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1. Honeywell HT-900
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Best Portable Fans Reviews & Ratings

Summer inevitably brings with it unbearably high temperatures, easily soaring past levels humans find conducive. At times like these, the vast majority of homeowners often resort to installing a central air conditioning system to quickly and effectively remedy the situation. While the systems are renowned for their powerful cooling prowess, they nonetheless have their fair share of downsides, the most patent being the exorbitant initial cost of acquisition, space constraints, their immobility and the fact that some cost a fortune to run. And that brings us to the second best alternative: portable fans. Even though their performance may not be as powerful, they are remarkably lightweight and compact and therefore portable, easy to use, just as durable, and best of all, they are very affordable.

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Virtually all portable fans are battery-powered. As long as they have a full charge, they’ll continue keeping you cool and comfortable even when there is a power outage. Considering that the upsides far outweigh the downsides, getting yourself one has never been more crucial. Unfortunately shopping for a portable fan requires considerable time and energy investment. You have to compare different brands, find their flagship portable fans and compare those against your needs and requirements. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you with that frustration and do in-depth market research on your behalf, taking such important considerations as safety, durability, ease of use, and performance into consideration.

10 Best Portable Fans


1. Honeywell HT-900

1. Honeywell HT-900
If you’re finding it hard to withstand the torrid heat of the summer, it’s high time you considered getting yourself a reliable, energy-efficient, and portable fan. And one of the best products on the market currently is the Honeywell HT-900, which has a black, smooth finish. The portable efficiently handles small to medium-sized rooms, quickly cooling it down to a comfortable temperature. The portable fan is also roughly 22 percent more efficient than standard alternatives out there, meaning that you can leave it running all day and night and the energy bill won’t hike up any significantly.

Consistent use will inevitably lead to an accumulation of dust and other debris. The design provides for easy and quick popping out of the removable grills, allowing you to thoroughly clean the blades, and leaving them performing optimally again. Enough with the overview. Now, let’s delve into the gritty details that make it one of the best portable fans out there.
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Working or sleeping in a hot room exposes you to a myriad of health risk, including heat stroke and severe dehydration not to mention the fact that it significantly affects your performance at work. The Honeywell HT-900 is one of the best way circumventing such risks. Unlike full-fledged air conditioners, the portable fan is lightweight and considerably compact, so that you can transfer it relatively easily from one room to another. Additionally, it takes up just a fraction of your floor space and can be tucked away beside the table stand or TV stand. The lightweight characteristics make it easy to bring to an outdoor event, making it the best camping companion during the summer.

It comes with exceptional air circulating prowess, thanks to its powerful motor and sturdy blades. It features three variable speed settings that you can select in accordance with the prevailing heat levels. On hot days, the highest speed setting should be enough to clear hot air from the room, leaving conducive and liveable. The first two settings are of course appropriate for mildly hot days of the year. Irrespective of your setting, the performance of the HT-900 is exceptional and very smooth. The speed dial is modest and very easy to use, even though some users have complained that should have been placed at the front for easy and hassle-free reach rather than the rear.

Another feature that makes it the go-to tool for homeowners living in the torrid heat of the South is the pivoting head. It automatically pivots vertically to within 90 degrees, ensuring the even distribution of cool and refreshing air all through the room, without leaving any heat spots. While it’s neither capable of oscillating nor comes with a remote to ensure convenient use, it is nonetheless wall-mountable for even superior air circulation.

The portable fan is similarly user-friendly. Even at the highest speed setting, it operates quietly and smoothly without all the annoying loud humming noises that plague cheaper models. It is on average 25 percent quieter than the vast majority of its closest competitors. As a result, you can bring it to the bedroom and use it the entire night, and unless you're a light sleeper, the possibility of it interrupting your sleep is very minimal.

In conclusion, it beats sense pouring large sums of money on a central air conditioning system when it clearly lacks the inherent advantages of a portable fan. While the former is expensive, bulky, heavy and not easily movable, the Honeywell HT-900 is lightweight and compact, affordable, equally durable and effective at providing maximum air movement with superior energy efficiency. It operates quietly, smoothly, pivots its head up and down up to 90 degrees, and is 25 percent quieter than most portable fans on the market. Plus, it comes with a 12-month warranty to cater for the repair or replacement of malfunctioning or defective parts resulting from the manufacturer’s use of poor-quality materials or poor workmanship.
  • The unit is 25 percent quieter than most portable fans
  • Comes with a powerful 3-speed setting
  • Has a long-lasting 7-inch blade that generates high wind speeds

The head is capable of pivoting 90-degrees



2. O2COOL with AC Adapter

2. O2COOL with AC Adapter
The two most important outstanding features of the O2COOL fan with AC Adapter are reliability and durability, two features that seasoned users of portable fans look for in their products. Additionally, the portable fan is incredibly energy efficient and is known to run continuously for at least 40 hours with one battery set. Over time, such efficiency translates to significant financial savings, considering that most homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts who frequently go camping leave the machines running for long periods.

