories and garages. Over time, however, technology has allowed milling machines to become much more widespread in their usage. A milling machine will machine out various materials ranging from wood to metal to create a desired design or surfac...
We reviewed the best jugsaws in 2017.Buying Guide
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The Best Jigsaws Reviewed and Rated
Whether you are an avid DIY hobbyist or a serious professional, the jigsaw is a must have item when precision, speed and finesse are required in your cutting. A jigsaw can be used to make accurate straight cuts, as well as cuts that a bandsaw could never do -curves, pocket cuts, circular cutouts, fur...
we tested the best chisel sets on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Chisel Sets Reviews & Ratings
Having the best performing chisel set is the first crucial step towards achieving a higher output, either as an enthusiastic hobbyist or professional woodworker. A toolbox in a woodworking workshop would not be complete without a set of practical and functional wood chisels, especially considering th...
we tried and tested the best auto feed screwdriversBuying Guide
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Best Auto Feed Screwdrivers Reviewed
Production framers and a series of other occupations can often measure the amount of plywood flooring and decking they install using acres rather than feet. That great need and the movement away from pneumatic nailers has made tools like auto feed screwdrivers that much more desirable. Unlike standar...
we reviewed the best work glovesBuying Guide
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Best Work Gloves Reviewed and Rated
For some professions, the place of work is an inherently unsafe environment, exposing you to all different kinds of injuries such as cuts, abrasions, shocks, cuts, punctures, dermatitis, vibration nerve damage, and even chemical burns. To keep your hands safe from such accidents, all it takes is to g...
best micrometers reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Micrometers Reviewed & Rated
For professionals in woodworking, engineering, construction, and medicine fields, and several others, a micrometer is an indispensable tool used for a wide range of projects. Compared to a Vernier caliper, a micrometer provides an effortless and accurate way of measuring the distance between one poin...
we tested the best rain boots for gardeningBuying Guide
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Best Rain Boots Reviewed & Tested
Most people garden during their free time, either to provide vegetables and herbs for the family or as a hobby. As such we don’t put much thought into the gardening shoes we use. After all, why would anyone need a pair of rain boots just for gardening while you can use an old pair? Our Top 3 P...
we tested the best snow bootsBuying Guide
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Best Snow Boots Reviewed & Rated
Winter wreaks havoc on everything on its path, and that includes your feet. Without the right snow boots, you’ll grow cold feet just thinking about leaving the comfort and warmth of your couch or bed. Besides the frigid temperatures, you’ll also have to contend with cold air, freezing rai...
we took a close look at electric water heatersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Water Heaters Reviews in 2024
According to Consumer Reports, heating water consumes 20% of any household’s utility budget and is only second to the amount you spend on heating or cooling your house. Often the reason is that we use outdated, and energy inefficient water heating methods. However, despite this statistic, we pay our ...
bst bench sandersBuying Guide
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Best Bench Sanders Reviews & Ratings
While not an absolute staple item like a table saw or a cordless drill, a good bench sander is an excellent supplement to any power tool arsenal. It is a great way to add a level of convenience and functionality to your DIY garage. And, of course, if you plan on setting up a proper woodworking shop, ...
Miter Saws tested and used to find the best in the industryBuying Guide
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Best Miter Saws Reviews And Ratings
For the vast majority of professional woodworkers and even enthusiastic DIYers, cutting, cross-cutting, and making corners with pieces of wood is a frequent task. The tool that makes these tasks easy is the miter saw; a circular saw mounted on a hinge that allows it to swing down to make cuts an...
best garden spades put to testBuying Guide
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6 Best Garden Spades Reviewed in Detail
Spades are workhorses and are handy tools around the garden. Similar to shovels in function, they have flatter, narrower blades that work well in small spaces such as a flowerbed. Where a shovel's angled blade is efficient at digging, the spade's straighter blade can slice through and lift sod, skim ...
best drywall sanders tested in 2017Buying Guide
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Best Drywall Sanders Reviewed In Depth
If you work around your home or other homes, you are going to be working with a lot of drywall. In fact, in the last hundred years, once drywall became an established alternative to lath and plaster, it became perhaps the most common material in and around North American homes. A colossal 85,000,000,...
