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5 Home Improvement Specialists You Should Follow on Instagram

home improvement instagram 5 Home Improvement Specialists You Should Follow on Instagram

While pretty much everyone knows about or has an account on Facebook, not everyone has discovered the joys of Instagram. The photo-sharing app has been around for a few years now, and the social element has taken off, with many businesses finding it a great way to relate to potential customers. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and it is often a lot easier to show people what you are talking about than to tell them about it. That’s why some of the top Instagram accounts are for home décor and improvement.

If you’re like us, we are always looking for inspiration for home improvement projects, and suggestions on how to do it cheaper, and with less upheaval. That’s why Instagram accounts can be so inspiring, often with step-by-step guides and real-world photos, rather than those professionally staged to look their unachievable best. They are also much more personal, and with legions of followers adding their thoughts, comments and advice on how best to tackle home improvements.

There are thousands of Instagram accounts to inspire the home improvement junkie, with tips on renovation, remodeling, and interior design. Here are five we think are worth a look. It’s not a definitive list, but just five Instagram users who are into interesting and inspiring DIY projects around the home.


What better place to start off than with an interior designer and homemaker with all the right credentials. Emily Henderson is a successful designer and a writer for the New York Times. Her daily design blog features stunning interiors she has designed, along with loads of tips to apply them to your own home.

What makes Emily’s account so comprehensive is the stories that go with the pictures and the involvement of her followers, giving their own take on the designs and more improvement tips along the way.


Not all of us can live in a mansion, so getting design inspiration for small spaces can be a challenge. That’s where Whitney Morris excels. The Tiny Canal Cottage blog details how a family of three can live in a cramped canal cottage in Venice, California. The blog and Instagram account are full of pictures and ideas on how to give such a small space a liveable, light and airy feel.


Husband and wife team Syd and Shea McGee have a successful interior design business, and their Instagram and blog contain hundreds of ideas to sparkle up any home. The couple has years of experience styling rooms and homes, creating fabulous liveable spaces with a personality and coziness that can’t be beaten. Their Instagram account is full of imaginative room settings, with ideas to redesign and adapt your home to 21st-century living.


If you are looking for something more than a cosmetic makeover and want to do a full-scale home renovation then Sarah Fogle’s site, blog, and Instagram have thousands of ideas and helpful tricks and tips to aid your project. Her do-it-yourself remodeling ideas are for both inside and outside the home.

Recent posts have included a feature on building a bed in the garden, and how to put up floating shelves. Sarah describes herself as the ‘single gal in the power tool aisle’, so the experiences she documents are great for first-timers, and even old pros can learn a thing or two.


Not everyone has enough money to employ an interior decorator to remodel their home, so that’s where Brittany Cooper comes in. Her Instagram account, website, and blog have lots of money saving tips on how to create a fabulous home and lifestyle for next to nothing.

The focus of the mother and blogger is to “live pretty for pennies” so you can be “frugal and fabulous.” There are loads of ideas on how to use thrift store items to redecorate your home, and how to DIY with just the basics, and at the same time creating something pretty and appealing.