Cleaners Near Me: Cost & Services

Find a good cleaning company near you thanks to our “Cleaners Near Me” Guide which includes cost break downs and free quotes.

General Considerations

Most homeowners, business owners, organisations and institutions such as schools, restaurants, churches, hospitals and stores prefer outsourcing cleaning. Cleaning is not as obvious as it sounds. Employing professional cleaners can save you time and concentrate on your goals. Sometimes you may decide to go the DIY route or assign the cleaning task to your staff. However, most people have recognised the long-term benefits of hiring a professional service.

Cleaning a home or an office is not only about maintaining hygiene but also caring about the wellbeing and safety of your family members, employees and clients while creating a positive impression. Nowadays, there are many cleaning providers, and it’s a lot easier to find them. However, choosing the best company to work for you can be a daunting task since you must decide if you want an individual or a cleaning company.

Company vs Individual Cleaning Contractor

When it comes to cleaning there is a huge difference between hiring an independent cleaner or a cleaning company based on availability, cost of hiring and potential legal issues. In either case, always ask questions that can help you understand what you get for your money. For instance, individual cleaners can offer more services such as cooking food, folding clothes, and child care. However, what if they become sick? Will you have a replacement?

On the other hand, hiring a company has both pros and cons too. First, they have a team of employees, so backups will always be available. Also, since they may send more than one individual, the job can be thorough. However, it can involve legal issues if the company is not bonded and licensed. They also try to handle more homes or offices in a day, so they offer little to no individualised services.

A comparison of both options:

Salaries vs Payment

If you hire an individual, you must compensate him or her for insurance, salaries, holiday pay, government-mandated benefits, among others that you pay to all your employees. It can include vacation leaves, bonuses or other non-monetary incentives. You would also have to offer a retirement plan in the long run.

On the other hand, if you hire a cleaning company, you will not experience the above pressure. The company’s cleaners are not your full-time employees since you only have to pay the contractor the agreed amount.


If you hire an individual, you will be tied to his/her schedule. For instance, when they have things to attend to or gets sick on the cleaning day, he/she may not show up, and it’s hard to get a replacement.

If you choose a cleaning contractor, you will hardly run into such issues. Companies have clear work schedules and back up in case an employee is unavailable.


Independent housekeepers apply cleaning concepts they use in their houses or at other clients houses. However, it is not simple to clean professionally. Cleaning companies have training programs that involve proper methods of cleaning, use of the right tools and supplies, and handling clients’ valuables. For example, if someone doesn’t know the products or chemicals used on different surfaces, he/she can cause expensive or irreparable damage.

Insurance and Bonding

If an individual housekeeper breaks or damages your property or gets injured while working, most probably he/she has no bonding or insurance to cover the cases. Well, hiring a bonded and insured cleaning company has an added advantage since some firms perform background checks on their staff to avoid such situations. If you prefer hiring an individual cleaner ensure that your homeowner’s liability policy covers your belongings and such unexpected circumstances.


An individual cleaner costs less than a cleaning company. The cost difference can lure you into hiring an individual but just like with other goods and services, “cheap is expensive.” An individual can charge you less by forgoing license, insurance or other similar requirements. However, you will pay more for the services of a cleaning company for the experience and training, job assurance and security.


Cleaning contractors are dedicated to deliver high-quality work. If there are mistakes, they will guarantee their services and redo the surfaces you are not satisfied with. On the other hand, individual cleaners may lack the time and resources to offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Cleaning Providers

1. How much can you afford?

Cost is the key factor when hiring a cleaning provider although it depends on aspects such as the frequency of cleaning, quality of service among others. Large businesses and corporations are capable of spending more on cleaning compared to small shops and offices. This is because large offices have high foot traffic hence the need for intensive cleaning requirements, which result in higher costs.

When it comes to house cleaning, service providers consider the size of the house, number of rooms, presence of kids, pets and adults, and frequency of cleaning.

2. What cleaning tasks do you want to pay for?

Professional cleaning involve a wide range of jobs. Before you hire a contractor, create a list of all the service you expect them to do. You can hire a company that performs daily tasks such as vacuuming and sweeping pavements and floors, collecting and removing trash, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and washing facilities, replacing bathroom supplies. You may also include service that do not require daily cleaning, for example, cleaning windows, upholstery, electric fans, lighting fixtures, refrigerators, coffee machines, headsets, desktops and much more.