Its horseshoe-style design of the base significantly increases stability, minimizing the likelihood of young children and your flurry friends knocking it over and breaking its plastic body. To complete the overview, it’s worth noting that the portable fan spots heavy-duty blades for moving large volumes of air and folds flat to take up the least storage space.
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For a product to qualify as portable, it has be lightweight and compact enough that the user can comfortably and quickly move from spot or place to another with relative ease. The portable fan has a paltry weight of just WW pounds with corresponding dimensions of 3.7-inches by 12-inches by 13.5-inches. It won't take up too much floor space, and because of its elegant and sleek looks, it will blend perfectly with your interior décor. It fits perfectly in the trunk of the car, into a backpack and even suitcases and won't clutter your space. It comes with a strong and durable handle for moving it around the house or campsite.

As for performance, it is patently on a whole new level. It comes with a high-performance two-speed motor that works reliably and flawlessly, even in the torrid heat of the summer, providing you and your loved ones or colleagues with refreshingly cool air. To this add a wide, sturdy and long-lasting blade whose performance does not waver even at high speeds. Because it is wide, it ensures the air reaches and cools the people within reach.

For exceptional portability, it uses batteries to supply it with the requisite power for optimal performance. A typical portable fan uses a replaceable battery, and while the arrangement is renowned for its convenience, it suffers the drawback of depleting the battery juice a little too quickly, leading to avoidable frustrations. Its innovative design aims to circumvent this downside by incorporating a dual power source design. For indoor use, simply use the AC power adapter that’s compatible with standard power outlets to keep yourself cool. There are also D-Cell battery slots that accommodate up to six batteries for those days when you feel adventurous enough to venture out in the sweltering heat of the summer. The design helps you conserve power and some good money in the long run.

There has been a consistent and steady improvement in the design and incorporation of modern technology in the working of portable fans over the last couple of years. The modern models, especially the O2COOL, boast powerful performance, are more durable, are more affordable, and best of all very portable. As for aesthetics, they are now come with a modern, sleek appearance that blends perfectly with the furniture and other electronics in the house and the office.

The bottom line is that this device, like all other top-end portable fans on the market, has the best of everything. The design is top-notch, and its performance is ground-breaking, despite its small and lightweight design, which incidentally helps with portability and trouble-free transportation. The high-performance motor and sturdy blade provide a smooth and productive all-day performance. The dual power source design makes it exceedingly portable and versatile as you can use it in multiple settings, be in the office, at home or out in the field.
  • Generates significant airflow and movement with large and powerful 10-inch blades
  • The two-speed motor works powerfully and efficiently
  • The high capacity battery provides 40-hour runtime
  • Comes with a universal AC adapter
  • The head is tiltable
  • The package does not come with the requisite 6 D-cell batteries

3. Efluky

3. Efluky
The Efluki fan has a deceptively slim and lightweight design, which greenhorns may mistakenly construe to mean a general lack of performance and durability. The physical attributes themselves provide for easy storage between uses and ensure the portable fan fits perfectly into various tight spaces without taking up too much space. For instance, it can fit into a backpack, the car, on your desk, and suitcases, meaning that you can always bring it with you wherever you’re going. Also, while it is mini, it still manages to push sufficient amounts of air to quickly and effectively cool down small to medium spaces.

Unlike portable fans coming from off-brands, this one has the aesthetically appealing design that's both sleek and modern looking and will, as a result, blend perfectly with the interior décor of your office or home. In some instance, it will greatly enhance the décor, making the particular room the focal point of your house. Couple the aesthetics with the powerful performance of the 3-speed motor and you have a machine you can use a wide range of settings, both at home and at the office.
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The variable speed feature allows you to choose the most suitable speed depending on how hot the temperature is. For sweltering heat, the highest speed would be more ideal. Used in combination with the office central heating system, then the best setting would be the mid-speed. In the early hours of the morning, the lowest speed setting will be more handy, meaning as the day progresses, you can adjust the settings to ensure your work environment or living room remains cool and liveable all through the day.

Another unique selling point we need to bring to your attention is the high-quality construction. Because it is both lightweight and compact, the quality of construction should be exceptional to be able to withstand inadvertent droppings or high impact. To this end, the portable fan features professional and durable construction using industrial-grade and high-quality materials, allowing it to gracefully withstand heavy use and being dropped by, say, children and your furry friends.

