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Best Chipping Hammers Reviewed & Tested

There comes a time when you have to build a new structure, concrete floor, install tiles, pavements, houses, or just any other surface but you have to first bring down an old one standing in your way. This is where a chipping hammer comes to your rescue, considering that some structures and roadside constructions could be tougher for traditional means. The power, lightweight design, and maneuverability of chipping hammers makes them ideal for breaking down various surfaces and substance with relative ease, efficiency and a lot quicker than if you were to use a traditional hammer. Additionally, because they are compact and lightweight, you can easily hold them with both hands to easily break overhead construction either vertically or horizontally. Some even come with variable speed settings, giving the user additional control over chipping speeds, so they are more accurate and precise.

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However, there are several brands out there offering all sorts of chipping hammers, which, understandably, could complicate matters for you, especially if you’re new to the world of power tools. Which is why you need to understand your needs first and try to get a chipping hammer that will best address them. Many factors will affect your choice significantly, such as the type of surface you intend to chip at, affordability, safety features, performance and whether or not you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or professional tradesman. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of ten of the most practical and functional chipping hammers on the market, the criteria we used in picking them out and lastly a Frequently-Asked-Questions section.

10 Best Chipping Hammers


Heavy-Duty XtremePowerUS

Heavy-Duty XtremePowerUS
If you are looking for a solidly-constructed, high performing chipping hammer ideal for a multitude of heavy projects such as chipping, trenching, demolishing and breaking holes, then look no further than the Heavy-Duty XtremePowerUS Electric Chipping Hammer. The chipping hammer continues to receive considerable traction from professional handymen and extreme Do-It-Yourselfers who love it particularly for its industrial-grade design and its pocket-friendly price, even though others have also decried the lack of oil in the delivery package.
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The Heavy-Duty XtremePowerUS has a compact and lightweight design, coming in at 13.8 by 31.1 by 8.3-inches and weighs a paltry 35 pounds. The machine comes with a powerful motor drawing 2200-Watts and capable of effortlessly delivering an astounding 1900 Impacts per Minute, which is more than sufficient if you’re looking for a simple tool for domestic chipping projects. With such impressive performance abilities, the chipping hammer is perfect for chipping or demolishing concrete, brick, block, oil chimneys and several other materials. The hammer has a no-load speed standing at 55 J in addition to its surprising 1400 Blows per Minute, meaning that it will gladly take any chipping project you throw at it with a lot of grace.

Another feature that greatly endears the XtremePowerUS chipping hammer to a large percentage of the market is its ergonomic design that significantly increases your handling, manoeuvrability and control. The design furthermore makes the machine relatively easy to use for extended periods of time before fatigue sets in if it does at all. The weight also absorbs most of the vibrations resulting from chipping away more abrasive items such as concrete leaving you with a quiet and smooth operation. Consequently, both men and women will not have a single problem operating the XtremePowerUS chipping hammer, irrespective of their age. Furthermore, due to its very gently sloped learning curve and user friendliness, first-time users will be able to familiarize themselves with it in a matter of minutes, or probably seconds if they have a professional to walk them through the steps.

The chipping hammer comes with a few useful complimentary accessories such as a bull point and flat chisel each measuring 1-1/8 in length, gloves and a blow molded case for convenient carrying and transportation around the workstation and from one place to another. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the hammer can easily heat up with significant loads. Consequently, it is advised that you take a few breaks while chipping. Also, users have expressed the difficulty with which it is to find compatible parts and bits. Other than these few issues, you should have a very good time working with the chipping hammer.

In all, it comes in a lightweight and compact frame and offers you the power, ease-of-use, versatility, and performance that is ideal for heavy-duty chipping applications. Not to mention this model is quite cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance.

