Coastal Shower Doors Legend Framed Hinged Shower Door

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Legend series of shower doors by Coastal Shower Doors distinguishes itself from other brands with its continuous hinge styling that allows the door to swing outward. Available for stall and full-size showers, the door is framed and would seem to be more stable than frameless models. It is a very popular brand for stall showers in clear tempered or obscure (frosted) glass.

Since 1972, Coastal products have been made by a Jacksonville, Florida-based company that designs and produces shower doors right here in the U.S. They have won many awards for their design and their products remain a customer favorite.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Crafted in the US

Forgiving of out-of-plumb walls

Continuous hinge keeps door properly fastened

Telescoping frame allows for adjustment


Directions unclear to some customers

Mixed reviews on installation difficulty

Door flimsy and prone to leaks

Key Product Features

  • Continuous hinge

  • Integrated handles

  • Out-of-plumb adjustment

  • Available in 1/8" clear tempered or obscure (frosted) glass

  • Reversible for right or left side installation

  • Brite Silver, Nickel, or Matte Black hardware

  • Available in sizes 36" x 66" to 60" x 69" for full-size doors and 22" x 66" to 36" x 69" for stall shower sized doors

  • Weight - 65 lbs_


Whether you need a shower door for a stall shower or a full-size one, there is a Coastal Shower Doors Legend Framed Hinged Shower Door for you. Whether either size, you can go for the modern look of clear glass or the privacy of obscure or frosted panels

Shower doors can swing in and out, but for safety's sake, the door must at least open out. This styling makes the door perfect for small bathrooms, even ones just big enough for a stall shower. The door has a continuous hinge on one side and a full-length magnet to ensure watertight closure and easy opening, and it can be installed to open right or left.

Door Size and Materials

The door is available in widths as narrow as 22" or as wide as 60" and as tall as 69". Whatever size you buy can be adjusted up to 1.5" in width due to its telescoping wall jam design and adapt to out-of-plumb walls. The full-size shower comes with an inline panel to block the rest of the space. The Legend model even comes in the Neo model with angled panels and a flat door for corner showers.

As the frame is aluminum, the shower won't corrode or rust. All models are available with coatings of Brite Silver, Nickel, or Matte Black hardware.


The company advertises that it can be installed in an hour as it has 4-piece modular construction. Few customers who installed it themselves agreed that the process was that quick but claimed it was manageable for DIYers with excellent skills. This door is adjustable to different showers, and fitting it properly, putting in the screws for the doors, and putting the rubber seal on the bottom was challenging for many buyers.


Depending on size, Legend doors on Amazon go for $200-300, but the available models do not qualify for Prime shipping and currently have shipping charges of $135 from a private seller. At a store like Home Depot, which appears to sell a large number of Coastal doors, the prices are $50-100 higher with in-store pick-up. As the doors weigh less, they might be manageable to buy locally.


As with most tempered glass doors, Coastal shower doors can be cleaned with glass cleaner and non-abrasive cloths or sponges. Using a squeegee on the door after showering will keep the spots down between deep cleanings.


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Comparison to Competitors

On reviews, the reaction to this door varies widely. A few buyers maintain that installation was so difficult a professional handyman had trouble putting it in or that it was flimsy and leaky. However, most affirm that it is very easy to install and of great quality.

However, the price for the framed style can be up to 200% less than frameless or semi-frameless models. Even though the glass is thinner, it is more protected by the metal frame. When properly installed, a framed Coastal door can last more than 10 years. The aluminum frames won't rust or corrode, so the door will look good over the years.


The consensus of verified customer reviews from retailers who sell a lot of these doors is that it is a well-designed product if you don't mind having a framed door.

If you want your bathroom to look like it could be in a magazine, buying a frameless shower door might be essential. When functionality is key, an attractive Coastal Shower Doors Legend Framed Hinged Shower Door might be a great choice.