To this add the powerful motor and commercial-grade fans and the result is a machine you can use confidently and comfortably in all environments and even in the heat of the summer without worrying about performance or durability issues. Plus, the manufacturer provides you with a generous 12-month satisfaction guarantee in case the Efluky Mini USB 3 Speeds Rechargeable Portable Table Fan does not perform to your liking.

Unlike the vast majority of portable fans on the market that necessitate frequently changing the batteries, the Efluky comes with a practical USB port for recharging the machine by hooking it up to your phone or computer. The design eliminates the frustration of having to remember to bring an additional fresh battery set in case the installed ones run out.

Furthermore, the portable fan operates quietly and efficiently without consuming too much power. At the lowest speed setting and with a full battery, it easily at least 8 hours and almost no noise at all. When you find the torrid heat of the summer unbearable, you can always turn to comfort and cool air it provides. In addition to keeping you cool, it has a factory-installed blue light that comes handy when picnicking, camping or when there is a power outage.

In all, its compact and lightweight design, coupled with its powerful and long-lasting battery, versatility and incredible performance make it the all-time favourite of campers and picnickers from all over the world. It’s also very versatile and portable and can be packed in backpacks, suitcases and even put on the desk. It works smoothly and quietly in spite of packing a quiet, reliable and powerful three-speed motor. Plus, it’s very cost-effective.
  • Manufacturer provides a generous 12-month limited guarantee
  • Has a very portable design
  • The motor has three speed setting for greater versatility
  • The battery pack is rechargeable
  • Lack of a stable base

4. SkyGenius

4. SkyGenius
Another popular alternative to the central air conditioning system is the SkyGenius fan. It features a convenient clip design that you can easily and quickly clip to different objects such as the desk, the bed, the TV stand and even the shelf, enabling you to focus the cool breeze on the heat spots around the house. Aside from clipping it, the flat design of the base is also suitable for use on flat, even surfaces like the floor, making it one of the most versatile portable fans on the market currently. Plus, the SkyGenius fan is very portable, coming in at just 9.6 ounces and is consequently the ideal choice for hikers, campers, and picnickers in hot areas.

In spite of its diminutive size, its performance will blow you off. The high-performance motor is aided by a durable and long-lasting motor that together easily attain maximum wind speeds of 75 feet per second. That's more than enough to keep average-sized rooms, tents or personal spaces feeling cool, cosy, and comfortable all day and night long. Despite their big sizes, the performance of some fully-fledged immovable fans pales in comparison to that of this option.
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To the fast and reliable performance add the innovative and time-saving stepless speed regulation, which allows you to choose speeds in accordance with the intensity of hotness of the summer. A difference between the portable fan and its competitors on the market is that it features a brushless design that has two major advantages: cat-quiet operation even in the dead of night and almost no maintenance.

It is similarly compatible with a wide range of rechargeable and replaceable battery packs. Irrespective of your choice, you're guaranteed the easiest time installing and removing the battery when the need arises. The practicality and simplicity of the design of the unit allow even the senior members of the society to do quickly and correctly do the replacement without asking for assistance. The unit is also very energy efficient. Expect a single pack to last for some six hours on the lowest speed setting and at least 2 hours on the hottest days when you have to activate the highest speed settings. The manufacturer provides you with a USB cable for charging the unit in case you decide to choose to use rechargeable batteries over replaceable ones.

It just doesn’t run out of instrumental features, does it? Another unique selling point is the adjustable head that pivots both vertically and horizontally through full 360 degrees. As long as the machine is within a reasonably sized room or space, rest assured the cool breeze will reach you. Plus, you can use the robust clip to install the portable fan at a strategic place within your car, on the stroller thanks to its wide and strong clip.

Overall, the high reputation of the SkyGenius fan as a high-performance, versatile, affordable and durable portable fan easily precedes it. The product boasts a modern and sleek looking design that will perfectly blend in with the décor of the office or living and bedroom. Its construction using high-end and durable materials plus the incorporation of powerful motor-driven blades capable of generating 75 foot per second of wind volume puts it on par with other top-of-the-line portable fans. The powerful battery together with the energy efficiency of the machine provides for sufficiently long runtime. For users who need value for money, this option comes highly recommended, especially considering that it has an adjustable head that’s highly customizable.
  • The head is 360-degree fully adjustable
  • Long 2 to six hours runtime
  • Capable of generating impressive wind speeds of up to 75 feet per second
  • Boasts an aesthetically appealing design for seamless blending
  • The clip is both wide and sturdy
  • The motor speed is adjustable
  • A little expensive


The Opolar brand is a well-known industry leader that frequently makes headway and leads the pack with its innovative designs and performance improvements. The Opolar Battery Operated Fan, like all other products coming from the company, draws from the expertise and experience of its parent company in meeting the ever-evolving needs of the populace. The model has one of the sleekest and most portable designs on the market which means it's the perfect companion to bring with you to a picnic, fishing expedition, camping or just about any other outdoor activity. It also comes with a variable speed dial for greater versatility, enabling the user to choose a wind speed they find most suitable given the prevailing weather conditions. For an in-depth review of the OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan, continue reading this piece.

