Porter-Cable PCE605K 3-Amp Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons

A 3-amp motor packs a lot of punch. Sanding, cutting, scraping and grinding are all performed easier and faster with this much juice.

At its maximum, this oscillating tool is running at 10,000 to 22,000 OPMs, cutting through resistant materials—hard woods, fiberglass, metals, etc.—like a hot knife, as they say, through butter.

For those who value comfort, the Porter-Cable PCE605K sports a revamped three-position over mold, affording the user a comfortable grasp for long durations.

Like other newer models, this tool kit does away with extra wrenches and bolts when changing blades and accessories. Not only can users change blades easily and rapidly, they can also adjust the angle to match the requirements of the job.

The depth cutting guide of the PCE 605K supports firmness when making long cuts and increased control when plunging. Its extra-long power cord can do for most jobs without requiring any extension.


Blades are said to break easier with this tool kit than with others.

Grouting appears to be a weakness and the tool gets quite hot during use.


This oscillating tool kit can make dramatic long cuts as well as tricky plunge cuts with a quick and easy change of accessory. Producing up to 22,000 oscillations in about a minute, the 605K has yet to meet a household material that can stand up against it. Professionals and DIY types appreciate its power under control.


A 3-Amp motor that generates optimal power for the toughest jobs
A tool-free blade changing system that negates the need for wrenches and bolts
A cutting guide and depth that accurately calibrates control needed for delicate cuts
A variable speed dial with incremental settings to match any task
A 3 position that stifles grip vibration
A ten-foot power cord allowing for greater range of movement


1 wood end blade
1 flush cut blade
A flexible scraper
One kit box
1 sanding platen
25 sandpaper sheets
1 wood metal end blade

What Buyers Are Saying

Overall, buyers are pleased with the three-position over mold and the general stability of the tool during operation. It also wins plaudits for ease of use by the professional and DIY communities. The powerful motor and rugged construction are widely approved of by users who chose to leave a PORTER-CABLE PCE605K review. While all praised the back end, i.e. the guts of the tool kit, some registered displeasure with the front end – the blades and accessories. Although the tool-less changing system is well-liked, the blades have come in for some criticism, particularly when cutting through metal. They wear quickly and the grouting accessories received a negative Porter-Cable PCE 605K review. It bears notice that the heaviest complainers were those acknowledged professionals who put their tools through rigorous use early and often.

Our Verdict

All in all, the average PORTER-CABLE PCE605K review was positive. People especially liked the comfort and strength of the grip, as well as the potent motor. While some complained the tool became hot during use, others noticed no such thing, so we can call that issue a draw. The wear and breakage of blades is a concern and users can speculate that the blade designs may not have yet caught up with the increased vigor of this instrument. Bearing in mind these strengths and weaknesses, the PCE 605K earns a 4.0 in a scale from 0.0 to 5.0.