Best Carpenters in New York City

The pieces created by our selection for the 3 best carpenters in New York City are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only do they build the projects you want, they can also help you design them. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, these companies can help you come up with the perfect idea; whether it is a truly unique remodeling job or a new area in your house, or if you are looking to match existing furniture in your home or business. The quality of materials used by these companies also ensure that you will not need repairs for years to come.

Service offered

#1. Max Patterson


461 Fort Washington Ave.



If you are in need of a superior carpenter either for your home or for your business, we would highly recommend Captain Max Patterson. He has years of experience with both residential and commercial carpentry, and is skilled at building, remodeling, and refinishing items.

Custom pieces are a speciality for Captain Max Patterson, and he will gladly design anything that you need for your home or business. In particular, he has worked with several hotels and restaurants, updating them with new pieces while still keeping their original New York City charm.

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We highly recommend this carpenter because of his range of products he can create. Just to name a few, he can build built-in cabinetry, retail displays, handrails, shelving units, refinish furniture, and much more. Max Patterson is a proud New Yorker who has served the community for years, and boasts numerous repeat clients who ask him to return for additional work on their home or business. Many others also hire him to repair their existing pieces, as they know there is no one else who could do as fine a job as he will.

In addition to carpentry, he also works as a handyman and offers numerous repair services to his customers as well. In fact, if you are having a carpentry issue at your business, he will repair the issue within 1 day so that your business is not impacted. The quality of his work, along with his quick turnaround times make him one of the best carpenters in all of New York City.

Best of all, you can request a free estimate for any project you want to hire him for. You will have a great idea of what the project will cost, look like, and how long it will take before even getting started. His website also has plenty of examples of previous work for you to look at to get a better feel for his work. He has created everything from custom kitchen cabinets, to wooden signage at an elementary school, to displays at boutique shops.

#2. Zen Carpentry



52-05 Flushing Ave Ste 213 Maspeth, NY 11378 United States


855 936 2337

Specialised in design and construction, Zen Carpentry’s team also designs in house meaning they offer drawings at a more affordable price then what you would find on the market. From small home improvements to larger renovation works, these guys are number 1 when it comes to thinking creatively and always finding amazing custom solutions for their clients.

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Being a full service contractor, their services include design, woodworking, wood flooring and new construction, among other. They are also fully licensed, insured and certified for HSS/Lumber Liquidation. The best part? The materials these guys use are the best you will find on the market while they are also known to employ local small batch hardwoods which offer higher quality.

If you would like to visit their woodshop in New York City or just have a chat, contact them right away and we promise their good manners and professionalism will blow your mind.

#3. CT Woodwork



121 Traction Blvd Patchogue


(516) 381-1046

CT Woodwork is a relatively new company established by Corey Tighe, a craftsman with a passion for carpentry from his earliest days. After years of working in different carpentry shops, Corey Tighe decided to fulfil his dream and start his own company.

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CT Woodwork specializes in cabinetry, furniture and different kinds of wooden accessories. Made out of high quality materials, the products that come from this shop are the perfect combination between design and master class craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

The reason why we recommend CT woodwork is the carpenter's hands-on approach. Each piece of wood that’s used in production is hand picked by Corey and every step of the project is well thought off and executed to perfection. The company also offers weekend carpentry classes, so now you can also learn how to create your own wooden furniture under the guidance of Corey Tighe himself.

#4. Appalachian Amish


3918 Hardscrabble Rd


(716) 640-7132

If “rustic” is your style, and you are in the market for anything made of hand-crafted wood, you have to check out Appalachian Amish Log and Timber Supply.

Appalachian Amish is a joint venture in the foothills of the Appalachians in Southwestern New York state between Randy Barber and an Amish community that he befriended several years ago.

Randy and his crew responsibly harvest trees and deliver them to saw mills operated by the Amish to be turned into beams and timbers. The result is beautiful, hand-crafted wood products that can be used for new construction projects such as log cabins, or simply for accents.