The fan comes with a host of time-saving, convenience and performance features that make short and quick work of reducing the temperatures in your room or office to within tolerable if not comfortable levels. Its performance is nothing but exceptional, despite its small profile, thanks to the incorporation of the brand’s latest dynamic technology. As a result, the portable fan easily reaches fan rotating speeds of up to 3200 rotations per minute. The incredible speeds translate to more airflow that’s then evenly distributed all through the room without leaving any hot spots, as off-brand models would. However, if you’re a light sleeper, worry not. Even when you activate the highest speed settings, the fan rotates fast but quietly all day long. Chances of it waking up the sleeping baby are very minimal.
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For greater versatility, it provides the user with three-speed setting: low, medium and high. The adjustable speeds come handy as the temperature progresses from the coolness of the morning to the sweltering heat of the afternoon. As the day progresses, you can conveniently start from the lowest setting, progressing to the highest setting by mid-day and ending your day at the mid-speed setting as the sun goes down. Not very many options out there can accord you such freedom of choice. Plus, the controls are large and easy to use and clearly labelled so that different all users, irrespective of their age, can find the right dial relatively easily.

Now let's dive a little deeper into the design of this fan. Like we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the machine spots a lightweight and slim profile that greatly helps with portability and transportation. At just 10.24 ounces and with corresponding dimensions of 3.9-inches by 1.6-inches by 5.9-inches and its portable handheld design, the fan is easy to carry from one room to another. It easily and effortlessly slips into any standard backpack, the trunk of the car, and suitcase for the ultimate camping, fishing, biking or picnic experience during the summer or hot seasons of the year.

Like one of the portable fans reviewed above, this one also comes with a dual battery source. You can choose to use the rechargeable 2200mAh and the long-lasting battery that comes with the package or connect it to a computer or plug it into a power outlet using the provided USB cable. Whatever your choice of powering the portable fan, a full battery should last you anywhere between 1.5-hours and 6 hours, depending of course of your usage.

In all, the OPOLAR fan is an ideal choice for users in search of an easy-to-use and powerful portable fan that additionally offers convenience, versatility and durability, all in a slim and lightweight package. Whether you're planning on using it outdoors or indoors, its performance remains exceptional. It's easy to use, has versatile three-speed settings, and a dual power source design which, combined with its long-lasting rechargeable battery, makes it one of the best portable fans on the market.
  • Features a lightweight and compact design for greater portability
  • Provides for a straightforward and effortless use
  • Comes with a strong and reliable that generates strong airflow
  • Compatible with both Micro USB cable and 18650 batteries
  • Construction quality is a little off

6. Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06

6. Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06
The Dyson brand is not only a doyen of fan industry in Britain but also one of the highly reputed and most recognized brands all through the world. One of their flagship products is the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06, which is 10-inches and colours in either white or silver colour. The portable fan is unique in the sense that it lacks any visible fans, unlike the vast majority of portable fans that spot physical fans for generating wind speed. The absence of a physical fan gives the Dyson a look akin to that of an empty circular tunnel without any means of blowing air at all. You’d be mistaken though because the performance of the portable fan is nothing but remarkable.

Its outstanding and powerful performance can wholly be attributed to the manufacturer's use a patented Air Multiplier technology. The innovation is capable of creating a powerful stream of uninterrupted flow of cool air that will cool down small to reasonably large room in no time at all. The portable fan comes with a 90-degree upward facing blade that spins fast, depending on the speed setting the user chooses. The portable fan draws in air through the base before forcing it out via a concealed aerofoil-shaped ramp placed near the top, thereby creating a low-pressure wave all around it. As the pressure changes, the air around the fan is forcefully sucked into the airflow, thereby creating a significant breeze of body cooling magnificence.
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As you would expect, the fan is constructed from high-quality, industrial-grade materials, which, together with its usability, convenience and performance, totally justifies its exorbitant price. The rugged and durable construction allows it to easily withstand heavy use in all sorts of environments, whether indoors or outdoors. Also, because it doesn't use blades, it's a lot safer to use around the house compared to the conventional portable fans. The generous 24-month parts and labour warranty is a generous offer from the manufacturer at a time when most brands do not offer any warranties on their products.

