Worx GT Revolution String Trimmer

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Editor’s Conclusion
As a homeowner in search of a “weed-whacker” to trim and edge your lawn, decimate weeds, and cut through brush, should you go for the fairly affordable WORX WG170 20V Power Share GT Revolution 12" String Trimmer or drop hundreds on an electric or gas-powered version? Coming from the company that makes a line of power tools that use the same battery, the unit is 3-yard manicuring tools in one – a trimmer, an in-line wheeled edger, and a mini-mower that would be a valuable addition to any garage or tool shed.

While it may not have the battery power needed to attack heavy weeds and brush, it is the perfect tool for lighter jobs. Priced modestly by our judgment, it comes with 3 20V batteries, 3 spools of line, Support Wheels, Safety Guard, Flower Guard, Spool Holder, and a charger, it could be the one and only trimmer for someone with a small lot and an additional trimmer for someone with a bigger property.

The unit comes with a 3-year warranty and free spools for life that only require you to pay postage.
Editor's Pros & Cons

3-in-1 tool that trims, edges, and mows

Two 20 V lithium batteries compatible with other WORX Power Share tools

7 handle adjustments and 6 rotating head settings and adjustable shaft for comfort

Great price


Lacks the power of other trimmers made by WORX to cut through heavy brush

Battery power may not be enough to get the job done for bigger yards

The unit may be too fragile to tackle heavy weeds and brush

Key Features

As with most trimmers designed for the homeowner market, the GT Revolution is made with a sturdy ABS plastic housing and aluminum shaft that keeps the weight down to 5.5 pounds.

The trimmer is powered by the 20 Volt 2.0Ah lithium battery although a 4.0Ah lithium battery is available to increase the running time per charge. Some sellers like Amazon even offer the unit with two batteries in either the 2.0 or 4.0Ah capacity.

What does the cutting is the patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic WORX trimmer/edger line. This new material is more stretchable and more capable of absorbing impact with hard surfaces. due to its oval aerodynamic shape called DoubleHelix DNALINE2. The line has over 100 lbs. of tensile strength, an increase of 25% over previous version that offered 68 lbs. of strength.

The unit is rates at 20V MAX, with a No-Load Speed 7600/min motor that is adequate for many landscaping tasks on smaller properties. The unit is not as powerful as other models in the WORX line such as the WORX WG184 40V PowerShare or WORX WG163 20V, but this unit can do wonders for the average homeowner.

The lithium batteries included with the unit last for more than ¼ acre of trimming and mowing or 10,000 feet of edging, although your results may vary. However, batteries are readily available if you need additional ones to complete the job; since the batteries are interchangeable in many WORX PowerShare tools, you may already have a battery you can press into service. Since the batteries are equipped with power indicators, you will never be caught by surprise that you are out of power.

Ease of Use
WORX realizes that not all of its customers are the same height, so the current model has a telescoping shaft that adjusts from 35-3/4” long at its shortest and a full 55-1/2” long when fully extended, the current model is a full foot longer than in the past for your comfort while using the Revolution.

The ergonomic design continues to the handle, which has 7 handle positions and 6 rotating head positions so that you can get the trimmer into just the right height and angle to do any job without unnecessary bending and stretching.

Unlike many trimmers that you must literally raise and bump on the ground to feed the string, the WORX GT Revolution distributes the line you need to cut and trim as you need it with a push of the button. Due to its proprietary Command Feed technology, you can feed more line so that you don’t have to stop and adjust the unit to get more line to keep going.

Replacing the spool of nylon line when the old spool runs out is easy and convenient, especially as you can carry an extra spool with you on the handy spool holder located on the shaft. Finding replacement spools is cheap and easy, but as a GT Revolution owner, you can receive free OEM spools for life for just the cost of postage on each shipment of 6 spools.

Unlike gas-powered trimmers or electrical unit powered by AC lines, the WORX GT is safer and lighter. You don’t have to deal with hazardous fuel which also makes your trimmer heavier. Nor do you have to deal with long cords that could trip over or accidently cut. A cordless trimmer gives you unimagined freedom to do your yard work without stopping.

Because the unit is so light, it is easy for any user to manipulate even with one hand. When used as an edger or mower, two wheels can be put on keep the unit stable and allow straight lines with edging.
The WORX T Revolution is 3 tools in one. You can trim around trees and yard features, edge your lawn or garden, and mow small areas where bringing a full-size mower to would be awkward. The beauty is that transforming the unit to do its different functions requires no tools. You simply twist the shaft to change it from a trimmer to an edger and pop on the wheels when needed.

The beauty of ergonomically designed tools is that you can use them without wearing yourself out. The GT Revolution is easy to position for use and light to carry around the yard as it performs its magic. Yard work can be tiring, but the unit works fast and flawlessly to you can get the job done.

Since the shaft on the trimmer can be adjusted to your height and the head easily positioned at the right angle, any fatigue you feel by the end of the job will be due to walking, not because the trimmer was heavy!

As noted earlier, the “revolutionary” aspect of this trimmer is its 3-in-1 use. Many other trimmers both trim and edge, but the GT Revolution also is a mower that is sized for small or awkward spaces where a regular mower does not easily go. You can trim grassy areas between trees or even mow a small yard.

How Does The Worx GT Revolution Compare To The Rest?

The WORX WG170 GT Revolution has competition with the WORX line and from other companies such as Black and Decker, DeWalt, GreenWorks, EGO, Snapper, Ryobi, Craftsman, and more. Virtually all the manufacturers of lawn tools have a cordless version of a string trimmer and edger. The GT Revolution also mows.


WORX products routinely make Top 5 or10 battery-powered lists by prominent lawn magazines and rating organizations, and the WORX GT Revolution has made several lists for its versatility and low price. While this is not the right tool for someone with acres of land, it is of great value to those with smaller lots.

Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it the tool of choice for customers who are short or tall – and -even for older customers who enjoy maintaining their own lawns. Its mower feature qualifies as the one tool someone with a small amount of grass to cut would want in their tool shed.