we tested the best solar generatorsBuying Guide
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Best Solar Generators Reviewed & Rated
There are manifold advantages to purchasing a solar generator as opposed to its conventional gas-powered counterpart. It's economical to run and because it harnesses the power of the sun, it's eco-friendly, easy to maintain, grave quiet, and of course cost-effective. They are a source of clean, relia...
we reviewed the best snow jacketsBuying Guide
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Best Snow Jackets Reviews & Editorial Ratings
If you can’t afford to hibernate inside the house tucked safely and warmly under several duvets when winter comes, it’s time to get yourself a durable, high-quality snow jacket. Also, considering that the temperatures can and will drop to below-freezing and with all the attendant blizzard...
we rated the best welding glassesBuying Guide
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Best Welding Glasses Reviewed & Tested
A pair of heavy-duty and high-performance welding glasses are an indispensable extension of any welder’s safety arsenal. Left to their own devices, IR and UV light, and extremely bright arc light can do a lot of irreparable damage to the eyes. Other dangers include fast flying debris and partic...
we reviewed the best torpedo levelsBuying Guide
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Best Torpedo Levels Reviewed & Rated
A torpedo levels is simply a must-have tool for different professionals like carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, homeowners and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers. These groups of people rely on the level to ensure different structures and objects, including but not limited to doors, cabinets, mantles, and ...
we rated the best electric nail gunsBuying Guide
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Best Electric Nail Guns Reviewed and Tested
Nails have been used in construction since before books of history were kept. They predate nearly every other form of construction method outside of perhaps rope. Even with these thousands of years of usage, in wasn’t until the last century or so that we had moved beyond hammers and mallets for...
best push lawn mowers testedBuying Guide
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Best Push Mowers Reviewed and Rared
Keeping your front yard is more of an option than an obligation. However, it is more of a necessary luxury given that it is crucial exterior decoration. However, maintaining it can be a pleasant or a horrid experience, but it often boils down to the equipment you use. If you have lawns that are &frac...
best hardwood floor cleaners reviewedBuying Guide
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10 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Tested
Carpets are lovely, and tiles are just exquisite, but we believe hardwood floors are the holy grail of flooring. The allure and versatility the wood provides are hardly equalled, and they happen to be durable that you can pass it on to your grandkids albeit with the appropriate care. Our Top 3 Picks...
we reviewed the best rubber bootsBuying Guide
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Best Rubber Boots Reviewed & Rated
The outdoor environment can be a particularly unwelcoming one, especially during the rainy and winter season. Aside from the risk of inadvertently stepping into puddles of water and ending up with soggy boots, there is also the attendant biting cold. It's not uncommon for outdoor enthusiasts, profess...
we tested the best rust removersBuying Guide
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Best Rust Removers Reviewed & Tested
Rust is a chronic problem affecting a wide range of materials and objects made with or featuring metal components. Left unattended, it spreads drastically, gradually causing the degradation of the metals or objects. Rust also leaves ugly stains and marks on various items, transforming them from looki...
we tested the best electric lawn mowersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviewed & Rated
If we were to list all the benefits of electric lawn mowers, we’d run out of space. They are manifold. Besides the fact that they are lightweight and compact and therefore take up minimal storage space, they’re also nearly as powerful as gas-powered models. Consequently, they take the tim...
we tested the best electric chanisawsBuying Guide
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Best Electric Chainsaws Reviews & Editorial Ratings
The chainsaw is the definitive go-to tool for cutting or trimming trees, brush, lumber, logs, shrubbery, and limbs, among others. When you’re in the market for a new one or your first, it pays to proceed with an abundance of caution to find the right one that best addresses your unique needs. T...
we tested the best infrared heatersBuying Guide
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Best Infrared Heaters: Reviews & Editorial Ratings
For homeowners, office employees, and other professionals looking for a safe, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of keeping themselves warm, an infrared heater would be an ideal choice. The vast majority of high-end models are renowned for their smooth, effortless operation and even distribu...
