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5 Mold Removal Products We Swear By

mold removing products 5 Mold Removal Products We Swear By

There is probably not a home in the land that has not suffered some kind of mold or mildew contamination at some point. All the fungal spores of black mold need to get a hold is a damp atmosphere and the right temperature. Mold and mildew can damage the structure of your home, as well as be the cause of a wide range of health problems. So, it’s vitally important to clean your property of mold as quickly as it appears. Better yet, make sure the mold will not return by taking some simple precautions.

What to look for?

If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or is having trouble breathing with a cough that just won’t go away, there is a good possibility mold in your home is causing the symptoms. You might not be able to see it, but the fungal spores from the mold could be floating in the air inside your property. Most mold grows inside wall cavities or under the floors, and its usually not immediately visible, so is often difficult to gauge how extensive the mold has penetrated the building. Mold can be hidden away behind wallpaper, under carpets, and in your home’s air conditioning system, completely out of sight. When you have obvious signs of black mold around windows or in bathrooms, you know it is time to take action.

How to get rid of mold?

Mold loves to grow in warm, humid conditions, so sometimes the simplest method is to use a dehumidifier to get rid of any moisture in the air that promotes the spread. If you are embarking on remedial action, then dehumidifying the affected area is good preparation before removing the mold. When it comes to removing mold, there are simple organic products found around the home that can kill most types of mold, and commercial products that use chemicals to do a more thorough cleaning. We’re going to give you five options to help you get rid of mold and mildew from your home.

Home Products to Remove Mold

There are some products that can be already found in any home that is effective against mold on non-porous surfaces. The most common product used to remove mold is bleach. One cup of bleach diluted in a gallon of water will have the strength to remove several types of mold. After cleaning the affected area use the bleach mixture to get rid of the staining and kill off the fungus. Some people do not like the smell of bleach, and it can affect people with asthma, so another less smelly option is vinegar and baking soda. This really is the green option, as it is less toxic than bleach and can remove mold from a variety of surfaces. A couple of tablespoons of baking soda added to a cup of vinegar is enough to produce an effective liquid that can be applied to the affected area with a scrubbing brush.

Home Armor FG502

Home Armor FG502 Instant Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

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This bleach-based product is designed as a handy go-anywhere mold and mildew remover and is described as the best for removing stains from showers and bathrooms. It works like any other cleaning product you have around the house and comes in a handy spray bottle. However, if the mold is embedded in walls, or deep into a porous surface, it will not remove those hard to reach areas. It works best on surface stains, and when you catch the mold problem early before allowing the fungus to seep into the structure of your property.

Foster Products – First Defense 40-80

first defense disinfectnt

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For anyone with a serious mold or mildew problem, then this professional product will do the trick. The EPA-approved disinfectant is the final resort to rid a property of any kind of mold contamination. When the mold has reached the structure of your property, then First Defense 40-80 will clean away all mold and mildew, and leave the area clear of fungal spores ready for repair. The disinfectant needs to be applied and left for at least 24 hours, before checking to see if the mold has been killed, or whether a second application is required. More often than not a second application will not be needed. As a commercial product it does not come in small quantities, and therefore is best used as part of a concerted mold removal program.

MoldSTAT Plus

MoldSTAT Plus

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Users describe this affordable mold removal product as the best alternative to bleach. It is claimed to kill bacteria and mold on any surface including porous material such as carpets and sporting equipment. One and a half tablespoons of the liquid mixed with a gallon of water is strong enough to kill almost all types of mold. Once the mixture has been applied to the moldy surface it should be left to soak for at least ten minutes, and then it can be wiped off the surface including the mold. When applied correctly, users report they can see the mold fall and die after one application. Another advantage over bleach is the fragrance that is left after the application and does not have the pungent aroma of other mold treatments. The manufacturer has a range of products that when combined together offer a complete mold removal and cleaning program, and have inhibitors to stop the mold returning.

Big D 337 Pheno Total Release Fogger D

Big D 337 Pheno Total Release Fogger D

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This aerosol spray kills more than just mold. The makers claim that it can kill a whole range of viruses from Bird Flu to HIV, as well as being an antibacterial able to destroy a wide range including Salmonella and MRSA. So getting rid of fungal mold is no problem at all. It will work on hard surfaces and porous fabrics. The aerosol canister can be used in two different ways. By pressing down the plunger on the top just a little you get a standard spray pattern for small jobs. If the plunger is pressed all the way down the aerosol works are a room fogger, and will fill the area with the anti-virus, antibacterial, anti-mold vapor.

This should be done in a confined space, with any doors and windows closed, and any holes plugged to the vapor can reach everywhere in the room. Users advise the aerosol should be placed in a disposable tray as it can leak fluid, which in concentrated form may be harmful.

How to keep your home free from mold?

Once you’ve gone through the process of cleaning the mold from your home it should be relatively easy to keep it from coming back if you take some simple precautions.

Inspect the areas previously affected by mold to see if it is returned. Check other parts of the property on a regular basis to see any signs of mold growth.
Buy a mold testing kit to see if there are any spores in the atmosphere, so you can combat it before the mold starts to grow.

Get an air purifier and dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the atmosphere of your property. This will increase greatly the chances of mold not getting a hold again.