Its usability and convenience are at par, if not better than some of the top-placed portable fans on the market. You have the freedom of choosing any of the ten airflow speed in accordance with your preference. During particularly hot days, the highest speed setting should keep you cool and relaxed throughout the day, even though it has the downside of consuming too much power. The simplicity of the product's design makes it fairly easy to use, even by the senior members of the society. Should it accumulate dust or dirt particles, which it inevitably will with time, the modest design allows for quick, safe and thorough cleaning of the parts.

The AM06 also comes with an oscillating function, unlike some portable fans featuring on this list, and an innovative magnetic remote for controlling all the different features and speed settings of the machine right from the comfort of your couch. You can use the remote to activate the sleep timer for turning off the portable fan after pre-set intervals. The remote is also curved and magnetized for neat and safe storage on the machine, thereby guarding against misplacement. As for aesthetics, the portable machine has a sleek and modern look and should blend seamlessly with your other electronics and furniture.

That the Dyson brand has steadily and steadfastly burgeoning its customer base is not in question, which is wholly attributable to its expertise and experience in coming up with high-quality, durable, high performing, and easy to use products. The AM06n, for instance, is a ten-inch table fan that incorporates the latest time-saving and convenience technologies to give the user the best experience during the torrid heat of the summer. It’s a lot safer to use around children and pets because it lacks fans, which also translates to quieter and faster performance. Plus, it has a useful remote control for choosing any of the ten wind speeds, turning it on or off and programming it to your preference.
  • Has a sleek and modern-looking appearance for effortless blending in
  • Offers user multi-speed settings
  • The unit cleans easily
  • Packs safety features for confident use around children and pets
  • Exorbitant price tag


The construction and engineering of the 02COOL seriously take into consideration user experience, convenience and comfort. It has everything necessary for keeping the user feeling relaxed and refreshed in spite of the sweltering heat of the summer and on hot days. It features durable construction and has one of the simplest user interfaces we've come across so far. To this add the reliability of its performance, practicality and compact and lightweight design. Like the first 02Cool portable fan to feature on the list, it also comes with a horseshoe-style base for stability and heavy-duty blades that effortlessly and quickly generate abundant large volumes of cool and refreshing air to keep your personal office space, living room bedroom or kitchen cool as you do your thing.

In spite of its deceptively small profile, its performance is surprisingly outstanding. The blades work in tandem with the powerful motor to provide fast airflow of cool breeze that will quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of a room to liveable levels. The powerful performance of the O2COOL is further aided by the two-speed settings. Such versatility allows you to choose a low-speed setting in the early hours of the morning and kicking up a notch to the higher speed setting as the afternoon approaches. The feature ensures that no matter the time of the day or how it is outside, the heat does not interfere with any aspect of your life.
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Its diminutive and lightweight profile makes it easy for you to bring it with you to different settings. It has a flat fold design that takes up minimal space for transportation or storage. As a result, you can bring it with you to work and set it on your desk, leaving minimal chance for the heat to disrupt your productivity. Also, you can pack it in your backpack or put it in the car or suitcase when venturing outdoors.

Another feature you’ll love about it is its stability and the sense of security or safety that brings. The fan features a horseshoe design at the base, just like we mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this brief. Irrespective of the surface on which you place it, the likelihood of it toppling over even at full speeds or when lightly brushed by the tail of your flurry friends, are very minimal. The design is particularly beneficial to outdoor enthusiasts who lack a flat or even surface to work with as homeowners do.

Its practicality and usability are the other two features that make it immensely appealing to users searching for convenience and smooth performance. Rather than adjusting the position of the whole unit, you can easily direct the airflow in your direction by simply adjusting its tilt. Also, because it's a battery-powered model, it will continue working even when there is a power outage. It's an energy efficient model that will provide you with approximately 30 and 55 hours of continuous runtime on the low and high-speed setting, respectively. The noiseless operation of the O2COOL is yet another feature you'll love about the portable fan. And you can choose between black and gray colour options.

