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What Flooring Gives Your Home the Best Return on Investment?

What Flooring Gives Your Home the Best Return on Investment? What Flooring Gives Your Home the Best Return on Investment?

We often ask local home owners concerning what home improvement in their flooring would enhance the value of their home most. We work with a lot of investors who are completely focused on return on investment (ROI) and we have a good understanding of flooring materials from lowest to highest to best value. This article will draw on over several years of experience and will make use of the knowledge from investors and apply it to home improvement projects to help home owners when planning their home renovation project. Upgrading your flooring is a significant part of home improvement. This article will focus on home improvements based on local market prices by classifying the types of flooring from most to least expensive;

High-Cost Home Improvement: Natural Stones Granite/Marble

Best Return on Investment

This kind of flooring is normally kept for high-end houses or condos and will give the maximum increase in value. Granite flooring is the primary reason for the increase in value because it is the most expensive kind of flooring one can obtain for their home. The price range varies based on the quality, design, and type of marble. In several instances, granite is more expensive, but high-grade marble can easily hike in price. We have simplified the stones obtainable to the two most common types; there are also flagstone, limestone, and slate, flooring alternatives as well. The bottom line is that unless you are going ultra-high end for your project, the natural stone installation would not be the optimal investment when compared to the other options available.

Medium-High Cost Home Improvement: Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is one the popular flooring material. There are different types of hardwoods which include maple, oak, pine, etc., each having its features in the wood grain. You can buy the hardwood unfinished or finish, meaning you varnish or stain it yourself. This home improvement can be expensive, price ranging from $2-20 based on the kind of style, thickness, finish, and wood. Hardwood is usually recommended for increasing the net worth of your home. It is a very common home renovations and improvement item.

Medium Cost home Improvement: Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain could be regarded as one of the solid flooring materials you can install because of its translucent, strength, and toughness features due to the glass and mineral mix fused at very increase temperature. Porcelain can be much solid than stone and can also vary in price. The price range can be from $3-12 for porcelain tiles. Porcelain looks beautiful, comes in several designs and shapes, and as well durable. The durability of Porcelain makes it one of the most excellent value installations you can do for your home flooring and is highly recommended for home improvements.

Low-Medium Cost Home Improvement: Ceramics

Best Return on Investment

Ceramics is one of the most popular flooring home improvements, due to its universal acceptance as the standard for the bathroom and kitchen flooring remodels. Ceramics can be as cheap as $1-12 and come in a broad range of sizes and shapes. You can determine the quality of the ceramic by its solidity, the thinner the ceramic, the cheaper it is.

Medium-low Cost home Improvement: Laminate

This is possibly the most under-rated value packed upgrade to a home. Many commercial customers favor this upgrade to carpet or vinyl. This home enhancement is low cost and provides the best option to hardwood; it is great for basement remodels because of its heat insulation. Laminate price is between the range of $1-6 depending on design, style, and thickness. We usually recommend porcelain over laminate for major rooms in the house and laminates is recommended if the project is in the basement. As a general rule of thumb, installing laminate will not add or subtract to the value of the home and is regarded as a neutral upgrade by several general contractors.

Low-Cost Home Improvement: Carpet and Vinyl

Best Return on Investment

Carpet is as well a very popular house renovation request. Being general contractors, we have several clients wanting to buy carpets and install them, a lot of are ignorant of the costs and value relationships. Like vinyl, the carpet will reduce the worth of your home. Carpet can carry allergens, get dirty, and the life expectancy may be low. You also have several instances of carpet bumps, moisture leaks, and numerous other problems related with carpets. Carpets are also not cheap! They can be very expensive with prices ranging from $0.5-20 a sq. foot! So the client should always be careful when installing carpets because they offer no return and in most instances, it will reduce the value of your home.

This is the inexpensive option to all other technique of flooring. This is excellent for a new home built because of inexpensive materials and standard installs. Vinyl can be in tiles or on a single sheet; they are created to provide the “look and feel” of tiles without the cost. Inherently vinyl is simple plastic tape on-top of your sub-floor, and we highly discourage customers from going with this option. It would be far more beneficial to pay the extra money and go for something that lasts 5x longer, is more durable, and looks much nicer. Vinyl would not be a good home improvement because it will depreciate the value of your home, almost guaranteed unless you are primarily focused on a very low budget renovation we highly recommend going with either laminate or ceramic as an alternative.

Best Return on Investment

Upon review, we can safely say that based on our experience and dealing with home owners, agents, and investor’s porcelain/ceramics and hardwood give the best return on your hard-earned money. These two upgrades will increase the value of your home the most when taking into consideration material cost and general contractor installation cost. As with all projects, it may seem simple on TV. However, we highly recommend you get a professional general contractor to install your flooring. We hope this helps with your next home improvement and will add knowledge when talking with your home renovation experts.