Offers quiet and smooth operation

Perfect for light-duty to medium-duty projects

Powerful 2200W motor for efficient chipping

Has a low mould case


Comes with exclusive bits

Requires oil addition before operation

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Neiko 02845A

Neiko 02845A
The Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer is optimized for effective demolition, considering that it features an auxiliary handle capable of swivelling 360-degree, ensuring you don't suffer any versatility or flexibility challenges while using the machine. The handle has slip-resistant properties meaning you can use the chipping hammer whether it is raining or when you're hands are excessively sweating from hours of continuous use. The Neiko brand is particularly renowned for offering high-quality products as demonstrated by the chipping hammer's hard and durable chisels made from chrome vanadium steel. As a result, you can use the chipping hammer for hours on end on challenging chipping tasks without having to worry about it or its parts coming off or giving in to the demands of tough surfaces.
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The Neiko 02845A is fitted with an 11.3-Amp high-performance motor delivering an incredible 1800 Blows per Minute with 45 Joules force in addition to its heavy-duty build. With the chipping hammer, you are more than ready to start breaking through concrete, bricks, ground, and the earth if you wanted to. There is no point worrying about the chipping machine rusting since it is finished with a coat that highly resistant to the adverse consequences of rust.

With a weight of just 46.6 pounds, it is definitely suited for commercial-grade chipping and it doesn't matter whether you will be using it on concrete or tiles, it holds up pretty nicely no matter what. To further increase its shelf-life and help you get more out of it, the manufacturer's resorted to using metal to construct its entire body with only a few essential parts coated with plastic. As a consequence, you have a tool that is not only durable, but also comfortable to use for a long time, is quite user-friendly, safe, and offers you a stable and reliable chipping. And unlike other top models, you will not have to dig deeper into your pockets to own one as it is reasonable and realistically priced.

The Neiko 02845A Electrical Demolition Jack Hammer would definitely not have made the list if it were not for its performance and lightweight, compact design. As already indicated, it has a weight of only 46.6 pounds and with its dimensions of 6.5 by 27.9 by 11.8-inches, saves considerably on storage space, allowing you to move it around the workstation with relative ease. It is bundled with important accessories such as blow molded case for easy transportation, one point and flat chisel, 4 additional carbon brushes, a container for holding oil, 3 wrenches, a kit with useful protection gears, and a helical gear system for that smooth, effective, and quiet operation you’ve always dreamt of.

Comes with convenient carrying case

Corrosion resistant body for longer service

Solid all-metal construction

High-performance motor for powerful chipping

Comes with a useful helical gear system


Difficulty finding compatible parts and components

Occasional Oil leakage

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TR Industrial TR89105

TR Industrial TR89105
If you are a professional tradesman, Do-It-Yourselfer, or a homeowner looking for a professionally-built and heavy-duty chipping hammer that offers, among other things, reliability, an ease-of-use, and is ideal for concrete, clay and tiles, then the TR Industrial Original Demolition Jackhammer is the tool for you. Despite weighing 53 pounds, which leans a little on the heavy side, this chipping hammer is nonetheless compact with dimensions of 30-inches by 14-inches by 7-inches. In terms of performance, the TR Industrial Original Demolition Jackhammer packs an abundance of power and efficiency, making it the first preference of craftsmen and DIYers the world over. A peek underneath the machine's hood reveals impressive specs.
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It is fitted with a high power 11-Amp motor that smoothly and efficiently delivers 1800 Blows per Minute and running at 45 Joules force, one of the highest in the industry. Plus the chipping hammer features a commercial-grade construction having been made from a combination of steel and cast-iron, which are two materials well-known for being durable and ultra-strong, and therefore capable of absorbing most of the vibrations leaving you with a flawless, smooth, and quiet operation. The tool is then finished with a superior silver colour coating and put under a 12-month limited warranty, so you don't have to worry about replacing or repairing parts that wear or malfunction naturally within this period.

It is quite easy and straightforward to use. You don’t need any previous experience of chipping hammers to change the oil or the components making up the machine. It comes with an auxiliary handle that can swivel fully through 360-degrees, making one of the most flexible chipping hammers in the market. You will be chipping through concrete, the ground, tiles, and other tough surfaces with relative ease, thanks to the inclusion of an industrial-strength hex-pointed and flat chisel.

