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Accent Walls Guide: Choosing the Right Colors and Walls to Paint

accent wall colors Accent Walls Guide: Choosing the Right Colors and Walls to Paint

You might feel like something is missing from your living room or bedroom. Perhaps it needs more spice beyond using the accessories currently found in the room. Maybe it’s time to consider giving the room a fresh coat of paint. We’re not talking about painting every single wall though. Adding color to just one wall of the room will automatically create a visual focal point. This will help to give the room more interest and vibrancy.

Where do you start though? Choosing the right color—or colors—for the wall can either tie the room together or look extremely ill-placed. We’re going to share our tips for choosing the right wall and color to paint.

Picking out the Right Wall

accent wall color

Let’s start off by picking the right wall to add color. If you have a wall which has interesting architectural details, adding a pop of color will only enhance them. Walls with inlets, built-in shelving, or even a fireplace are ideal spots that would do well with color accent. However, if you don’t have any walls that have unique details then you can simply pick the wall that you would initially see when walking into the room.

Keep the Rest of the Room Neutral

choose accent wall

When choosing the right color for your walls you want them to coordinate and not overpower one another. By having only one place in the room for the eye to immediately go to, you are creating balance and harmony within the space. For the other walls that are accented, the walls should be neutral in color. This doesn’t mean that they must be stark white. Beiges, taupes, and off-white will work with any color that you choose.

Go Bold

bold accent wall

For those who might feel a little hesitant about adding a bright, bold color in the room—don’t be. There is nothing to fear when it comes to color. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can always change it back. Royal blues, violets, and teals can give your room a cool, relaxing look. If you prefer to have a brighter, more lively wall then consider going with oranges, gold, or reds. One thing to note is that if you go with a darker accent color it can make the room feel smaller.

Choose Different Shapes

geometrical accent wall

Going with something out of the norm could be the perfect solution if painting the accent wall a solid color feels just plain, old boring. Stripes, curves, and sharp edges are ideal if you want to create visual interest in the room in a unique way. Combining vibrant colors such as a deep violet with metallic gold on one accent wall will give the room a look that is original and unique.

Get Inspired by the Current Decor

kitchen accent wall

Look around your room. Are you seeing a common color theme? Picking a complementary color from your current decor will make it easier to pull the entire room together. Matching the accent color to decorative pillows or other accessories in the room is a simple way to find the perfect hue for your space.


You can update just about any room in the house without tearing down any walls. As a matter of fact, you can create a completely new look by adding more color to them. By introducing an accent color to the room you can build interest while giving the walls a distinctive appearance.