For users looking for an energy-efficient, powerfully performing, safe and easy to use option, the O2COOL is one of the choices that comes highly recommended. It uses two D-Cell batteries and offers the user two wind speed settings to provide the user with the ultimate cooling experience when the temperatures cross the red line. Aside from being compact and lightweight, the portable fan also comes with a multi-directional head for directing the cool airflow in a direction of your choosing. And you can take it with you whenever you’re going, making the best companion in the sweltering heat of the summer.
  • Provides the user with quiet and peaceful operation
  • Has a multi-directional tiltable head
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Features durable and robust construction
  • The slim design greatly facilitates portability
  • Has a useful and convenient carrying handle
  • The battery-powered design ensures superior and unhindered mobility
  • Not commensurately powerful
  • The user has to buy batteries separately
  • Lacks USB cable charging port

8. Honeywell HT-908

8. Honeywell HT-908
The Honeywell HT-908 is yet another top model portable fan from the highly reputed Honeywell brand. Like its big brother we reviewed earlier, the portable fan packs several auxiliary features like versatility that allow for extensive use in all sorts of settings, both indoors and outdoors. The portable also runs smoothly and efficiently, consuming 22 percent less energy than the average portable fan on the market.

As for performance, it comes with three speed setting for superior versatility and is capable of delivering a powerful airflow with a cooling effect that easily reaches 32 feet away. And unlike its loud off-brand competitors, the HT-908 is cat-quiet, generating as much as 30 percent less noise and is easy to clean when dust accumulates significantly. Now let’s jump right into the technical details.

It is explicitly meant for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts with a keen eye for safety, longevity, industrial-grade construction, and hassle-free or smooth performance. Couple these positive attributes with the unit’s incredible portability and ease of use and you begin to understand why it’s leading the pack in sales volume.
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As alluded in the introductory paragraph, the machine combines the game-changing TurboForce and its aerodynamic Turbo for maximum airflow and circulation all through the room. Even if you’re seated 32 feet away from the fan, the cool breeze the HT-908 produces is guaranteed to reach you.

The portable fan also incorporates three powerful speed settings. You have the total discretion of choosing a wind speed that most suits your circumstances. On particularly hot days, the third and highest setting is a life-saver. The lower settings are also quite helpful particularly at night when you need to sleep peacefully without having to get up to change your sweat-soaked shirt every two hours. Irrespective of the setting you choose, the fan spins fast and strong but without making too much noise. In fact, if you compare the portable fan to its competitors, you'll learn it produces 30 percent less noise.

The thoughtful placement of the controls at the top provides for easy and quick reach when you have to adjust the setting. The strategic placement also increases ease of use, providing for a gentle learning curve for those members of the society who are not technologically-inclined. And if you change your sitting position, you can similarly tilt its head through a full 90-degree without having to move the entire unit.

The design allows for convenience and ensures you get the best cooling experience all through the day. And when the blade or any other internal component starts to accumulate dust as a result of extensive use, you can easily and quickly remove the grille for some thorough cleaning before assembling it back. The user manual clearly walks you through all the steps: the process is not as daunting as it may sound.

The HT-908 would not qualify as portable if it were heavy and bulky. With a weight of just 5.7 pounds and dimensions of 14.4-inches by 8.1-inches by 15.2-inches, it's both lightweight and compact. The slim design means the product can be used in all sorts of environments and weather conditions, thanks to its durable plastic casing. You can picnic, fish, camp, and sleep with it next to the bed at night. Provided the room or tent is small to medium-sized, the performance should be exceptional.

For the best cooling experience during the summer or for professionals who work in hot industrial settings, it6 is one of the best cooling solutions out there. The machine is ingenious in every way. It works quietly in light of the installation of professionally-designed fan blades. Additionally, it has three-speed settings that coupled with its energy efficiency can help the user save some good money over the long-run. It's also easy to clean when it accumulates dust. Plus, the price tag is quite affordable, and you get a 12-month warranty for the repair or replacement of defective parts resulting from the use of poor quality materials or shoddy manufacturing, which is never the case with any Honeywell product.
  • Spots a compact and lightweight construction
  • Portable design
  • Powerful motor generates high wind speeds for ultimate cooling effect
  • Cost effective pricing
  • 12-month warranty for repair and replacement of defective/malfunctioning parts
  • A little noisy

9. D-FantiX

9. D-FantiX
The 9th product on this list, the D-FantiX rechargeable USB fan can just as easily outperform its top-end counterparts under certain conditions. Patently, it’s just as portable as its competitors due to its slim and lightweight profile and just as versatile.

The handle, for one, is collapsible, thereby effectively transforming it into a desktop unit and making it suitable for use in a myriad of other settings and conditions too. It spots seven durable plastic blades that together produce an impressive airflow volume with an outstanding cooling effect. Additionally, the portable fan comes with a timing function for conveniently scheduling its runtime. Keeping your room during hot seasons or days has never been easier.