we tested the best anemometersBuying Guide
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10 Best Anemometers Reviews & Ratings
When we think of anemometers, we envision a gadget that only scientists and professionals would use, and not something for the common man. However, the reality is that the common man has as much to gain from owning an anemometer as much as the professional as they can help with activities outdoors an...
best clasma cutters ratedBuying Guide
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10 Best Plasma Cutters Reviewed & Tested
For years, metalworkers have had to use saws and drills to shape metal, and they had to contend with the slow speeds and inaccuracies of the tools. As a result metal work was tedious and expensive as the saws and drills quickly wore out. However, with the progression of plasma cutter technology, it i...
we tested the best self propelled lawn mowersBuying Guide
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10 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews
For most people, the home tends to be a place of peace and tranquility. A place where they can escape the chaos of the outside world, their jobs, traffic, and other stressful factors. However, for the home to successfully carry out this mandate, it needs to be clean and neat. This applies to both the...
best gagrage door openers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Garage Door Openers Reviewed & Rated by Editors
If you have a garage, you might have realized that having a quality garage door opener increases the expediency of getting into and out of the house. An estimated 71% of Americans use their garage doors as the key entry point into homes, and thus the value of a quality garage door cannot be overstate...
we tested the best handheld vacuumsBuying Guide
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10 Best Handheld Vacuums Reviewed & Rated
Handheld vacuums are the more compact cousins of cordless vacuums and are more versatile for jobs where bigger devices will be limited as they can’t reach into these tight spots. They are especially useful when cleaning the interior of a car, or areas that aren’t the floor such as curtain...
we reviewed the best biscuit joinersBuying Guide
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10 Best Biscuit Joiners Tested and Rated
As you further your woodworking skill, it is essential that you grow your arsenal of high-quality tools. For making premium products is unfeasible without the appropriate tools. One tool we would recommend is the biscuit joiner as it makes edge to edge, edge to end, or miter to miter, a breeze. That ...
best heated socks ratedBuying Guide
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10 Best Heated Socks Reviews & Ratings
Winter is no different from the other three seasons in that people still have to work. However, the conditions might not be the same since you have to deal with the extreme cold as you are working. Failure to do so could even lead to loss of some body parts. You might have heard of someone who lost a...
we reviewed the best pool filtersBuying Guide
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10 Best Pool Filters Reviewed & Tested
What is the best pool filter is a question that has been around for a while, but one that can only be answered by the individual needs of a pool. You have to consider the pool size, the traffic, whether or not the pool has a screen, climatic conditions, and frequency of use of bather load. Our Top 3...
we rated the best drain cleanersBuying Guide
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Best Drain Cleaners Reviewed & Tested
The time finally comes when the plunger no longer works despite the herculean efforts you put. We have all been there, and if you haven’t, it might be sooner rather than later. Often, we end up paying plumbers a small fortune to clear the clogs or spend a ton of money on a plumbers snake when w...
we tested the best garage heatersBuying Guide
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Best Garage Heaters Tested & Rated
Winter is here, there is a chill in the air, crisp snow on the ground, and icy rain is bucketing down. Working in the garage will now be a daunting task and fiddling with equipment with frozen fingers is no fun at all. You have the option of abandoning your workbench, and your garage all together and...
we tested the best Shark vacuumsBuying Guide
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Best Shark Vacuums Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Finding the best or most suitable Shark vacuum necessitates spending hundreds if not thousands of hours on research and analysis. That is if you want one that best meets your surface cleaning needs. At the very least, the model you’re enamored of should be powerful enough to dislodge the toughe...
we tested the best brush cuttersBuying Guide
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6 Best Brush Cutters Reviewed & Tested
Homeowners, landscapers, and farmers are all at war with shrubbery, weeds, and grass which overtakes the property ruins the aesthetics and strangles plants intended for the area. Armed with the right equipment, both amateurs concerned with their own lawn and garden and professionals can keep unwanted...
we reviewed the best mini refridgeratorsBuying Guide
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Best Mini Refrigerators Reviewed & Rated
You really don’t need a concrete reason to get yourself a mini fridge. Students settling in their new dorm room, the office employees with long hours, the man cave captain trying to decorate their place, and the food enthusiast with a week’s worth of ingredients for their favorite meals, ...
