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Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas & Decorations On A Budget

kids bedroom theme ideeas Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas & Decorations On A Budget

Your child is coming into their own as a person. They are beginning to form their own tastes and have ideas about what they do and don’t like. So how can you help them bring their personality into a room? Remember that this is the space where they’ll play and let their imaginations run wild. There are adventures to be had and imaginary friends to be dreamed up. Games to play and secrets to share with their friends. So it only makes sense that your kid has an amazing space to make this all happen on a small budget.

Ideas for Girls

If you have a girl who can unequivocally be called a “girly girl”, then their bedroom will be filled with happy shades of pinks and purples. If you have an older child though, this might be a little too much. We have a few suggestions that you can use to give your little girl a room where they can hang out and play—even if the room isn’t pink.

Bring in a Sea of Color for a Bright Room

girls room 1

Not every girl’s room needs to be covered in wall to wall pink. Chances are high that your little girl will decide as she gets older that pink is beyond lame. If your girl likes color—and a lot of it—then consider decorating the room with bright and flashy accessories. Neon blues, electric greens, and pulsating yellows are a good way to bring color and patterns into the room. Big-box department stores and consignment shops are great places to pick up cool, eclectic items on the cheap.

Use Tassles and Soft Fabrics for a Whimiscal Space

tassles pastel colors

Perhaps your girl likes more of a whimsical room. Soft pastels can add a delicate touch to your daughter’s room. Combining light colored throw pillows with lighter colored furniture can make the room feel brighter and airier. Older scarves and fabric can be used to create tassles that can be used to add color to the edges of the bed or to even hang over the closet door.

Murals on a Budget

tassles pastel colors

Having a professional mural done is often an expensive endeavor. If you are on a budget then it makes perfect sense to explore other options that are easier on the wallet. Wallpaper murals have become more common and affordable recently. They range from $20 to $100+ and are an affordable way to decorate the walls and create a focal point in the room. From full and lush landscapes to minimalistic trees and birds, you give your girl a room that she’ll love.

Make it a DIY Project

Doing a project with your child is a fun way to bond and create something amazing together. Taking a trip with your daughter to the local craft supply store will yield tons of ideas for things that you can create. DIY flowers and butterflies made from paper are a nice way to add color and texture to the walls of the room.

Ideas for Boys

Whether your boy is an adventurer at heart or loves any and every kind of sport, you can give him a room that truly expresses his personality. The room doesn’t have to be strictly blue though. You can give your son a room with a unique style that is cool, classic, and masculine.

A Minimalistic and Cozy Space

boys room ideas

If your boy isn’t into blue, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Warm browns, reds, and grays can serve as accent colors that can give your son’s bedroom a comfortable and sophisticated look. It can also grow with your child as he gets older since these color combinations are timeless. Whether he’s 6 or 16, he’ll feel at home in his cozy bedroom.

Take a Trip to the Mountains

The first step is to purchase some archival, high-quality photo paper that won’t become discolored when exposed to light. If your son loves camping and the mountains, you can print out beautiful scenic photos that you can print out at home. Once you do, you can pick out a few inexpensive frames that can be hung above the bed. You can also build a tent above the bed just the same as you would a canopy. Now your son can camp out anytime he wants to in the comfort of his own room.

Keepin’ It Classy and Nautical

nautical boys room

When you think of sailing the seas, thoughts of deep blue seas and salty air immediately come to mind. Bringing this into a bedroom might be a little difficult unless you live directly next to a beach. Deep blue throw pillows and soft, neutral wallpaper will create a classic nautical look. Consider adding hand-drawn images of ships and sailors to help bring everything together.

Gender Neutral Ideas

gender neutral kids room

Sometimes you want to step away from the stereotypical colors for boys and girls. Pinks and blues might not be what your child wants. Another reason that you may want to have a room that is more gender neutral is that you have two children sharing the same room. Since no two people are alike, your children will want the room to reflect their individual tastes. Here are a few ideas to consider when creating the perfect room for your kid or kids.

Play with Color

gender neutral colors for kids room

Keeping things neutral might be easy if you minimize the amount of color used in the room. Bright colors like yellow, orange and red can be used to stimulate the eye and create a happy, upbeat feeling in the room. Choosing accessories like picture frames, lamps, and toys with these colors can give your child’s room a touch of flare without being too masculine or feminine.

Choose Furniture that Lasts Through the Ages

While it might make sense to purchase cheap furniture now, you may want to consider investing in quality, well-built pieces that will last. As your child gets older, they will need to have furniture that is able to handle all of the bouncing, hopping, and flopping that comes with being a kid.


You don’t have a spend a ton to give your child a room that they’ll love as they get older. By coming up with creative ways to play with fabric an color, you can give your kid a room that is 100% them.