The other accessories included with the package are two wrenches, three hex, spade, and flat chisels, long-lasting carbon brushes, a dual ball-bearing armature, and an oil container together with a protection kit containing eye protecting goggles and gloves. You also get a blow molded case for carrying the chipping hammer and all its accessories with ease, thus minimising the possibility of misplacing your items.

The TR Industrial Original Demolition Jackhammer is one of the most secure pieces of equipment you will ever come across. The security and safety of the machine are reinforced by the use of metal clips and rollers plus it meets and surpasses the security standards set by such international bodies as the ETL and UL. This means that in the event of overloading, you are sure the chipping hammer has a double insulated plug protecting you and the machine.

Double insulate plug for longevity

Comes with oil and repair wrenches

Powerful motor for in-depth chipping

Lightweight and compact

Provides reliable performance


Better performance on dry conditions than wet

No Warranty

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Arksen 010-CO-10149

Arksen 010-CO-10149
When you take a closer look at the features and specs of the Arksen 2200W Electric Demolition Jackhammer, it is easy to understand why it is one the leading contenders for the best chipping hammer position. The most prominent of these features is the machine's pocket-friendliness, costing you a fraction of the cost of other models, without compromising on efficiency, performance and efficiency. The results of TUV tests done on the chipping hammer reveal that it has the capacity of withstanding an impressive 176 hours of continuous use, thereby making it possible for you to finish your chipping, demolishing and breaking within the shortest time possible.
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As far as performance is concerned, the Arksen 2200W is capable of delivering 1700 Impact per Minute and still manage to hold the fort at 55 feet per square pound. The main reason behind such extraordinary performance for such a cost-effective tool is the high power 2200-Watt motor, which will be supplying you with plenty of power to effortlessly and quickly chip through a broad array of surfaces. Some of the surfaces you will be able to expertly handle with this chipping hammer include but not limited to blocks, bricks, tiles, slabs, chimneys, housing foundations, as well as stucco. Regarding force, the Arksen 2200W is capable of generating an equally astounding 1900 Blows per Minute so that however the surface you intend to chip is, you will go through it like you were cutting a piece of cake with a hot knife.

It offers you a level of manoeuvrability and controllability notoriously lacking in other chipping hammers. The unit comes with a 360-degree swivel grip guaranteeing you maximum control over the handling of the chipping hammer. Furthermore, the unit arrives with an industrial-grade carrying case equipped with an ergonomically designed handle allowing you the comfort of conveniently carrying the unit together with its accessories with utmost ease around the workstation or from one location to another. Plus, the unit’s portability is aided by the fact that it weighs a mere 49 pounds and is further compact, with dimensions of 15-inches by 9-inches by 36-inches.

It also has an output of 110 V/ 60 Hz which makes it an ideal tool for light to heavy-duty chipping tasks around the house as well as on the work site. There is a protection kit included with the other accessories that contains, among other things, safety goggles to prevent the debris and pieces generated during chipping from entering your eyes, a pair of gloves to protect your hands, one flat and one bull point chisel each measuring 16-inches in length and lastly an oil container.

To summarize, it features a heavy-duty and long-lasting construction that will last more than a lifetime with proper use and maintenance. Its ergonomic design together with its ability to run for 176 straight hours according to the TUV tests keeps interruptions to a bare minimal thereby allowing you to finish chipping that surface in a few hours or even minutes. Lastly, the 360-degree swivel fore-grip handle increases versatility and convenience by enabling you to work from several directions.