Understanding the cleaning tasks you want to outsource will save you from additional costs and unnecessary stress. Choose a cleaning company that can handle all your cleaning needs and go an extra mile to ensure they are handled properly.

3. What’s the frequency of cleaning?

The benefit of working with a cleaning provider is that you set the time and frequency of cleaning. The cleaning staff can work daily, weekly or as you see fit. The companies usually operate at night or early in the morning, so they don’t disrupt your business operations or during the day if working in your house.

To determine the frequency and amount of job, consider the nature and size of your business, the number of rooms and bathrooms, amount of foot traffic to your property and your budget.

4. Experience

Before you hire a cleaning company, make sure they use the latest equipment and technologies and offer a wide range of services. Also, they should have a list of references and testimonials.

5. Professionalism and your safety

You can’t just hire every person you meet claiming he/she offers cleaning. It is crucial to conduct a background check on the service provider for a peace of mind and safety since you will be leaving your property under their care.

Also, you want to hire a contractor who is professional and trained on how to clean different materials without getting them damaged. For instance, if washing your marble, you will not worry about rubbing the shine off.

Cleaners Costs

Services are categorised into Residential, commercial and vehicle and transportation.

Residential Cleaning

  • General  Cleaning
  • Floor

– Carpet
– Tile & Specialty
– Drain, Dryer Vents, Etc
Pool Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

  • Offices & Buildings
  • Real Estate & Realtors
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning/Parking Lot

Vehicles and Transportation

  • Car Detailing Service
  • RV Cleaning
  • Private Jet Service

Cost Breakdown

Types of cleaning services Costs
Acoustic Ceiling Cleaning$300-$500
Air Duct Cleaning$50 - $75
Carpet Cleaning$150
Drape Cleaning$90 - $450
Dryer Vent Cleaning$50-$80
Furniture Upholstery Cleaning$100-$140
Gutter Cleaning$250 - $300
Roof Cleaning$160
Rug Cleaning$200
Sewer Line Cleaning$465
Tile and Grout Cleaning$900
Wall Cleaning$300 - $400
Window Cleaning$200 - $600

Factors That Impact the Cost of Cleaning

Services for cleaning are on demand in most modern office or company buildings and homes. Hiring a service provider can save time, effort, improve your company’s image and provide a safe working environment, which as a result will increase productivity. Also, after a hard work day, you will come to a clean and comfortable house. The following are the factors that influence the cost of cleaning:

1. The size of your premises or home

The primary factor in determining the total cost of cleaning is the size of your home or premises. The larger it is, the longer it will take to clean and the more you will be charged. Some service providers charge by number of rooms while others charge by square footage.

2. Layout

Along with the size of your home or business premises, the number of rooms, floors, bedrooms and bathrooms will also determine the total cost of cleaning. baare a huge factor since they are time-consuming.

3. Number of people or employees

If you have many people residing in your home or employees your workplace, the higher the number of cleaning chores and the higher the cleaning charges.

4. The type of service

Most cleaning companies provide customized services to meet the needs of all clients. For instance, you may request for one-time- cleaning or regular services. Cleaning on a regular basis is inexpensive compared to the charges of a single visit.

5. Additional services

Most professional cleaners can do more than just dusting furniture and work surfaces and vacuuming the floors. If the company is experienced and reputable, they should offer a wide range of services. For instance, they can clean bathrooms and kitchens, which need more time and specific cleaning products. However, you will be charged separately for anything more you need.

6. The nature of your business

There are certain situations that a cleaning company requires specific tools and products, for example in medical premises. There are equipment, devices and dirt that need disinfectants and regular cleaning as required by law. This will protect their patients from contracting infections and other health conditions. However, these services cost a little bit higher than regular services.

7. The company’s price policy

Service providers set their rates depending on factors such as the number of employees and company’s experience. That is why you should get several cleaning quotes to find the best price. However, if there is a huge competition among cleaning companies in your city, you could benefit from it since they will strive to attract clients. As a result, a company may lower prices or offer discounts.

