Rockwell RK5140K Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons

The fast and simple replacement of blades and accessories by virtue of its flip lock feature

A clamp that exerts up to one ton of force, keeping blades secure without slack

A configuration that adapts to attachments from many other manufacturers, thereby saving the user time and money.

Constant speed function. This is particularly helpful feature when cutting into tough or massive materials that otherwise cause blades to slow down.

Its adjustable speed control dial allows the user to fine-tune the speed for more intricate jobs like grouting.

Regardless of speed, the tool kit is easy to handle, offering little kickback.

It works well on virtually any material, including metal, fiberglass and cement board.


This tool kit’s loudness can be excessive.

A few users have observed that the blades wear down rather quickly if you use them on a regular basis. It should be noted, however, that this is a problem common to oscillating tool kits.


This oscillating tool kit can make dramatic long cuts as well as tricky plunge cuts with a quick and easy change of accessory. Producing up to 22,000 oscillations per minute (OPM), the 605K has yet to meet a household material that can stand up against it. Professionals and DIY types appreciate its power under control.


A 3-Amp motor that generates optimal power for the toughest jobs
Hyperlock holds changeable blades with up to one ton of force
Universal fit system corresponds to attachments from most every manufacturer
Shapes, polishes and removes grout, among other functions
Speed dial enables exact settings
A ten-foot power cord allowing for greater range of movement

What Buyers Are Saying

The diversity of materials with which the tool kit excels impresses contractors. One, for example, was amazed at the ease with which it cut through PVC piping when he was creating and mounting a custom rack for fishing poles. Still another praised the Hyperlock’s hold on the blade: there was no “give” compared to other tool kits. The variable speed control is universally praised across the board in hardware forums as is the compact, hard-sided carrying case. For all of its assets as a cutter, this tool is also given plaudits as a metal polisher, sander and grouter, as well.

Our Verdict

A Rockwell RK5140K review is most helpful when it is performance-based. If the proof—as the old saying goes—is in the pudding, then the Rockwell RK5140K oscillating tool kit has satisfied the home repair palates of many purchasers. The Hyperlock system gives users confidence as they cut, sand and buff. Its capacity to adapt to accessories other than those made by Rockwell is a huge positive for those who are regularly engaged in home projects. Slim and compact as tool kits go, it works for tasks large and small, macro and micro. While its drawbacks are acknowledged, they are-as previously stated—also observed in competing tool kits. All users benefit from the knowledge that oscillating tool kits are still an evolving technology with room for improvement. Given that reality and the many strengths of this particular tool, it deserves a rating—in a scale of 0.0 to 5.0—of 4.5.