Woodbridge Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door

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Editor’s Conclusion
Editor's Conclusion

For a clean, modern look in your bathroom, a frameless glass door such as the Woodbridge Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door will make the shower look more open, inviting, and spa-like – even if your bathroom is small. Frameless showers allow more light to come into the area – an asset when you are trying to pick the right shampoo bottle and read the label.

You can better see the bottom track, so you do not end your shower by stubbing your toe. Rather than have a shower curtain be the main decorative feature in the room, the focus turns to the center of relaxation.

Frameless doors slide along a rod at the top, but the sliding glass panels themselves have no frame. Woodbridge frameless glass doors are sized for showers as narrow as 48" to as wide as "72" - 76"; the height on most sizes is 72" or 76". However, if you have a tub/shower, the company has hinged doors that stop where the tub starts.

The Woodbridge line of doors is made by a California-based company that has supplied bath and kitchen products since 2005. The doors and other products have garnered praise from home professionals such as Bob Vila, who rated this product as the Best Overall Shower Door.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Shipped in a protective wooden container

Gives an open, airy feel to shower

Modernizes the room


Poor instructions

Installation best left to professionals

Hard to get missing or replacement parts from manufacturer

Key Product Features:

  • Frameless and reversible

  • Multiple sizes: 48" x 76", 60" x 62", 60" x 76", 60" x 72", 72" x 76"" for showers 48" x 58", 34" x 58" for bathtub conversion

  • Weighs nearly over 159 lbs. in 48 X x 72" to or over 180 lbs. in 72" x 76" size

  • Shatter retention glass

  • Ultralux glass coating for easy cleaning

  • Enduraclean hardware to prevent rust, chipping, or scratching

  • Hardware colors include brushed nickel, chrome, brushed gold, matte black


Most Woodbridge Frameless Doors are single-slider models that offer reversible hardware installation options for right or left openings. On these models, the side of the door with the hardware slides over the remaining piece, which stays in place.

The stationary panel of 3/8" thick glass supports the sliding part to eliminate the need for a frame or rail. This style door is excellent for large bathrooms, is easier to install, and tends to cost less than double-sliding models.

Smaller bathrooms might require the flexibility of allowing getting in or out of the shower from either end. Dual sliding doors have two sliding panels, are hard to install, and are more costly. Some users find the 2-way sliders to be more convenient.

While frameless showers are beautiful, some users like to have a tub. If the bathroom does not have room for a separate tub and shower, the Woodbridge has a 5/16" glass-hinged panel to merge the beauty of frameless with the convenience of a bathtub. To reduce the door's weight, the panel is curved at the top and does not cover the width of the shower.

Door Size and Materials

Woodbridge offers its full-size frameless doors in several sizes, with the width ranging from 48"-72" and the height from 72"-76". The company's frameless enclosures with bathtubs measure 34" x 58" or 48" x 58".

The doors are made of tempered safety glass with a thickness of 3/8" for full-sized doors and 5/16" for the curved models used for bathtubs. While the ANSI Z97.1 certified glass is not likely to break during normal use, it is coated with a transparent safety film for shatter retention that keeps glass fragments together in case of breakage and makes removal and disposal easier.

The glass is clear, not tinted or patterned in any way. A door like this might not be the best choice for those who want privacy when they shower.

The track, handles, and hardware are stainless steel and finished in brushed nickel, chrome, brushed gold, or matte black finishes. The variety of metallic accents allows you to coordinate the door with your fixtures and hardware.


The doors are shipped in a heavy wooden crate which ups the weight listed on Amazon considerably.

Depending on the style, the doors can weigh from over 150 pounds to over 180 pounds, which makes installation a two-person job. While many savvy DIYers attempt the installation themselves, the process is complex enough that the manufacturer recommends using a licensed, insured installer with a helper.

Despite the protective coating on the glass and the excellent packaging, Amazon users recount cases where the glass broke right after taking it out of the box or during installation. Having this heavy product installed by professionals will put any liability on the installation team and ensure that the door is installed correctly. Professionals also take care of any permits needed to meet city codes often required before door installation.

Aside from keeping the door in one piece during installation, the biggest issue is making sure there are no leaks around the door. The frameless door comes with seals for the sides and an anti-splash threshold for the bottom, but accurate measurements are needed for the shower opening's top, middle, and bottom to make sure the doors line up at all points the seals are tight.

Like many doors of this type, some Woodbridge Frameless Shower Doors do not work well with walls that are out of plumb, while others have more tolerance. A good installer can make sure that the bathroom floor can support the extra weight of the door and do some magic on the wall or some other workarounds to make sure the door hangs right.

If you plan to use an installer, it is best to call him before you order the doors. He can measure accurately and may even order the door for you.


On Amazon, full-sized shower door costs run between $400- $1,200, making this installation a costly one, especially if you need to hire an installer. Costly as this seems, buying a standard-sized door can save hundreds, if not thousands, compared to a custom installation. As long as you want a door covering an alcove with walls on each side, a Woodbridge door is a great investment.

The prices do not include the matching shower base.


Soap scum clings to glass, tile, and shower surrounds, so the light, airy feeling of glass requires some effort to remain pristine. Fortunately, the glass in the shower door is treated with an exclusive UltraLux coating that repels water and contaminates, and helps protect against staining and hard water build-up. The coating makes it easier to clean and take care of, so it maintains its high gloss. In addition, the Enduraclean hardware is coated to prevent rust, chipping, or scratching.

You can keep a glass shower enclosure looking great by using a squeegee on the glass after showering and encouraging other users to do the same. Cleaning with commercial glass cleaner or a DYI solution of water and vinegar or baking soda and vinegar or water, squeegeeing off the extra, and wiping it down with a microfiber cloth should keep it looking like new.


There is a lifetime warranty on glass components for some doors, a 1-year limited on other hardware, and some styles specify five years.

When you order this door, make sure you are ready to do the installation or at least able to check the contents of your package immediately. A retailer like Amazon may take it back if you bought it from them, but the manufacture states they will not replace any damaged products or missing parts free of charge after five business days or if the product has been installed.

Comparison to Competitors

Not only did Bob Vila find a Woodbridge door a top pick, but 90% of Amazon reviewers of variations of the door loved its quality. Those who rate it lower complained of breakage, installation problems, and inability to get much help from customer service.


The product is costly and requires professional installation, but it creates a beautiful, functional shower whether you are doing a bathroom remodel or installing a new bathroom.