In deciphering the features and specs that make it worth including on this list, we'll begin with the portability factor. It would beat logic to review a product that is both immobile and bulky on an entry that specifically focuses on portability.
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As mentioned above, the fan is very portable as it is lightweight and compact with a weight of just 4.3 ounces and dimensions of 3.4-inches by 1-inch by 4.3-inches. The slim and lightweight characteristics won’t be a burden to the shoulders, back, or hands. Likewise, it fits relatively easily into backpacks, suitcases, and trunks of cars. Its design and engineering increases the ease and convenience of taking it with you anywhere and at any time.

Its performance meets and even exceeds the expectations of its target market. The machine features a powerful and high-performance brushless motor that coupled with the seven durable plastic-constructed blades delivers a mind-blowing experience. Irrespective of the wind speed setting you choose, the portable fan will supply you with an endless airflow of soft, cool, and relaxing air. Your productivity or outdoor activities won’t take a hit just before it’s the season of hot summer.

The fan has four wind speed setting for the ultimate cooling experience. You can easily and quickly adjust the setting to a conducive speed using the large and clearly labelled controls at the bottom end of the unit. As the days get hotter, the higher speed setting will come in handy for keeping you relaxed and cool all through the summer. Also related to performance is the quiet operation. The portable fan is surprisingly quiet, producing a quiet humming sound that only works by relaxing you even further.

The dual power source design make it the ultimate companion on the hot summer days. You can choose to power it up with a rechargeable battery or use the USB port to recharge the battery through an AC power adapter. With a full charge, expect to get at least 8 hours of runtime on the lowest speed setting and some two hours on hotter days when you have to activate the highest speeds. As for safety, the fire structure and use of high-quality materials in the construction mean it’s one of the safest and long-lasting units to use around the house, outdoor and even in the office.

Additional features worth mentioning are the programmable timer, the stable and solid structure that minimizes the likelihood of it falling or tipping over when in use, and the inclusion of a battery indicator to help you monitor how much juice you have left. The sleek design ensures it perfectly matches the interior décor of your home, never stealing the thunder from your treasured possessions. Plus it comes with a warranty to cater for defects and malfunctions resulting from normal use.

In conclusion, both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts will love the remarkable cooling effect of the D-FantiX and the reliability of its performance. The durable construction allows it to withstand heavy use gracefully and it has a 4-speed range for superior versatility.
  • Comes with a powerful and long-lasting 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Space saving 3-inch construction
  • Has a powerful and reliable two-speed motor
  • Cat-quiet performance

Quiet smaller that it appears

10. Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank

10. Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank
For the final portable fan on the list, we'll spare you the conventional spiel that characterizes most buying guides. The Portable Fan from Dizaul comes with all the standard features you'd expect to find in a portable fan. Nothing fancy or particularly outstanding considering its price range. However, when it comes to usability and convenience, it offers the user blows and whistles that effectively compensate for its not so powerful performance. To these add the usual features like portability, ease of use, durability, and affordability.

The first unique selling point is its high-capacity and long-lasting 2,600 mAh power bank. The strong battery ensures compatibility with a wide range of other electrical devices that include but not limited to cameras, tablets, and various smartphones. Pairing the portable fan with these devices does not affect its performance whatsoever. A second feature that makes it desirable among the vast majority of homeowners and especially outdoor enthusiasts is the bright white LED light installed on the side of the machine.
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Despite coming 10th on the list, the fan is not a slouch when it comes to performance. Rated for use in small to medium-sized rooms, it provides users with one of the best cooling experiences in the entire industry. It spots a brushless motor that works in tandem with the commercial-grade fans to move large volumes of cool and relaxing air to the furthest point of the room, guaranteeing that the cooling effect reaches all occupants of the room, office, or tent. The brushless motor also comes with several advantages over its normal counterpart. For one, it ensures an efficient rate of energy consumption irrespective of the speed the user sets. Secondly, it requires minimal to no maintenance at all, which brings us to the third advantage; it significantly prolongs the lifespan of the portable fan, ensuring that it provides you with several years of efficient, trouble-free and smooth performance.

It also comes with three-speed operation functionality. The advantage of the feature is that the user is at liberty to choose a speed setting they find most convenient. A low speed setting for some would be more appropriate in the morning before temperatures soar while preserving the highest speeds for the torrid heat of the afternoon. The lowest speed setting will also suffice when used in conjunction with the office central heating system.

The mini 4-inch construction makes it very portable and easy to transport or travel with from one place to another. The design is lightweight and slim design provides for effortless carrying to different locations around the world. It can also fit easily into a backpack, meaning that outdoor enthusiasts won’t have to brave the high temperatures of the summer.