Ideal for breaking various hardened surfaces and structures

Comes with protection kit

TUV tested for 176 hours of reliable use

Generates powerful 1900 BPM for quick and efficient chipping

Has a 360-degree swivel handle for versatility


Bolts require frequent retightening

DeWalt D25980

DeWalt D25980
Sometimes all you could be looking for is an easy-to-use chipping hammer with plenty of sheer power for breaking away the toughest surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, mortar, hard clay, rocks, and bricks, among others. Such a chipping hammer would be ideal for light to heavy duty projects, ranging from straightforward and less-demanding home improvements to more demanding stone masonry tasks. Given the specifications of its job, this ideal chipping hammer would need to feature a heavy-duty, long-construction to withstand the harsh environment it would be exposed to, something along the lines of a corrosion-resistant body coating. If this is the chipping you have in mind, then in comes the DeWalt D25980 Pavement Breaker.
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The power and structure of the DeWalt D25980 allow you to perform the toughest of chipping projects by simply pushing a button. As insinuated by the chipping hammer's name, the unit comes with a shock-proof feature that does a fantastic job keeping you safe from the devastating impacts of vibrations by reducing levels of vibration by nearly 70 percent, thereby minimizing the possibility of suffering from fatigue. Consequently, DeWalt D25980 chipping hammer is the most appropriate for breaking up hardened structures that include pavements and roadside constructions. Because the chipping hammer sports a powerful 15-Amp motor, it also comes with an overload protection to guide against electrical surges and also to keep both the user and the unit itself safe throughout the working duration.

Irrespective of your age or experience with power machines, you won’t have a single problem operating the DeWalt D25980 in light of its ease-of-use and gentle learning curve. To make the unit comfortable and convenient to use, a few important parts such as the foregrip handle have a rubber coating finish to increase the user experience. You will furthermore enjoy a quiet and smooth operation thanks to the fact that the unit’s motor is fitted with soft start system that significantly reduces the intensity of noise produced. The chipping hammer additionally has an impact energy of 61 foot-pounds thereby providing you with optimal performance and effectiveness while guiding you in demolishing hardened surfaces and structures within a short time.

In all, the DeWalt D25980 continues to attract attention from all quarters of the home improvement and renovation industry because of its ruggedness and versatility. It is an all-around performer, never suffering any performance issues irrespective of the surface you are chipping, demolishing, or breaking up. With a powerful 15-Amp motor capable of creating 61 foot-pounds and a soft-start system, we can only wish you all the best.

Ideal for breaking a multitude of surfaces and structures

Exceptionally powerful 15-Amp motor

Solidly built and durable

Ergonomically designed for less fatigue and more comfort


A costly chipping hammer

Produces some vibration at high speeds

Bosch DH1020VC

Bosch DH1020VC
The Bosch poured a significant amount of resources, time and expertise in developing the Bosch 11316EVS Demolition Hammer, which, for more than a decade, has essentially been the very definition of versatility and performance. The result of the brand’s determination and efforts is the new and improved Bosch DH1020VC Inline Demolition Hammer, a tool that is not only ideal for a multitude of chipping, demolition, and breaking projects but is also more powerful and packed to the brim with useful and practical features.
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The chipping hammer, for instance, incorporates the game-changing vibration control mechanism that goes a long way in making the machine easy to use, both for novices, veterans, professionals, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers.The inline design plays a significant role in balancing and evenly distributing its otherwise substantial weight throughout its length and in the process makes it easy to use for both vertical and horizontal chipping.

You will be able to channel your efforts more efficiently and productively towards demolishing whatever surface you're keen on demolishing thanks to the chipping hammer's superior impact energy and anti-vibration technology. The unit reduces the adverse impact of vibrations by using an extended air cushion and decoupling the primary grip.

The hard-hitting power of the Bosch DH1020VS comes in handy to help you effortlessly and quickly chip through such surfaces as concrete, bricks, granite, and even stone. The hammer has a powerful 15-Amp motor capable of producing an impressive 17 foot-pounds of impact energy and the further design increases the impact energy by an additional 40 percent while simultaneously increasing the rate of chipping surfaces with its chisels by a surprising 80 percent. Consequently, you can use this chipping hammer to chisel windows, get rid of hard floor tiles, and work with bulky pipes.