8. Cleaning appliances such as microwave or fridge and other equipment

Appliances that are frequently used such as microwave, sandwich maker, fridge, toaster, etc., need regular cleaning. The cleaners require special products to clean and disinfect them. Such services are charged separately and can increase the total cost of cleaning.

9. Day of the week

For some people, this is not a big deal since they can go with any services. However, there are others who prefer cleaning on the weekends or when they are on holidays. Special requests on the day you want the cleaning done especially on weekends come at an extra cost.

10. How clean your business or home is

If it has been long since you did a thorough cleaning, the cleaning company will charge you more since they will need more time and effort. If you do a general cleaning before hiring the service providers, the company can charge you at a cheaper rate.

11. Location of your business or home

The rates vary from one city to the other and also from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Since this is beyond your control, it will affect the quote of the services.

12. Your negotiating skills

How good are you at bargaining? With all the above information that affects the cost of cleaners, you should have enough information that will help you negotiate for the right price.

13. Pets

If you have pets with fur, expect to pay more because it is time-consuming and difficult to clean.

Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Company

The decision to find someone to handle your cleaning chore can be daunting because first, you are entrusting a stranger with your property. Second, he/she will see your dirty house/business premises, compound and laundry, and you hope they will not judge your poor cleaning skills. Third, you put your trust on someone that he/she will not steal or break your items. To find a cleaning company, you have to carry out an in-depth research.

Although finding the best cleaner is not a walk in the park, it is the best decision you can ever make. The following tips can help you in your pursuit for the right company perfect for the job.

1. Plan Ahead

Always think ahead before you hire anyone to clean your business premises or home. Most reputable cleaning companies have regular clients who fill their schedule. Thus, it might take a few days before you get your first appointment, especially during holidays since they are usually booked weeks or days in advance. For example, during Christmas and Thanksgiving, most people hold big events, which fill up the spots. If you need cleaning help, contact the company or the individual in charge early to book your appointment.

2. Get Recommendations

Once you’ve settled on the type of service you need, get recommendations from family, friends or work colleagues. Ask if they have a company or someone who can handle the task. There must be someone in your inner circles who had or is currently having a cleaner he/she would recommend.

3. Search Online Sources

If you don’t get a referral from people in your inner circle, it’s time to seek from online sources. A google search such as “cleaning (name of your city),” you will get a list of websites you can choose from. You can also search in craigslist or classified ads. Choose a few that you like and go through clients’ reviews to see what they are saying about the company to help you narrow down your choices.

Clients are not quick to leave a review for their cleaning company unless they were affordable, less disappointed, or super impressed. Best house cleaners will mostly get a four-five star rating. Clients have different expectations, for instance, some may want the bathroom wiped out quickly while others want them scrubbed thoroughly. It is normal for customers to get disappointed once in a while. If a company has five stars only, it could be they are that good in their work, or they have fishy activities to get people leave a five-star rating. Most review sites can connect you to the best company, but don’t take the reviews as the gospel truth, some may be fake.

4. Vet more than one potential cleaner

When interviewing individuals or company representatives, you should feel comfortable around the person(s). If you are hiring from a particular company, ask whether they will always send the same crew/worker or rotate. Both choices have pros and cons: the same person/crew is familiar to your home or premises, however, the more they work for you, the more places to be worked on are missed. On the other hand, if they send a new crew or individual every now and then, you will always have an extra job of familiarizing them with your home.

5. Ensure the pricing is clear

If you decide to hire a cleaning company, make sure there are no hidden charges. Also, if you want to hire an individual ensure they pay taxes and social security. Consult with an accountant to ensure you are hiring an independent contractor but not as an employee. The implication of tax evasion can hit you hard, so make sure your accountant explains the adverse effects of hiring an individual.

6. Put your clutter away

The lesser the junk, the simpler the job! Most cleaning agencies will not put away your clutter since it takes more time, unless you are ready to pay more. Even if the company is bonded and insured, put cash, prescription and jewelry away.

7. Define the Scope

Do you want a one-time, bi-weekly, weekly or a monthly cleaner? Make sure the cleaner(s) completes all the work as expected. If the surfaces are high and need a ladder, are they willing to handle it? Can they vacuum your furniture and lighting fixtures? Can they clean under the cushions, baseboards, appliances, doors and windows, kitchen-floor, and basement? Are there any OSHA restrictions?

