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Remanufactured, Reconditioned or Refurbished Power Tools?

reconditioned or new power tool Remanufactured, Reconditioned or Refurbished Power Tools?

The power tool industry comprises of several products that help to make work easier for the users. Most of the power tools come at ridiculously high prices, and their function lasts for the duration of the project after which the tool lies idle most of the time. This proves uneconomical and the purchase of brand new power tools becomes unreasonable and illogical. This is where the remanufactured, reconditioned, and refurbished power tools come in. while they are not entirely new, they boast to offer similar services as their newer counterparts. The brand selling the product communicates about the quality of the reconditioned tool.

However, this great venture sometimes becomes unreasonable and uneconomical if the tools are not worth the money and they fail to offer the required services.

Several big brand names offer refurbished power tools at pocket-friendly prices. Others offer fake and non-functional power tools at cheap prices that turn expensive since they lead to wastage of time and money while trying to recover your lost cash. Here are specific factors to consider ensuring you maximize the potential of the reconditioned products without facing the risk of buying a sub-standard product.

Warranty Status

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The good thing about buying new power tools is the ability to use them while they are strong and effective. They also come with an assurance of getting a new one in case the power tool is faulty, as per the requirements of the warranty. However, buying refurbished power tools presents the uncertainty of the need for a warrant. While some vendors may offer a revised warranty, others do not offer any. It would be essential to buy from a vendor that offers a warranty with reasonable terms. Avoid making purchases without a warrant to prevent unnecessary frustrations with the newly acquired property. However, do not expect to get the same terms as those outlined in the original warranty at all times. Although some sellers will retain the original warranty terms, some choose to adjust some factors, especially the duration for which the warranty is valid. In cases where the warranty is unadjusted, you can dare make the deal because it indicates the seller is selling a fully trustworthy power tool.

Reasons for Reconditioning

The reconditioned power tools may appear as good as new, but essentially, they are not. Inquire about the reason for reconditioning the object, and why it was returned to the market. Some dealers may choose to sell faulty objects and become adamant at the time of renegotiating the deal. Avoid a con artist that is out to frustrate your efforts and choose credible sellers that can tell you the reason for reconditioning the power tool. Tools that have stayed untouched for extended periods may not restore their functionality irrespective of the wonderful exterior. Others may have been too old to go back to the field, and you get them as refurbished power tools. It is your responsibility to proper working conditions and delivery of the promised performance.

Price Differences

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The main reason for purchasing reconditioned power tools is to save the money used to acquire the brand new version of the tool. Thus, your purchase should make economic sense. Go to the market with a predetermined mind on how much you are willing to spend for the reconditioned tools. This should have a relatively large margin away from the price of a new brand. Make the right choice to prevent a situation where the difference is too little in terms of price and the difference in quality is to the extreme level. The right bargain should be anywhere between 25-40% off the original price. Thus, it would serve you well to be aware of the prices of your required power tool so that you get a considerable bargain. If the bargain is too little, save yourself the pain of unforeseen trouble by buying the original power tool instead. Your decision should also depend on the intended frequency of work as well as the quality and appearance.

The Reconditioning Process

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a reconditioned power tool is that it has undergone some repair and rejuvenation. Its appearance may look deceptively innocent, but the real determinant of the value of the power tool lies in its quality. Reputable reconditioning processes should result in a tool that works as good as the brand new. If the tool underwent major repair processes, it could imply two things. First, the tool was too faulty it had to undergo several changes before it could be used again. Thus, it is not a suitable deal since it might break down any time following frequent use. Secondly, if the manufacturer was competent and reputable, and he went through the power tool to ensure every aspect is covered. This implies increased efficiency, low prices, and value for your money. Choosing between the two requires expert as well as personal preferences to guide the decision-making process. This will ensure you do not fall victim to ill-intended vendors out to con individuals of their money.


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In brief, the decision to purchase a reconditioned power tool may appear appealing, but it would be better to counter check the order you are getting to ascertain it is a clean deal. Consider the advantages and benefits of making the purchase against buying a new one. Mostly, the answer to this lies in the quality of the power tool, as well as the components that come with it. The price is also a critical determinant of making the right decision. Buying a new tool is the better option, but sometimes it makes no economical sense, especially if you do not intend to use the tool often. Here, it becomes reasonable to purchase a reconditioned power tool to save money and get similar services. However, this might not be logical if the difference in price is too low or the difference in quality too big. While the paper is not exhaustive, it offers guidelines on how to get value for your money through buying power tools that are reconditioned.