And if you think you've read on or handled all versatile tools out there, wait till you hear what Bosch DH1020VS has to offer. This chipping hammer comes fitted with a patented 12-position Vario-lock giving you the option of rotating and locking the chisel into any of twelve different positions. Furthermore, the unit is one of very few chipping hammer to feature a variable speed feature that gives you the freedom of dictating the level of impact energy and rate that best suits the surface to be chipped. Consequently, it significantly improves your productivity and level of comfort throughout the chipping process. The other specs that make this chipping hammer stand out are its soft start functionality and overload protection that efficiently helps the motor maintain a particular speed under different loads. The Bosch DH1020VS comes with a patented Service Minder functionality helps you schedule maintenance to minimise the likelihood of the chipping hammer breaking down.

In all, the Bosch DS1020VS guarantees you a smooth, flawless and powerful performance. It has plenty of power to enable you quickly and more efficiently chip away the hardest of surfaces with minimal effort. Furthermore, it comes with a bunch of other useful features aimed at making your work as easy as possible while increasing its shelf-life.

High power 15-Amp motor for superior performance

Minimal vibration with its Vibration Control technology

Lightweight and compact design

Comes with Vario-lock feature for increased productivity and versatility

Has a carrying case


Very expensive

Bosch DH507

Bosch DH507
The narrowness of the Bosch DH507 12 LB SDS-Max makes it an ideal chipping hammer for accessing hard-to-reach spots, more so because of its lightweight and compact design, weighing just 12.4 pounds. Its superior power and performance allow you to quickly complete the toughest and most challenging chipping projects out there, ranging from removing or repairing joints to breaking roadside constructions, concrete, and asphalt, among other surfaces.
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The design further allows you a flexible use as it is ergonomic and features variable bit positioning, ensuring that your hands fit perfectly on the handles and the inclusion of soft rubberized grips reduces the likelihood of suffering from joint pains or experiencing any significant fatigue.

Unlike with other chipping machines, you are guaranteed to experience greater productivity with the excellent fitting of its SDS-Max bits and components into the Vario-lock chuck, whose rotation allows for the locking of the chisel into up to 12 different positions. Such great versatility makes room for the optimization of the chipping angles in accordance with the demands of the job at hand, so you can move the tool in any direction without having to change your position.

The chipping tool's trigger comes with a lock-on switch which makes it possible for you to lock your preferred speed for as long as you want thereby eliminating the need to squeeze the trigger the whole time. In addition to the lock-on functionality, this chipping tool has variable speed mechanism, and while you may not actually get to use it, it nonetheless important in giving you additional control over the speed, while simultaneously increasing your precision and accuracy.

If using the main handle is a bit of a hassle for you, there is an auxiliary handle included to give you additional control and manoeuvrability with its ergonomic design and rubberized grip. The Bosch DH507 chipping hammer does not suffer from overheating issues as is the case with most chipping hammers within its class. This is because the unit incorporates within it a magnesium allow sleeve within the frame for the quick and efficient distribution and dissipation of heat, as well as cleverly designed impact system that significantly lessens contact pressure. Consequently, the Bosch DH507 provides with a calm, quiet, and effortless operation for those long hours you will be spending chipping at concrete, pavement, floor tiles, and roadside structures.

In all, the Bosch DH507 is one of a king chipping hammer you will never regret investing in. It packs powerful performance, reliability, and durability in its lightweight and compact design with dimensions of 18-inches x 4-inches x 11-inches and 12.4 pounds of weight. The delivery box contains the chipping hammer itself, a 360-degree auxiliary handle, an oil container, as well as a wiping cloth. And with its powerful 10-Amp motor that efficiently generates approximately 5.6 foot-pounds, performance is far from being a concern.