we tested the best lawn rollersBuying Guide
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Best Lawn Rollers Tested & Rated
It’s every homeowner’s dream to grow an even, attractive, and healthy lawn. In addition to being the perfect playground for children, it’s also ideal for holding overnight parties and other social events over the weekends. However, the biggest impediment to that dream is the unevenn...
we tested the best loppersBuying Guide
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Best Loppers Reviews & Price Comparison
Pruning the trees and shrubs in your garden or yard has manifold advantages. As well as stopping them from hogging all the space in the garden, regularly pruning trees and shrubs stimulates growth, puts an end to the spread of diseases, and is arguably a good way to unplug and reconnect with nature. ...
we reviewed the best glue gunsBuying Guide
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Best Glue Guns Reviewed & Rated
Even if you’re not a veteran or enthusiast DIYer chances are you will probably want to make a few crafts in your lifetime. You don’t have to go above and beyond to build a whole new workshop for a few simple things. Maybe all you need is a glue gun as it is quite the versatile tool. You c...
best jackhammers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Jackhammers Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Before you can build something, you have to destroy something first, especially in the construction industry.  Whether you are renovating, or you want to run some few wires and piping, you have to demolish first, before you can build. Jackhammers are best suited for demolition jobs unless it is ...
best video doorbell testedBuying Guide
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Best Video Doorbells Reviewed & Rated
According to FBI statistics, there are over 1.5 million burglaries annually, and 70% of these are residential, and most of the thieves gain entry through the windows and the doors. Furthermore, there is a new crop of thieves who are targeting Amazon deliveries. In this era of Amazon Prime, over one m...
best utility knives comparedBuying Guide
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Best Utility Knives Reviews & Editorial Ratings
A utility knife is the undisputable staple of any serious DIYer’s toolbox. It comes in handy to facilitate the quick and effective completion of a wide array of tasks around the house, in the office and construction site, and even in the great outdoors. While they rival the cutting power and pr...
best backpack vacuums testedBuying Guide
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Best Backpack Vacuums Reviewed & Tested
Other than canister and upright vacuums, you can get a backpack vacuum. In any case, it is quite easy guessing what a backpack vacuum is, and as the name implies, it is a device you carry on your back. If you are wondering what the use of such an invention is, well it’s because they increase mo...
best torches testedBuying Guide
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Best Torches Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Torches are pretty handy tools whether it is in the construction or manufacturing industries, or be it around the house. They are best for getting high temperatures with ease and for soldering, welding or cutting with precision. As such, they should be a part of any handyman’s arsenal or a DIY ...
best heated dog houses reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Heated Dog Houses Reviewed & Rated
Dogs are by nature outdoor animals and therefore relish every second spent in the great outdoors. However, in winter temperatures suddenly plummet and inevitably put a damper on the normal way of doing things. While various dog breeds are able to acclimatize and comfortable withstand the frigid tempe...
we reviewed the best mechanic tool setsBuying Guide
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Best Mechanic Tool Sets Reviewed & Tested
Repairing or maintaining the automotive or other things around the house may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, when you don’t want to incur the extra expense of seeking professional assistance or have a knack for it, a dependable and practical mechanics tool set is a must-have. Most ...
we tested the best waterproof bootsBuying Guide
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10 Best Waterproof Boots Reviewed & Rated
Other than the four main seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), there are some in-between seasons that people rarely talk about. The weather during such times can be challenging to tell, but one thing is for sure, it is often wet. It can be grey, damp pre-winter, muddy, chill post-autumn, or s...
best bandsaw blades on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Bandsaw Blades Reviewed & Rated
Though it happens to be the most versatile tool in any woodworking shop, a band saw is rarely the first tool that comes to mind or if you purchase for a shop. However, it is quite resourceful for it cuts more than wood including metal. You can use band saws for cutting making veneers, cutting curv...
best standby generators testedBuying Guide
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Best Standby Generators Reviewed & Tested
The advantages to owning a sturdy, long-lasting, and easy-to-use home standby generator are manifold. It’s a prudent investment choice for the homeowner who wants clean, reliable power for running several essential home appliances during a power outage, thereby eliminating any disruptions to th...
