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6 Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Privacy

home privacy ideas 6 Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Privacy

Unlike what most people say, increasing your home privacy isn’t because of any neighbor. It’s strictly for you, and what you consider your personal space.

Your home should be your go-to place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle common in everyday activities. That is why we put together the following tips or might we say, methods at your disposal. Each of them is going to make your home your personal place to do as you wish.

And of course, you get to have closure from your neighbors.

Block the Windows

Windows offer passersby a direct view into your home, and that includes your activities. A way to prevent such situations is by using objects that can completely cover the outsider’s view. At the same time, the objects must be versatile in use, since windows allow light and proper ventilation.

You can either use drapes or you opt for window films. Drapes or if you prefer blinds are expensive in some cases and depending on the size of the window, the cost can only go higher.

Alternatively, you can choose reusable window films, which, with their beautiful designs, prevent outside view. There are some that are designed to blur out your activities, and there are others that are tinted. It all depends on your preference in design and functions.

window films

You can also tint your windows in a way that you’ll have full visibility on the inside while from the outside, nothing will be seen.

Use a Fence

Install a fence that doesn’t only protect your house from prying eyes, but your yard too. The fence should be at the very least, 6 ft tall, and should also be made from highly durable materials.

The latter allows it to resist anything from pest to weather and its accompanying elements.

The added benefit of this is that you can relax in your yard just as easily as you do in your house. Do keep in mind that any overlooking window owned by your neighbor makes privacy moot in this case.

Tip: You can combine fences with some trees to make for a friendly environment that also keeps your privacy.

Trees Are Good

Evergreens, cypress, and spruce are some of the trees that you can plant in your yard, in an order that surrounds your house. Evergreens and cypress can reach 60 ft in height, at the maximum, whilst 20 ft can be the minimum. On the other hand, spruce trees can be as tall as 60 ft, but if you prefer something shorter, the Norway spruce only has a maximum height of 12 ft. Essentially, saying they are great for privacy is an understatement.

garden trees

One thing you should note about using plants to protect your privacy is that you should never use bamboo. They require too much maintenance on your part and that’s counterproductive.

Design a Garden Trellis

A trellis is a structure that is made from wrought iron, wood, and wire. It has a vertical and horizontal crisscrossing build which allows plants to grow.
Unlike typical garden which can be grounded, the plants you use in a trellis grow upward.

From Lilac Solanum, Clematis, and Trumpet Vine to other such plants, you only need to properly arrange the trellis in a strategy that obstructs unwanted views.

garden trellis

The best thing about these plants is that their growth speed/rate is fast, so you do not need to exercise any patience. Other than that, they’re very beautiful home privacy options, that also enhance airflow (supply and all) around your home.

Note: A living wall is based on the same principle—though it’s more solid.

Enclosed Patio

You should prefer an enclosed patio if you want a method that’s both useful as a privacy option and as a relaxation method. An ordinary patio is usually left bare and if you do not have fences installed, privacy will be compromised which is rather counterproductive. This is why we recommend an enclosed patio since it gives privacy as you relax and also secures your home.

enclosed patio

You will also get to enjoy the weather, fresh air, and even your meals outdoor.

Install Privacy Screens

Privacy screens, usually made from wood, are structures that you can use as room dividers, or in this case, attach to your windows. They have a horizontal build, which allows light and fresh air inside, but thoroughly secure your privacy.

The screens should be built from durable materials since they’ll see a lot of wear from the elements. Additionally, you can pair them with light curtains, since they enhance each other’s effectiveness.

Our Final Take

All of the methods above are tailored to secure your privacy and personal time.

If that includes stopping wandering eyes from roaming about your home or you simply feel safer when your house privacy is secured, you can pick any one of the above to work with. Just don’t forget their potential when used together—although, don’t go over the board with the adjustments/addition.

Finally, you should know that most of the methods above are quick to install – other than the ones that involve plants to properly set up.