Lightweight and compact design

Delivers exceptionally high performance

Offers superior accuracy and precision

Indiscernible vibration leaving you meaning quiet and flawless chipping


Need to buy extra accessories separately

DeWalt D25980K

DeWalt D25980K
The DeWalt D25980K offers you a tremendous amount of power and efficiency for effortless chipping through various surfaces. And it doesn't matter whether the surfaces are as hard as a concrete floor or share the complication of roadside structures and pavement because this chipping machine is heavy-duty and durable.Coming from one of the most trusted brands in the home improvement and construction industry, you are guaranteed of industrial-grade construction and reliable performance.
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The DeWalt D25980K sports a high power 15-Amp motor drawing 1600-Watts of charge and capable of 61 foot-pounds of impact energy. According to the DeWalt brand, this chipping hammer can reach speeds of up to 2,900 Blows per Minute at 7.6 Joules of Impact Energy. With such immense power, even the most apparently daunting chipping projects will most certainly not pose any real challenge. The powerful motor has a soft-start mechanism that does an incredible job keeping power low upon initial activation thereby preventing bit walking, which in turn increases controllability and safety. Additionally, the soft-start feature significantly minimizes the chances of motor overloading, thereby extending the shelf-life of the chipping hammer by several years.

The DeWalt D25980K is designed to give you the best experience ever while chipping at various surfaces. It sports an Active Vibration Control System that effectively decreases vibrations by an astonishing 70 percent through its rubberized grips. As a result, depending on the surface you are chipping, there is a minimal likelihood of experiencing fatigue or jarring motions. You will be able to use the DeWalt D25980K for several hours a day and night if you are the active type and should you invest in a pair of anti-vibration gloves, you are looking at a very smooth experience with this chipping hammer.

Two of the most important accessories the D25980K comes with are three differently-shaped chisels and a truck. While the truck makes the chipping hammer portable by easing its transportation from a given place to another, the chisels - one bull point, one flat, and the other hex-pointed, allow you to work on a broad range of surfaces.

The machine's auxiliary handle also features soft rubberized parts to reduce the effects of vibration, plus it is capable of swivelling fully through 360-degree to increase your convenience and versatility. Another distinct feature is the fact that it can comfortably accommodate up to four steel bits measuring 1-1/8-inches in length. It also has a hold down strap to help you maintain its position when you are mounting, so you probably don't need an extra pair of hands to help with that, and it comes with a 36-month limited warranty to cover the repair or replacement of components that naturally break down or malfunction.

Powerful performance with its 15-Amp motor capable of 2900 BPM

The most versatile and multi-purpose chipping hammer ideal for chipping concrete and pavements

Very portable

Substantially less vibration for smooth chipping

Bundled with a truck to facilitate mobility


Relatively heavier

Cheap and poorly built hand truck

Makita HM0810B

Makita HM0810B
Since you are reading this, we are pretty sure you are in search of a chipping hammer, the kind that delivers exceptional performance for the quick and efficient breaking of abrasive surfaces such as concrete, pavements, roadside constructions, you name it. And we firmly believe we have the right chipping hammer for you – the Makita HM0810B.
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This incredible chipping hammer is constructed around an exceptionally powerful and high power 8.3-Amp motor that smoothly and reliably provides you with an impressive 5.6 foot-pounds of impact energy. The motor is furthermore capable of delivering 2900 Blows per Minute, which is one of the highest speeds you will come across, ensuring that your chipping is done quickly and efficiently.

Being a premium chipping hammer, it offers you an ease-of-use and convenience notoriously lacking in cheaper and poorly-built chipping hammers. This chipping hammer comes with an anti-vibration spring located halfway between the tool body and rear grip that works in conjunction with its soft-grip handle to reduce the otherwise vigorous vibrations occasioned by breaking tough surfaces. As a result, you get to experience a genuinely quiet and smooth operation devoid of the jarring motions for which cheaper models are known, meaning that you will be able to work for longer hours without experiencing fatigue and at utmost comfort no less.

It comes with a handy auxiliary handle that replicates the main one in both build quality and comfort and capable of rotating fully through 360-degree. Consequently, you can conveniently move the handle around in whichever direction you find most comfortable to work from without having to change your position every so often.