best fiskars scissorsBuying Guide
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Best Fiskars Scissors Reviewed & Rated
Scissors, however feature-packed or designed, are strikingly mundane and ubiquitous. Walk into an office, the kitchen, the construction site, the garage, or look inside an outdoor enthusiast’s backpack and you’re likely to find one. In spite of their simplistic, humdrum appearance, they a...
best DeWALT drills ratedBuying Guide
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10 Best DeWALT Drills Reviewed & Rated
DeWALT is a subsidiary of Black & Decker and is symbolic of high-end contractor grade power tools. Moreover, DeWALT tools are renowned workhorses that will serve the professional and any hobbyist looking for an exceptional device. They also happen to be reasonably priced, and thus you will be get...
we tested the best rotary hammersBuying Guide
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10 Best Rotary Hammers: Reviews & Editorial Ratings
If you don’t pick out the best tools for either your DIY or professional jobs, there is a high probability that you might end up messing it up. The same is the case when rotary hammers are involved. You might struggle through drilling that large concrete slab for no good reason. Do your researc...
best irrigation systems for gardensBuying Guide
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Best Irrigation System for Gardens Reviewed
A green, lush flowerbed or bountiful garden is every homeowner's dream, and the open secret to keeping these areas picturesque and productive is regular watering. For a small area, people might use a watering can or hose for watering their garden in the early morning or evening to supplement moisture...
best splitting mauls testedBuying Guide
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Best Splitting Mauls Reviewed & Tested
The traditional chopping ax comes with several for splitting woods, however, they all pale into insignificance compared to the chopping prowess of a modern splitting maul. The ingenious design of a maul head, coupled with the extra heft and punch it packs means that you'll be splitting the toughest a...
Best Belt Pouches Buying Guide
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Best Belt Pouches Reviewed & Rated
Any seasoned or even greenhorn contractor would be hard pressed to discount the significance of a belt pouch and its role in helping the user finish a project efficiently, quickly, and easily. They are a perfect choice for the busy contractor who handles a wide range of tools and accessories and is t...
10 Best Composite Toe Boots Reviewed & TestedBuying Guide
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Best Composite Toe Boots - 2024 Buying Guide
Work boots with protective steel or composite toe guards are a mainstay for tradesmen, laborers, and construction workers. According to a 2005 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study, about 60,000-foot injuries occurred across the construction industry alone, which resulted in the victim being off w...
Best Rivet Guns Reviewed & TestedBuying Guide
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Best Rivet Guns Reviewed & Tested
Contrary to commonly held assumptions, the use of a rivet gun isn’t confined to fabrication workshops, carpentry, construction, and automotive repair. Instead, a rivet gun is an indispensable extension of both any tradesperson’s and seasoned DIYer’s toolbox. A rivet gun takes the ha...
10 Best Floor Nailers Reviews & RatingsBuying Guide
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10 Best Floor Nailers Reviews & Ratings
Necessity is the mother of all invention, and floor nailers was a product of this. It was born out of a desire to increase post-war housing production, and it is one of the most versatile tools to date. Flooring nailers are ideal when installing hardwood floors. Though it is possible to nail the p...
10 Best Spindle Sanders Reviews & RatingsBuying Guide
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10 Best Spindle Sanders Reviews & Ratings
Creating exceptional woodwork requires a little finesse in the process. The creator must have the requisite skillset and knowledge to make it work. Also, they might need to use some tools. If you’re trying to bring about a wooden piece that is either round or has a few curves here and there you...
we tested the best chainsaw sharpenersBuying Guide
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Best Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviewed & Rated
No seasoned woodworker, extreme DIYer, or outdoor enthusiast would ever consider their garage or tool chest complete if it didn't have a chainsaw sharpener. Compared to conventional time-consuming and energy-draining methods of keeping the chainsaw sharp and in pristine condition, the modern chainsaw...
