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The Best Window Treatments To Control Drafts

control window drafts The Best Window Treatments To Control Drafts

The winter season means that the chill in the air is all the more noticeable. This doesn’t mean that the cool air that you feel outside needs to affect you while indoors. Drafty, breezy windows can make you feel less than comfortable in your own home. While it may be tempting to crank up the heat this is definitely not an effective way to save energy. The amount of heat lost due to unsealed gaps around windows equals big bucks that you can expect to never see again. Here are a few suggestions for window treatments that you can use to keep the cool air out and the warm air where it belongs—inside of the house.

Put Heavy Curtains Up During Winter

heavy window curtains

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of cold air coming into a room is to put up a set of heavy curtains. Look for curtains made from heavy fabrics such as velvet or thick linen. These materials are perfect for keeping the chill at bay and also make for a nice addition to your room’s decor.

Use Weatherstripping to Seal Gaps

Weatherstripping to Seal Gaps

Consider adding weatherstripping to prevent the loss of warm air generated in the house. You can purchase it from a number of hardware stores, local discounters, and even some grocery stores during the winter months. Weatherstripping normally comes in a long coil with an adhesive backing for easy application. Plus, this material is incredibly inexpensive. Coming in at less than $10 per roll.

Cellular Shades Give Windows Added Protection

cellular shades

Many people may only think of window blinds as being flat and beige with doesn’t add much to the overall style of the room. As such, they aren’t given a great deal of consideration when applied to windows. However, cellular shades are different. These are made from non-woven fiber that puffs outwards to serve as insulation for the windows. While this type of blind is a little more costly, the investment is well worth it.

Layered Curtains to Give the Room Style and Warmth

layered curtains

If you prefer to have even more insulation around your windows, consider using a combination of insulated blinds and thick curtains. This will not only give you more visual interest in the room but provides double the protection to keep your home warmer during the coldest time of the year.

Draft Snakes to Keep Warm Air In

draft snakes

While the idea of bringing a snake into your home might give people the heebie-jeebies, this is luckily not the kind of snake one should fear. Draft snakes are thick tubes made from fabric that is placed on a window sill to stop air from getting in. If you are having trouble find one on your own and are a bit crafty, you can always make one. All you need is a pillowcase or other sturdy fabric, which you will then sew into the shape of a tube. Then you’ll just need to fill it with dried rice or beans to give it some weight.


Adding updated treatments to your windows will help save money and keep your home cozy and warm. The best part is that putting in new window treatments is an inexpensive way to reduce your monthly heating bill. Not only that, but the amount of savings over the long run will allow you to make even more cost-effective improvements around the house. Since you have a good idea of how to keep your home warmer during the cold season, you’ll be able to curl up with your favorite book and enjoy the coziness.