It just doesn't run out of features that endear it to professional craftsmen and Do-It-Yourselfers throughout the world. This chipping hammer, for instance, is capable of converting shark demolition bits and using them in place for rotary hammers. The chipping hammer is similarly quite economically as it sports the brand's game-changing one-touch retainer bit system that significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the unit. Its lightweight and compact design keep the weight to just 12.8 pounds, which, other than reducing the onset of fatigue as already mentioned, makes the chipping machine incredibly manoeuvrable and flexible, allowing you to easily access those hard-to-reach locations.

The weight also helps with portability which is also further aided by the fact that the Makita HM0810B Demolition Jackhammer is compatible with most trucks offered on the market. Lastly, this chipping machine has long-lasting carbon brushes that with proper tool use, can easily last for nearly 150 hours, allowing you to do more work by reducing downtime.

Exceptionally powerful and reliable performance

Efficient energy transmission

Factory greased for reliable performance

Ideal for light-duty chipping projects

Very robust and durable construction



Need to purchase bits separately

Bosch 11316EVS

Bosch 11316EVS
The Bosch 11316EVS has no close competitors when it comes to the efficient and precise delivery of power. The chipping hammer sports a powerful 14-Amp motor featuring a hammer mechanism that efficiently increases the impact energy by an astounding 10 percent, for that hard hitting force needed to break up the toughest surfaces. Considering that this chipping hammer can effortlessly deliver impressive speeds of up to 1890 Blows per Minute, you have a broad range of demolishing, breaking and chipping applications for which you can use it. It is furthermore ideal for chipping a broad range of surfaces including concrete, stone, asphalt and pavement and quickly turning them into a fine powder.
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It packs several other equally important features to make it easy for you to complete your task with utmost comfort and at your preferred speed. To this end, the chipping tool has a speed switch with six modes, allowing you to choose a speed mode that is ideal for the type of surface you are keen on chipping away. As expected, the low-speed settings are appropriate for more intricate and delicate surfaces while the higher speed settings are optimized for chipping at hardened and tough surfaces. As its name suggests, is compatible with SDS-Max bits, which you can install or remove with relative ease without having to use any extra or special tools. Plus, the bits are easily and readily available in a majority of hardware stores through the country and abroad.

Considering that the unit is premium and one of the top model chipping hammers on the market currently, it puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring an ease-of-use and excellent performance, without prioritizing one over the other. As this is the area where the Bosch 11316EVS Demolition Hammer sets itself apart from close competitors. The chipping hammer's rear D-handle features a soft grip that effectively soaks up most the inevitable vibrations leaving you with a smooth and quiet operation for that much-needed peaceful, jarring-free chipping. Similar to most chipping hammers in its class, the Bosch 11316EVS Demolition Hammer comes with an auxiliary handle capable of 360-degree swivelling around the shaft, allowing you to change the chipping angle in a way that increases stability and accuracy.

It is not surprising to note that the auxiliary handle also features soft rubber padding to make you comfortable and reduce user fatigue and injury. Such additions should however not dissuade you from taking additional precautionary measures like wearing anti-vibration gloves, a helmet, and eye protecting goggles all throughout the chipping process.

The 12-position Vario-Lock on the Bosch 11316EVS Demolition Hammer is another convenient addition, allowing you to change the position of the bits in accordance with your needs so that you can chip through any surface from various directions. The chipping hammer furthermore sports a Constant Response system providing you with a hassle-free start in addition to protecting the motor from overloading. The Bosch 11316EVS features a lightweight and compact design with a weight of only 22 pounds and is a powerful multi-purpose chipping machine, and the one preference for professional woodworkers, construction employees and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers.