8. Be Clear in Your Instructions

There are many ways of cleaning and everyone thinks their way is the perfect one. For example, one client insists on vacuuming the floor before dusting because the former can stir up dust, which ends up settling on the furniture. The other client thinks floors should be cleaned after everything else is clean. Others want the cleaner to use bleach to disinfect toilet while others don’t want the bleach at all. Some will want their dishes cleaned and put away while others want the dishes piled up in the sink, and so on. It all depends on what you want.

For total satisfaction, always be clear in your communication. If you want the cleaner(s) to scrub your baseboards with a toothbrush, say it. Don’t tell him/her “Just clean it,” be specific on how you want the task done and the products they should use.

9. Adjust Your Expectations

Most people don’t work because they love their job, but to please you, the client/employer. Always keep that in mind when hiring a cleaning contractor. If you were not clear on giving instruction, ask the cleaner to do ___ next time. Don’t always assume that it’s obvious for the cleaner to do the job in a certain way.

Adjust your expectation and give an honest feedback for a good working relationship with the cleaning company or individual. Compliment the things that are well done and mention ones you would like them to handle differently next time. Through this, they will know your style and expectations.

10. Is the decision right for you and your family/employees?

Always trust your instincts when hiring a cleaner. Be honest and candid when asking questions that will clear all your doubts. Your family/ employees should feel safe when everything is under the care of the cleaner. If you despise cleaning then hiring looking for cleaning could be your best option. On the other hand, if you can’t stand a stranger handling all the cleaning tasks, then you should keep up with your cleaning routine.

Useful Information

Occasions you should Outsource Cleaning

Some people find outsourcing unnecessary if they are used to cleaning their property. The following are instances you can benefit from hiring professional to clean for you.

When preparing your property for a new tenant

It is important to have an End of lease cleaning if you are expecting a new tenant. Although tenants are just renting and will not own the house/office, in the long run, some of them are careless when handling the property and leave it in a dire condition. For instance, you would want to remove marks on the walls, floor or the accumulated dust and grime on your property. You need to bring it back to a livable condition.

When your employees start to get sick

Most office owners hire an individual who only cleans counters and floor and does not address other areas that may cause health problems. When you hire a cleaning company, they will clean all areas including air vents, disinfecting your washrooms, throwing away trash, scrubbing the floor, vacuuming your carpet, among others, since they can send a team of workers. Once they are done with cleaning, you will not have to worry about infectious diseases caused by dust.

When your carpet starts to smell

Most homes have carpets, which happens to bring problems such as inhaling pathogens and allergens. They are one of the dirtiest items because whenever we walk on a carpet, we leave dust, dirt and mud from outside. While it may involve a lot of work for an individual cleaner, most homeowners prefer outsourcing cleaning for thorough cleaning. They will remove all stubborn stain and ensure it safe for small children to crawl and play.

When your driveway/pavements starts to look grimy

Instead of putting yourself through the stress of scrubbing a driveway, hire a professional(s). An individual cleaner may find it hard to handle all the cleaning activities alone. If using a pressure cleaner, you should know it can harm both you and your property if you are not used to such activities. The amount of pressure coming from the hose is so large that it can tear off your hands or feet skin. If you hire a company, the team will come with the appropriate tools and supplies to ensure the cleaning process is easy and safe for all people around.

When you had renovations

Home renovations bring a lot of excitement but can cause stress especially when cleaning is involved. It is difficult to carry out your daily chores when dust and clutter are all over. You can hire building cleaners or a cleaning company who will come at your convenience. For instance, they can come after the construction team is gone or when the work is in progress.

10 Questions to Ask House Cleaners

Choosing the best cleaning company near you can be an uphill task. If you have never hired a contractor before, you may not know what makes a reliable and convenient contractor. Ask your potential company the following ten questions before you sign the contract.

1. How do you set your costs?

Most cleaning companies can charge by the project, at an hourly rate, or by the number of workers they send. Ensure the cleaning company gives you a quote for the time they will offer their services. The contractor should give a flat rate for every visit depending on the scope of work, your needs, the condition of your property, and how frequent you need the services. Also, put a cap on the number of hours the cleaners are at your home to avoid unnecessary costs.

