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Best Colour Schemes To Spice Up Your Bedroom

bedroom color scheme Best Colour Schemes To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of one of the most critical areas of a home. It is your sanctuary, a place where you relax after a long day at work, a place to rest from all the chaos existing in the world, a place for retreat and reflection.

Even though the bedroom is made for sleeping in the dark, it does not mean you can’t brighten it up by adding colour schemes. A brighter room not only makes your room look beautiful and appealing to the eyes but also help you to start off your day energised and to feel fresh.

The colour schemes could either be manifested in the wall painting, wall décor, pictures, lighting and furniture in the bedroom. You can add different colour patterns to bring about a colour combination that will brighten up your bedroom. However, sometimes it might be confusing to try to figure out which colour schemes to use in your bedroom. The following samples can be useful in giving you ideas on the colour scheme that you can use to spice up or brighten your day

The colour on the painting of your bedroom wall plays a very crucial role in bringing about brightness. Dark colours tend to kill the ambience of the room; hence it is advisable to avoid it unless you are up for a dark look. Choosing a colour that captures a jovial and brightening mood and use of wall arts can help illuminate the room. Ensure that the colour of the wall that you choose is not only bright but also rhymes well with the overall bedroom theme.

1. Shade your room white

Painting your room white can create a beautiful spicy look. White paint brightens your room while at the same time bring calmness in the bedroom. It also provides a good backdrop to add your decorations and wall hanging pictures. The white colour also helps reflect light.

black white color scheme

You can also decide to do black and white where white is made the primary focus and use black used for your accents. You can add black on the bedding and black on the furniture, which will spice up your bedroom in an inviting way.

2. Sky, navy or velvet blue

navy color bedroom

If you want little drama in your bedroom, you can paint the wall sky, navy or velvet blue and when it is done right, it can feel cosy, refreshing and bring out the peaceful feeling

3. Orange colour schemes

Never underestimate the power and impact that an orange stylish and cosy look can bring to your bedroom. Orange has the potential to create warmth, cosiness, dynamic energy, and optimism in the room.

orange color scheme

The orange wall and curtains blended well with the yellow bedding can be a perfect remedy to brighten up your bedroom. With this colour scheme, you can add some white fabrics, lampshades, flower vessels, as this will bring calmness and peace to the bedroom.

4. Overall red colour scheme

red bedroom

The colour red symbolises love. You can dare and go overall red for your bedroom. Red is dramatic, exciting, and you can blend it with white to tone it down. This colour does not only make your bedroom space exotic but also make you feel confident about yourself. One can also add some Paisley folk prints to complete the overall general look to a breathtaking one.

5. Blue and orange colour scheme

blue and orange bedroom

Blending blue and orange not only brightens the room but also brings about an aspect of a playful environment, especially if you have a partner. These contemporary colours will surely brighten up your bedroom especially when complemented with soft furniture and accessories.

6. Pink for romantic feel

pink bedroom

A wall shade of pink, combined with pink bedding is perfect for a romantic feel. It can be trimmed with fresh white furniture and white strip on the wall, creating a scheme of half pink and half white balance of colour, a perfect remedy for loving, soothing, peaceful and breathtaking feeling in your bedroom. You can use copper for the lamplight.

7. Yellow floral wallpaper

yellow floral wallpaper

Yellow floral wallpaper combined with shades of grey can be what you need in your bedroom to bring that liveliness of your bedroom into play. The gray pillowcase, light lamp, furniture and bedding perfectly balance the brown color.

8. Shades of coastal blue and white

coastal blue and white bedroom

The relaxing and calming effect of coastal blue and white in your bedroom makes you look forward to bedtime. What spices the room, even more, is a white cotton bed linen in combination with a cotton bed line. The look can combine with striped wallpaper strategically placed on the bed for the creation of a focal point in the room. The bedroom can be used accessories of different nature such as driftwood, shells, white ceramics among others.

9. Serene green

green bedroom

Green is beautiful and represents nature. Use serene green colour schemes in your bedroom to make it warm, spicy and peaceful. The colour can be used with grey on the walls, a white ceiling, soft furnishing and some white bedding to add an intimate feeling, liven up and add charm to your bedroom.

In conclusion, there is an array of colour schemes you can use to illuminate your bedroom. Therefore, It is vital to identify the colours that excite and brightens your moods and try to use the same colours for your bedroom. Try out different combinations to come up with the perfect blend that will suit your mood, taste, and preference.

The colour can range from being minimal to sweet, and to add vibrancy when used with different items in the bedroom. Decide whether you want to combine the colours with wood or with the accents of metal. Also, look into the lighting of the room as it plays an essential role in reflecting light and creation of ambience and mood. You can install dimmers into the light or add decorative lighting to compliment the colour of your wall, bedding, and furniture.