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Randy is passionate about performing his work in the most sustainable way possible so that future generations can use the forest. He takes it so seriously that he makes sure nothing goes to waste, keeping even the lower-grade wood to ship to paper mills as opposed to simply letting it lie in the forest.

He even makes sure they do much of their felling during the winter months when the ground is harder, meaning less damage to the surrounding forest. Appalachian Amish is certified green by the New York Logger Certificate Training Program.

Appalachian Amish are experts at selecting the best timber for your project, and they have several styles and types from which to choose, including skip-peeled logs or pressure-washed logs, hardwood, softwood, bark-on, peeled or milled timber.

Once you’ve selected your timber, Appalachian Amish will bring it to you and build your log cabin, pool house or man cave wherever you want.

When buildings and the supplies used to build them are constructed by hand you know you’re getting top-notch quality that will stand the test of time. Appalachian Amish delivers it all, and they do it in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

#5. Creatively Done


104 Jerusalem Ave Hicksville, NY 11801


(516) 470-1961

Creatively Done Homes is a company with over 30 years of experience in the carpentry business, providing workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. They are known for the use of only high quality materials while still granting affordable clients to current and new clients.

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Offering services such as eternal & external carpentry, handmade furniture,refurbishments, custom carpentry etc, these guys are leaders in their niche and award winning renovators on both local and national level.

A business started in 1986 by Kevin Cullen, the company’s values lie in offering complete dedication, integrity,professionalism and quality at all times. Kevin’s team is fast, courteous and professional, always working towards meeting the needs and expectations of their customers. From project start to the last, smallest detail, the guys behind Creatively Done Homes are sure to exceed whatever expectation you may have had in the first place.

In our opinion one of the best carpentry teams in the area and the number 1 when it comes to affordable prices yet top quality services!

#6. Above & Beyond


145 Montclair Ave.



If you are looking for a company that does far more than just carpentry, Above & Beyond is one that we would highly recommend. As the name suggests, they provide far more than just basic carpentry services. Including handyman services, home improvements, remodeling, and carpentry work, this company does it all!

If you are looking to renovate a room in your house (or even your entire house!), you can count on the team at Above & Beyond Carpentry. They handle everything from painting, to drywall, custom cabinetry, and more. Looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? The team here is ready and willing to help! No matter your project, Above & Beyond can help you get it done.

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The team here is fully licensed and insured and contain experts at just about any renovation project you can imagine. They take the time to consult with all their clients to ensure that the job is done right and is exactly what the client is looking for, another main reason we recommend this business. Customer service has always been a top priority for this business, something that you don’t easily find these days.

Their impressive gallery of work shows the truly wide range of services they provide, including superior woodworking skills, custom tile jobs, custom closets, and more. Their ability to improve and refurbish or refinish existing structures is also impressive, and a great option for anyone looking to update existing pieces in their home.

Another great reason we recommend this company is because of their impressive list of awards. Not only are they A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, they have also won the Angie’s List Super Service Award not once, not twice, but four times in a row. Their numerous positive customer reviews also help show how great this company is- because of both the products they create and the service they provide. You will have a positive experience from start to finish and will feel confident recommending the team to all of your friends and family.

#7. Crown Woodworking


583 Montgomery St, Brooklyn


(718) 363-5423

Crown Woodworking is a full service, fully licensed and insured contracting company that has been operating out of Brooklyn since 2011 and is owned by Mendel Barber.

They specialize in kitchen remodels, so they’ll do everything AND the kitchen sink. They’re experts in bathroom remodels, home and office remodels and commercial work as well. Need a new desk or file cabinet for your home office? Mendel also builds custom furniture, so he has you covered from top to bottom.

With years of experience in woodworking, design, fabrication, installation and construction, Mendel is a perfectionist who will come to your home for a free consultation, working closely with you to make sure he knows exactly what your vision for your project is.