2. Do you carry out a background check on your employees?

Most reputable and experienced cleaning companies conduct criminal background checks and consider references. If you are hiring an independent cleaner, you are the employer, so you have to perform the background screening. Prescreening employees ensure that your family/employees and property are safe. Unfortunately, most independent cleaners may have past criminal conviction, and as a result, they start cleaning since they can’t find another job.

3. Are you insured and bonded?

Before you hire a cleaning contractor, ask whether they carry workers’ compensation, automobile liability, general liability insurance, and an umbrella policy.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers accidents related to the job that may injure, kill or disable an employee. It also protects the staff at your workplace. Check the insurance certificate and make sure it has at least $1,000,000.

General Liability Insurance protects your property against damages by the cleaning company such as negligence, theft and other wrongdoings. The company should carry a minimum of $1,000,000 of the liability insurance.

Automobile Liability Insurance covers property and people from accidents that may occur involving the cleaning company’s team while in your premises. It protects your assets.

Umbrella Policies cover all losses that exceed Auto Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation and General Liability. All businesses are vulnerable to million-dollar court decisions. If the cleaning company commits an unexpected action that leaves the company facing a tragic financial judgment, the Umbrella policy can keep them in business. The policy takes over coverage when other policies stop, pays large judgments and provides costs for legal defence. A company should carry a minimum of $5,000,000 of Umbrella Coverage.

4. Do you bring cleaning tools and supplies?

Some cleaning companies carry their own tools and supplies while others will come with tools only and you provide the cleaning supplies. It is recommendable to choose a company that provides all cleaning essentials to their employees since they are less likely to mishandle and they are experienced and familiar with the products. However, if the products don’t please you, substitute with your own. Also, if you are providing the cleaning materials, it can increase your total cleaning bill because of the high volume of materials used during a thorough cleaning. Companies can also use environmentally friendly products or the traditional ones. Ensure that you know the difference.

5. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Having a satisfaction guarantee indicates the commitment of the cleaning company to quality services. The firm should also listen to your suggestions and feedback. If you are displeased with their services, they should redo it. Communicate with the contractor via email or phone to make sure all your cleaning needs are met. Ask for the cleaning specifications and whether it includes inspection and follow up.

6. What services are included?

What services does the company offer? If you like taking care of your house chores and you would like to have a house cleaner who will dust, wash windows, clean baseboards and scrub floors, ensure you tell the company representative since it will affect the total cost.

7. How long have your cleaning business been in the industry?

It only takes a mop, bucket and good intentions to get into the cleaning but it takes more to operate a professional and sustainable cleaning company. The rates for failure in the industry are high since 50% of the businesses will close down within the first year. By the fifth year, 90% will have gone out completely. This doesn’t mean you should not hire a brand-new company but the longer the company has operated, the higher the experience and likelihood of being around in the future.

8. Can you give me a written checklist of the tasks you will perform?

Different cleaning companies come with different ideas of what their basic services include. You should know the services you are paying for. Also, compare services offered by different companies when choosing the best fit. Some areas that bring confusion include washing dishes, laundry, stripping and making beds, handling trash and children’s toys and dusting fan blades and high reach windows. Remember you are bringing a stranger to your home, so ensure you get written specifications to avoid disagreements.

9. How do you train your staff?

The advantage of contracting a cleaning company is the comprehensive training they offer to their cleaners to make sure they deliver high-quality services. Ask questions such as: how many hours are you devoted to training your applicants? What does the program entail? What training materials do you use? What are the qualifications of the trainers? If you are looking for medical, school or industrial services, the company should offer their team with training programs that specifically focus on your type of facility.

The training involves safety procedures, cleaning theories, materials and equipment, training certification, classroom training and evaluation.

10. Are you CIMS Certified?

Certified Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification shows that a particular cleaning company has proven track record that they meet the set standards in their industry and deliver effective, responsive and consistent cleaning. CIMS is the most difficult and demanding certification levels offered. If a cleaning company has the certificates, you are guaranteed to get the best services.

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