In all, the Bosch 11316EVS Demolition Hammer is by all indications the most powerful chipping hammer you can get your hands on. Its 14-Amp delivers 10 percent more hard hitting power, and it comes several other useful features such as electro-pneumatic impact system for maximum impact force while minimizing vibrations and jarring. The handles feature soft grips and are moreover heat treated and ergonomic to make them comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Lastly, it has the Service Minder light that works wonderfully by reminding to carry out maintenance eight hours before shutting down the machine.

Consistent speeds when under load

High power 14-Amp motor delivering impressive 1890 Blows per Minute

Ergonomic design for compactness and lightweight

Easy to use

Comes with an auxiliary handle capable of 360-degree rotation

Constant Response technology for quick, smooth start and motor protection from overloading


A little heavy

Criteria for Evaluation

When out shopping for your first chipping hammer or looking to upgrade an existing one, you ought to watch out for some important features that will mean the difference between efficient top-notch chipping and a poorly finished job.

Performance and Affordability

Your chosen chipping hammer should be able to deliver the kind of performance that will allow you to efficiently complete your chipping project. Consider the machines Blows per Minute and Impacts per Minute before making a purchase. Do these indications justify the chipping hammer’s price? You want a unit that delivers the force and speed that is most appropriate for your surface or structure. Because there is a direct correlation between price and performance, it would be wise to fork out a few hundred dollars in case you want to chip at a tough surface. For regular use though, go for something that is commensurate with your budget, not too cheap and not too costly either.


By the very definition of chipping hammers, you expect for there to be a lot of jarring and vibrations, which could have grave implications for your productivity and precision, not to mention health. Here too, it would be prudent to invest in a chipping hammer that incorporates some kind of mechanism aimed at reducing, if not eliminating the consequences of the vibrations. Other than affecting your productivity and therefore the final results, vibrations also cause significant fatigue and in some cases, joint pains. These would, of course, lengthen the duration it will take to complete a project.


A chipping hammer needs to be lightweight and compact enough to allow you carry it in your hands with ease. However, it should not be too light so as to affect the performance. It should still have the weight required to deliver a hard hitting force for breaking up structures and surfaces. Carrying cases increase the portability of chipping hammers, allowing you to easily move them from one location to the next. Durable ones should last you a while before requiring replacement, though.


Q: How do I stay safe when using a chipping hammer?

A: As is the case with all power tools, it is paramount to keep yourself and those around you as safe as is humanly possible when dealing with chipping hammers, especially considering that most of them have incredible speeds and are hard hitting. A pair of safety gloves should always be worn whenever you are chipping at any surface since other than ensuring your grip on the tool is sufficiently firm, they also do a good job preventing the hands from slipping as a result of sweating. Some glasses have anti-vibration capabilities and will, therefore, protect you from the incessant jarring of the chipping hammer. Also, make a point of wearing safety goggles to keep your eyes safe from debris and dust generated while chipping. Ear protectors should also be worn at all times, whether or not your chipping hammer produces high decibel noise levels. Other equally important safety measures include wearing a helmet and steel-capped boots.

Q: What is the procedure for correctly using one?

A: The proper use of a chipping hammer is vital to prolonging its shelf-life, which would, in turn, give you your money’s worth. Make sure that your chipping hammers strike or pound whatever surface you are chipping at perpendicularly, that it, at exactly 90-degrees. The long handle is very apt at creating the maximum pressure necessary for breaking through most surfaces quickly and relatively easily. This way, you will have absolutely no problem chipping away at even the toughest of surfaces such as foundations and pavements.


While out list features some of the best chipping saws money can buy, your choice should nonetheless be determined, first and foremost, by the kind of chipping task you will be using it for. You are going to need a more powerful chipping hammer if are intending on breaking tougher surfaces. Consequently, you need to be looking at such factors as durability, safety, performance and reliability. If on the other hand, you just need a chipping hammer for light-duty demolition around the house, you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets. No matter which chipping hammer you choose, caution should be exercised so you don’t suffer any injuries. Wear all the relevant safety equipment to keep yourself safe. Lastly, ensure to take good care of your chipping hammer, and it will serve you for a lifetime.