we tested the best smoke detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Smoke Detectors Reviewed & Rated
According to the USFA, that it the United States Fire Administration, 60% of all residential fire deaths are in homesteads without working fire alarms. Moreover, half of 30% to 50% of these are in properties without working smoke alarms. Therefore, we can deduce that a functional and well-maintained ...
we tested the best smart outletsBuying Guide
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10 Best Smart Outlets Reviews & Buying Guide
If you want to get in on the home automation train but you are intimidated by smart cameras and other advanced gadgets, then you can start small by installing smart home outlets. These are the first step towards a smarter home, and they are a cost-effective way to improve your house. You can make oth...
we reviewed the best tool beltsBuying Guide
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Best Tool Belts Reviews & Price Comparison
The proliferation of various power and hand tools on the market makes a tool belt a must-have tool, especially for the DIYer, the occasional handyman, carpenter and even a seasoned constructor. It helps with keeping all most, if not all, of the essential tools with easy and quick reach and neatly org...
we rated the best electric hedge trimmersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Reviewed & Rated
Back in Stone Age, cavemen would use traditional big scissors for trimming overgrown bushes, hedges, and shrubs. The modern era and the subsequent technological advancements over the years, however, brings with it more advanced methods of doing things. Compared to the back-breaking, time-consuming, a...
the best wood chippersBuying Guide
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Best Wood Chippers Reviews & Ratings
One of the first steps to keeping your yard pristine and picturesque is adding to it freshly-shredded chips or ridding it off fallen branches, twigs, shrubbery, and brush. It's in this endeavor that a wood chipper becomes an indispensable part of your garage, helping you to quickly and easily decimat...
we tested the best pruning shearsBuying Guide
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Best Pruning Shears Reviewed & Tested
If you're thinking of planting a garden or already have one, pruning shears should be an indispensable part of your collection of essential tools. They'll come in handy every once a while for snipping, cutting, and pruning various overgrown limbs, stems, and branches that are threatening to take over...
best hex keys reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Hex Keys Reviewed & Compared
A hex key is an indispensable extension of a home toolkit, and will frequently come in handy when you have to deal with various screws, bolts, and other fasteners around the house. Among other things, a hex key will be instrumental when you have to assemble a product such as an IKEA furniture, repair...
we tested the best tool vestsBuying Guide
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Best Tool Vests Reviewed & Tested
When you get tired of carrying essential tools and accessories in the pockets of your tattered cargo pants, it’s time to invest in a more convenient, efficient, time- and energy-saving alternative: a high-quality, heavy-duty tool chest. Unlike the former alternative, a tool vest comes with seve...
we tested the best earmuffsBuying Guide
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Best Earmuffs Reviews & Comparison
Constant exposure to loud, high-pitched noises on the construction site can lead to an irreversible hearing loss in both years. That’s on top of the psychological and physiological toll it takes on your health. And the workers in the construction industry bear the brunt of this trauma seeing as...
we tested the best torx screwdriversBuying Guide
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Best Torx Screwdrivers Reviews & Compared
Torx screwdrivers are so ubiquitous chances are high you’ve come across or used one before. If not, and based on the fact that you’re reading this, we’ll stick out necks out and guess you’re about to. They feature a unique design that conveniently eliminates the likelihood of ...
best foding knives comparedBuying Guide
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Best Folding Knives Reviews & Comparison
For a homeowner, a heavy-duty, practical, and functional folding knife is an essential tool to have around the house. They can come in handy at a moment’s notice to solve an emergency. Similarly, the vast majority of them are versatile and remarkably easy to use. Unlike a kitchen knife, a multi...
we tested the best safety harnessesBuying Guide
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Best Safety Harnesses Reviewed & Compared
A safety harness happens to be the most crucial gear in the fall-protection but one of the most under-considered. We presume that one harness will work just as good as the next without taking into account the broad range of features on each item. The features exist to help you select the appropriate ...
best drill bit sharpeners reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Drill Bit Sharpeners Reviews & Comparison
Whenever we pop out to buy some tools we need we silently hope that they will last forever. After all, if they do this, it means no more trips to the store to get a replacement tool over and best of all no more money will need to be spent. However, we have learned from years of experience that change...
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