Black & Decker BD200MTB Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Given its modest price, the BD200MTB surprises people by its power and versatility. Able to cut or grind some very formidable materials, this tool kit packs a 2.5-Amp wallop and reaches the velocity stratosphere with a maximum of 20,000 OPMs.

Its tool-free accessory release is becoming the rule more than the exception among oscillating tool kit aficionados, who do not enjoy the extra minutes fiddling with a hex key.

Furthermore, the attachment adapter makes this instrument compatible with a variety of attachments from other manufacturers.

A common Black & Decker BD200MTB review makes note of its comfortable and stable grip that keeps vibrations low and hand cramping to a minimum. It is praised for a wide range of home repair jobs and—as indicated—it is very reasonably priced.



Although most reviews gave this tool kudos for its all-around usefulness, a few voices complained about the small number of accessories that accompany the BD200MTB.

Still others were disappointed in the adapter’s compatibility issues, citing the fact that Black & Decker replacement blades are sometimes hard to find.


Good for cutting, scraping, grinding and sanding, the Black & Decker 200MTB 2.5-Amp Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool is versatile and inexpensive. The 2.5-Amp motor on this oscillating multi-tool delivers speed up to 20,000 oscillations per minute (OPMs). With six speeds to choose from, the 200MTB can tackle virtually any home improvement task while providing comfort and ease of use to the operator. The tool-free release and accessory adaptor are added benefits that save time and money.


The 2.5-Amp motor provides sufficient power to perform the most challenging home repair jobs
The variable speed dial affords the user six different oscillating settings appropriate to a wide range of tasks
The tool-free release function eliminates the need for a hex key, saving time when changing accessories
A comfort grip reduces the need for rest breaks and gives the user greater control over the tool
The adapter corresponds to attachments by many manufacturers so operators can use accessories at hand


One 1” wood /metal blade
One sanding base
12 sandpaper sheets
One universal accessory adapter kit
One storage bag

What Buyers Are Saying

The spectrum of jobs encountered by reviewers is astounding. Anyone who has hung a door knows the importance of making the jamb plumb and near-level. Crucial to this task are correctly cut shims. The BD200MTB is applauded as preferable alternative to a hand saw or utility blade. It is further lauded as a sander, a tile remover and a plunge cutter.

It successfully and satisfactorily cuts copper pipe for plumbing repair as well as hard woods for myriad carpentry projects. There are complaints about the sandpaper sheets wearing out too soon, and that the grip does not necessarily work best for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. These are isolated objections, however, and not necessarily within B&D’s influence to change.

Our Verdict

If the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true, purchasers of the Black & Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool have stolen the merchandise: this tool provides more than the low price may reveal. Power, versatility, rigor and precision work are all credited to this device. In addition, a 2-year warranty expresses the company’s confidence in its toughness relative to any job.

There is another old maxim that says “time is money.” That speaks positively to the multi-tool’s quick release function, negating the need for the cumbersome Allen wrench replacement process. At the same time, it speaks poorly if the adapter is of limited utility and users have to do a hard-target search in their localities for compatible implements. Out of a range of 0.0 to 5.0, this tool receives a 4.5.