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No project is too big or too small for Mendel. He can handle anything from replacing cabinets to an entire remodel of any of your rooms. He will oversee the entire project, helping you select all the right materials and designing the plans using design software.

He will even make expert design suggestions along the way if he sees them fitting with or enhancing your vision for your project, and when it comes time for the hammers to start swinging, he is professional, efficient and has an eye for detail that one can only get from years of experience.

One of the reviews on Crown’s website went so far as to call Mendel an artist. All an artist needs is a canvas and an idea to get started, so the next time you have a construction project let Mendel and Crown Woodworking make your home their canvas. You won’t be disappointed!

#8. JMH Woodcraft



500 W 111th St # 6E


(212) 365–4320

JMH Woodcraft Inc. is company with an established reputation, thanks to the high quality service and personalized approach they provide to their customers. Their expertise features designing, constructing and assembling different kinds of custom wooden furniture for residential and commercial needs. Besides their custom work, they include antique restoration in their list of services.

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We recommend JMH Woodcraft Inc. because of their strong customers oriented approach and the high quality wooden furniture that’s created in their workshop. JMH Woodcraft offers their potential clients a free phone call consultation as the first step of creating a strong relationship with the customers.

Visit their website and find out what their previous customer have to say about choosing JMH Woodcraft as the company for their carpentry projects.

#9. Jad Home Services


950 N 1st St New Hyde Park


(516) 406-5660

When you’re looking for a carpenter to tackle a project in your home, you want to hire somebody who is going to treat your home as if it were their own. That’s the promise by JAD Home Services.

JAD Home Services has been operating in New York for more than fifteen years. They can handle just about any size project you can dream up, from throwing up some drywall to a complete addition to your home. Best of all, they can cover all aspects of the project, from the electrical and wood framing all the way down to the baseboard and finishing work.


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In our experience, a plumbing project means a minimum three trips to the hardware store. Not with JAD Home Services. They can handle your plumbing needs too, and if you have a plumbing emergency, they guarantee they’ll be there within an hour to fix your problem. That’s what I call service.

JAD Home Services will show up for your project on time and ready to get to work in a professional, efficient and honest manner. So honest, in fact, that if they think another contractor can do your job less expensively they will tell you and give you contact information.

When you call JAD to do a project, they will come and give you all your options and pricing and let you decide what is right for you. They are not there to be pushy. They want to do the job to your specifications and get it right so you hire them for the next project that comes up.

JAD Home Services is a full-service contractor that is still a small enough operation to give you the customer service and courtesy you deserve as a customer. They will treat your home as if it were their own!

#10. JMP Wood

#11. Jim There



What if you were having a party tonight, and you needed a bartender? That’s common, right? Well, what if you needed a ceiling fan installed over your bar before the party started? I’m sure you’d agree that’s common too.

But did you know you could call one phone number and get your fan installed and your martinis shaken, but not stirred? That number is 1-800-JIM THERE.

Jim There Professional Home Improvement, Assembly and Repair is your one stop shop for literally just about anything you need done around your home. All you need to do is look at their website, and you’ll realize that you only need one phone number in your rolodex under “handyman.” Once you get Jim there, you can have anything in your home installed or repaired.


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They offer final mile services for customers such as The Home Depot, delivering and installing anything you buy and aren’t confident in assembling yourself. If you do install something yourself, and you make a mess of it, Jim There can power wash it.

Did you buy a new fitness gym and don’t know how to put it together? Call Jim There. Maybe you have some carpet that smells just like your dog and you need it cleaned. Call Jim There. Need a room painted and hate painting as much as I do? Call Jim There.

And as if all that repair and assembly prowess isn’t impressive enough, Jim There offers specialty services too. They can provide bartenders, wait staff, bar backs, runners and host/hostesses for your backyard wedding or graduation party. You can even hire them to be ambassadors for your brand.

Best of all, Jim There is nationwide, so they can be “there” anywhere you need them to be. That’s what I call a handyman.