Delta Simplicity Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

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Editor’s Conclusion
Editor's Conclusions

Delta's Simplicity Sliding Shower Door is considered semi-frameless because it has tracks on the sides of the door in addition to the tracks that many "frameless" doors have at the top and bottom. The glass doors themselves have no metal framing.

The Delta line of glass showers distinguishes itself from those offered by other companies with its 1-2-3 step customizable shower door program where you can pick your glass size and style, track style and finish, and handle style and finish. If you want the sleek look of a frameless shower with hardware that matches the color and style of your faucets and fixtures, Delta has you covered. Its products come in bronze, nickel, chrome, black, and polished brass and Classic, Trinsic, or Windemere handles. Each component is packaged separately to prevent the wrong combination of glass, frame, and handles from being sent out to the customer.

If you want more privacy than the clear glass that is standard in most showers, Delta offers you the choice of clear, frosted, rain, or transition glass. While frosted glass has a smooth, soft, satin-like look that is more private, rain glass has a textured surface that resembles water running down the panels for the most privacy, and transition glass is a blend of frosted and clear stripes that offers medium privacy and obscurity.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Anodized aluminum track assembly kit can be cut to size for better installation flexibility

Top track features modern barn door, exposed roller for smooth gliding

Customizable design

Door can accommodate out-of-plumb walls

Helpful customer service


As with all glass doors, a few users report that glass exploded

Top of frame too short for tall users

Water may splash out at the bottom

Key Product Features:

• Fits doors with an opening minimum/maximum of 50-1/8" to 58-1/2" '(127 cm to 149 cm), with 71" (180 cm) of height
• Bathtub doors are also available. Fits doors with a minimum 50-1/8" to maximum 59-3/8" (127 cm to 151 cm) opening, with a 58-1/8" (149 cm) height, walk-in width of 21-3/32" to 29-3/32" (54 cm to 74 cm)
• All Delta Shower Doors are designed to accommodate out-of-plumb (uneven) conditions totaling 3/8"
• Anodized aluminum track assembly kit crafted for strength and corrosion resistance that can be cut to size for better installation flexibility
• Top track features modern barn door styling with exposed rollers.
• Premium 1/4" (6 mm) ANSI certified tempered safety glass with Spot Guard glass coating for easy cleaning and to resist water spots
• Shower door handle doubles as a convenient place to dry wet towels or stage decorative towels
• Shower door comes with a 5-Year limited warranty


The Delta Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower door is a center-guided door to make for smooth, quiet operation. Once cut to size, the frame positioned around the opening is strong and corrosion-resistant. The frameless glass doors open in either direction for maximum convenience.

Aside from being a well-engineered product, the Delta door perfectly reflects the buyer's vision for the doors as the type of glass, the frame, and the hardware can be selected at the time of purchase.

Door Size and Materials

The frame of the Delta semi-frameless door is aluminum that is easy to cut to size. Its finishes and hardware match Delta faucets so that the shower door can be part of a coordinated bathroom design.

The glass in the shower is tempered glass ¼" thick. Its availability in four glass types – clear, frosted, rain, and a transitional blend of clear and frosted – offers the desired blend of elegance, a contemporary feel, and privacy.


Unlike many other shower door companies, Delta anticipated that DIYers would install their semi-frameless door. Helpful YouTube videos are available for potential buyers to view to assess whether they can handle the job. Though professional installation is always recommended for a product that is 75 pounds of glass and, therefore, awkward, fragile, and heavy, users on Amazon reported that installing it is a bit harder than installing a ceiling fan and only took a few hours. Even the manufacturers assure those with moderate-level DIY skills can do the job. Considering that shower door installation can cost hundreds of dollars, most buyers who feel competent to do the job will most likely be successful.

Installing requires cutting the tracks to fit the opening. The directions suggest using a hacksaw and a miter box, which will leave the cuts rough, but a metal cutting chop saw will make better cleaner cuts.


Delta offers a custom shower at the $375-500 price point. Some sellers charge much more, so it pays to price shop.

The deals on Amazon on Delta products are exceptional, especially as the product is delivered right to your door. However, if you want to see the finishes or how the different types of glass look, there are plenty of local home stores where you can see the product before buying it from anywhere.


Because all Delta glass panels feature Delta Spot Guard, a hydrophobic glass treatment, cleaning is easy. When properly maintained, the glass resists water spots, hard water stains, and even reduced soap scum and limescale buildup. Simply squeegeeing the water away after a shower and washing the glass down with a non-abrasive will keep it looking sparkling and new.

The fully frameless, Delta glass panels are made of premium 6 mm (1/4 in.) ANSI-certified tempered safety glass that provides the illusion of more space and a cleaner, more contemporary look. This glass is heavy enough to do the job without being too heavy for the frame to support.


The shower doors have a 5-Year limited warranty.

Comparison to Competitors

When the reviews on the different variations of this door are totaled, the results are decidedly favorable. Though nearly 90% of buyers were pleased with the product, some users complained that water accumulates in the bottom track and leaks onto the floor. The problem does not occur if, as one Amazon reviews put it, "everything is plum, square, and level."

As is common with these doors, other users complained of spontaneous explosions unrelated to droppage or other user-related damage. This is an industry-wide concern; Delta's track record of this happening does not cause alarm.


The Delta Semi-Frameless Sliding Door looks great, is reasonably priced, and is easy to install effectively. It offers design flexibility often unavailable in a mass-produced door and is definitely worth your consideration when choosing glass shower doors.