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Editor's Pros & Cons

The Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool is compact and light enough to make it effective even in confined spaces. Its four-pin flange design efficiently grasps attached blades and implements without any evidence of slack or “give,” assuring users of maximum safety and precision.

Less expensive than most of its competitors, the GMT15A nonetheless achieves a maximum speed of 21,000 oscillations per minute (OPMs), allowing it sufficient speed for stubborn challenges like sanding, scraping and grouting.

The two-year warranty includes an added benefit of access to the Genesis technical support department.

Although it is lightweight and easy to maneuver, the GMT15A gear is encased in durable die cast aluminum for optimal protection against damage and the elements.

This tool bears the ELT designation, meaning it was tested by an independent and objective laboratory for both efficacy and safety.


Critics do exist, however. Most are frustrated that the Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool does not adapt to attachments from other toolmakers.

By itself, this is not a huge problem. However, the fact that the Genesis blades are not an easy find at the big box hardware outlets makes replacement more difficult.


The Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool is an all-around power device with various attachments for an array of home improvement and repair tasks. Reaching up to 21,000 oscillations per minute (OPM), the Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool combines power with precision for jobs both large and small. Any Genesis GMT15A review must acknowledge that the tool has a large fan base. Grinding, cutting, sawing, sanding and scraping are all made easier by its powerful motor and four-pin flange. Whether the objective is repair, construction or enhancement, this instrument proves handy and dependable.


1.5 Amp motor
21,000 oscillations per minute
4-pin flange design
Die cast aluminum gear housing
2-year warranty


30-millimeter E-cut saw blade
HSS segment saw blade
Allen wrench
3-inch Delta sanding pad
Scraping blade
Accessory storage case

What Buyers Are Saying

A Genesis GMT15A review must give special voice to those who use it most. Rehabbers haves a special fondness for the GMT15A. Its cutting blade excels at trimming slender door jambs and base molding. Likewise, the scraper works wonders on old paint, and pulls up linoleum floors and shag carpets easily. Homeowners and professionals agree that the initial draw is the price.

At the same time, most are pleasantly surprised at the power and performance generated by the 21,000 OPMs. While a handful are bothered by the noise, one reviewer spoke for most of them: “For this price, I do not care if it sounds like a jet engine.” Successful projects with this tool include cutting through aluminum siding, window replacement and central air conditioning repair. All of that said, a general dissatisfaction with the time and expense of replacing the blades is pervasive.

Our Verdict

Weighing in at only 3 and one-half pounds, the Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool is a modest investment with a high-yielding performance. Its brisk oscillating speed proves pivotal in completing difficult jobs without getting bogged down. Furthermore, the blade attachments—difficult as they are to replace—are demonstrated to stand up to the most rugged materials.

If this tool becomes indispensable to those who make their living by rehabilitating houses, it is definitely worth the low price for the DIY homeowner. The issue of obtaining and paying for new blades is a drawback, but not enough of one to prohibit the purchase of this versatile instrument. In a scale of 0.0 to 5.0, the GMT15A receives a 4.5 which earns it a place among our top oscillating tools reviews.