Its unhindered portability is facilitated by the fact that it comes with a powerful and long-lasting Premium 18650 Lithium battery that safely and efficiently supplies the brushless motor with more than enough power. As a result, no matter the time of day or night, the portable fan will invariably be supplying you with a breeze of cool and relaxing air. You can use the Micro USB cable to charge the portable fan by connecting it to a computer, power bank or car or a wall socket using the provided 5V DC wall charger. A full charge should last you anywhere between 3 to 6 hours depending on usage.

Even with its three-speed settings, the portable fan works quietly and efficiently.
  • Has a powerful and energy efficient brushless motor
  • Provides a long runtime of between 2 and 6 hours
  • The battery recharges quickly
  • Can also function as a power bank
  • Not as powerful as a central air conditioning system

Criteria for Choosing the Best Portable Fans

If you were not shopping for a portable fan you would not be reading this. And since you’re here, it’s our duty to furnish you with all the important information you need to keep in mind, so you make an informed decision. Below you’ll find the most pertinent features to keep in mind, so you don’t regret pouring your hard-earned money on the wrong product.

Construction Quality and Design

The fact that battery-operated portable fans are more affordable than their conventional counterparts is not debatable. And while they are small, you need to consider the quality of construction to see if it’s commensurate with the area you want to keep cool. Bigger spaces will obviously necessitate the use of a more powerful and better constructed portable fan. The components need to feature the highest quality construction, so it effectively stands the test of time and withstands the rigors of intense use.

On a similar note, your portable fan of choice should have a lightweight and compact design if you intend to use it for both indoor and outdoor activities. Fun activities like camping, traveling, fishing, hiking, biking, and picnicking can be arduous especially in the summer. However, if your fan is indeed portable, it should be relatively easy and effortless to bring it with you. It needs to fit securely and safely into a backpack, the trunk of the car or a suitcase.


A high-performance portable motor should be capable of generating a significant air volume and movement for the best cooling effect. And its performance should remain optimal in different conditions and settings, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The airflow also needs to reach some significant distance forwards and spread out evenly. To achieve this, the motor has to be exceptionally powerful and the blades durable and fast-spinning. Otherwise, the experience will be less than ideal. Check the airflow specifications of your desired unit before buying to see if it conforms to your unique needs. For even better experience, check whether the unit features multi-speed settings.


All portable fans rely on either replaceable or rechargeable battery for their power. While the difference in performance between the two is neither here nor there, it would be prudent to ascertain the runtime before you finalize that purchase. Keep in mind that runtime will be determined by a variety of factors such as the energy efficiency rating of the particular portable fan model and whether the motor is brushless or not, among others. Some users may be able to do with a runtime of about 4 hours while others may need a longer runtime. It all boils down to individual tastes and preferences.

Safety Features

The lightweight and compact nature of portable fans is both an upside and a downside. While it facilitates portability and allows for effortless and quick carrying from one place to another, a lightweight product lacks the stability of heavier units. As a result, tipping or toppling it over, accidentally we hope, is quite easy, especially when you’re in the company of kids and your furry friends. Also, the fast-spinning blades can easily get caught up in an object, leading to a disastrous consequence like fire. Which is why it’s vital that you don’t settle for a cheaply constructed portable fan. High-quality ones are both stable and made from fire-resistant materials to protect you and your guests from any unforeseeable circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Between a battery-powered and USB cable portable fan models, which one is the best to use?

A: The suitable of either one depends heavily on individual preference and the setting in which you want to use the portable fan. For convenience, units using rechargeable batteries are highly recommended. Models exclusively using batteries are also ideal purely on the strength of their mobility. If you intend never to leave the comfort of your home or office, then the models using USB cables are the way to go. On the other hand, outdoor enthusiasts will immediately fall in love with the battery-powered models.

Q: How do I maintain or service my portable fan so it always performs optimally?

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A: With proper care and maintenance, any portable fan should last you well more than a lifetime, with or without a manufacturer’s warranty. Because of their slim and lightweight profile, taking care of them is actually very easy and straightforward. For the most part, occasional cleaning to get rid of dust accumulation should suffice. Failure to do so occasionally can cause the motor to overheat and eventually get fatally damaged or even caught fire. Simply remove the grille and wipe or scrub off any dust.


You can appreciate the indispensability of portable fans until there is a power outage in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Unlike central air conditioning systems that wholly rely on electricity, portable fans are battery operated, and as such will continue providing with a cooling breeze even when there is a power outage. Also, they are lightweight and compact and versatile to allow you to use them in different conditions and settings. Despite the strong temptation to recommend one of the portable fans on our list, we’ll leave it up to you to make a choice depending on your individual tastes and preferences. All the products are durable, high-performance, versatile, affordable and very portable. They will never let you down. Happy shopping.