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The Latest Home Security Trends 2024

home security trends The Latest Home Security Trends 2024

As we ease into 2019, we are seeing some significant technological advancements across all types of industries. The home security industry is no exception.

Many homeowners already have alarm systems, but that is all they are: alarms. These  bulky, one-dimensional systems are likely grandfathered into their homes as part of a sign-up offer through the cable or oil company.

Not only are these systems antiquated, they may also be more costly than some of what is possible as the tech in the security space booms. Needless to say, it is in the best interest of anyone concerned with their home’s security to make an upgrade ASAP, or to at least become acquainted with some of the latest trends.

Below, you’ll find five of those trends outlined in detail, along with some links, tips, and additional info.

Trend 1: 2 Way Voice Coms

At some point, everyone has set off their home alarm, and in the panic of the moment and the anxiety brought on by the blaring noise, forgotten the call code to shut it down. Invariably, the police arrive, and you are left there, embarrassed and without a real emergency.

2 Way Voice Coms

With 2-way voice communication, monitoring personnel confirm whether or not there is a legitimate emergency before notifying first responders. This is done through a central control panel which uses your cell phone as a touch point. Whether the phone is working or not, confirmation can be made as to whether their is genuine concern that an intruder is present.

Trend 2: Crash and Smash Technology

Many home invaders have caught on to the fact that many of the alarm systems installed in homes over the last decade or so are hardwired to a central control hub located somewhere on the property. In theory, by destroying this hub, the system itself can be disarmed.

Crash and Smash Technology

This type of burglary had been dubbed “crash and smash.” Thus, the new technology that prevents this practice goes by the same name. No longer can a central control panel be destroyed beyond the point where they are capable of alarming your monitoring personnel of movement through your home.

Trend 3: Video Surveillance & Live Streaming

Digital videography has become much more accessible for the consumer market. The cost of once very high-end security camera systems have dramatically reduced. This affordability makes it relatively easy to outfit your home with live monitoring and surveillance.

Cameras can even be motion sensitive and send live notifications to homeowners, alerting them when movement is detected.

Trend 4: Security Automation

Probably the biggest jump in security technology is the integration of the alarm system with the other elements of the smart home. Now, you can arm, disarm, and monitor most systems from your phone through your central smart home application.

Security Automation

This makes securing your home much more convenient and likely will show a dramatic increase in the diligence with which homeowners are utilizing their system to its full potential. Think about how many times you have left the house and forgotten to set the alarm. This is easily remedied when you system is linked to your handheld device.

Trend 5: Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is one of the newest emerging technologies in the security space, and many services are building their entire security package around it.

Geo-fencing is essentially the creation of recognition of a geographical boundary around a given area that can be armed and disarmed remotely. Better yet, the boundary can be automated to switch on at specific times of day based on times when you are typically asleep or out of the house.


While some of what is new or trending in the security system world is not necessarily new in tech, the integration makes for some seriously exciting stuff. What is most important is that there are options for homeowners to secure their properties and protect their families outside of the obsolete systems of old. With a bit of research and time spent learning all of the bells and whistles, anyone can have the equivalent to what we used to perceive as a high-end system for a reasonable price.