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Budget-Friendly Shoe Rack Ideas

Shoe Rack Ideas Budget-Friendly Shoe Rack Ideas

Nothing makes a mess of things quite like shoes without a home. Whether it is in your foyer or mudroom, or on the floor of a bedroom closet, it is imperative that shoes are organized in some way, shape, or form.

This does not always mean you need a custom built shoe rack. There are lots of creative ways to keep shoes off the ground and out of the way, but still easily accessible without much work  and for little to no money.

Below, we have collected our favorite shoe rack ideas in the hopes that one inspires a footwear storage solution in your own home.

PVC Cluster

This is one of the most simple and effective shoe rack ideas is the PVC cluster. This custom rack is perfect for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Simply cut pieces of 8-12 inch in diameter (depending on shoe size and type) PVC into one foot sections. You can cut as many or as few pieces as the amount of shoes you need, then, simply stack them up, glue them together, and hang the glued sections.

PVC Cluster

In order to hang the sections, you can simply use finishing nails if you are able to locate studs. If not you can use a drywall anchor. The fastener is especially important if you have a ton of shoes to store each day.

Wooden Crate Shoe Shelf

This is definitely one of the easier shoe storage ideas. It is also pretty classy, and perfect for foyers or mudrooms in homes whose design style reflects the rustic, farmhouse look.

Wooden Crate Shoe Shelf

All you need are some repurposed wooden crates. You can use milk crates, like those featured in the picture, and can even find them unfinished on Amazon for easy customization.

wood crate

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Once you’ve got your crates and they are stained or painted accordingly, simply stack them up in a corner!

Copper Pipe Rack

Another really interesting and unique shoe storage idea is the copper pipe rack. While this one takes a little bit of work, it is still relatively easy.

Here is what you will need for each level of the rack:

  • Three lengths of ¾ inch copper pipe
  • Three floor flanges
  • 1 elbow joint
  • 1 T joint

Start by determining how long you want each rack. This design is meant for the corner of any room, so be conscious of that  as you measure. Once you have the length, cut the two pipes that will make up the shelf where shoes will rest.

These can then inserted into the floor flanges, which in turn are fastened to the wall itself.

Copper Pipe Rack

Next, cut a short piece that will run perpendicular to the shelf pieces and fasten to the other wall. This piece will need a T and an elbow fitting so that it can join to the shelf pieces.

Join the short width piece to the floor flange and fasten to the wall. If you are near no studs, you can use anchors. This will require a bit more precision with where you place the flanges, though.

Cardboard Box Shoe Rack Craft Project

Here is another great one for kids rooms. Take some old shoe boxes, or any cardboard boxes really, cut one end off of each, and glue them together with the opening facing out.

Cardboard Box Shoe Rack Craft Project

This can then be painted and designed to the child’s preference!

Tension Rods

If you have a walk-in closet or are willing to dedicate an entire shallow closet to shoes, the tension rod display is a great idea.

tension rod

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Just install two tension rods, roughly 5 inches apart, at different levels across the width of the closet. The number of rods you need is dependent on how many shoes you are trying to display.

The Old Wooden Ladder Trick

This is another great shoe storage idea for the Fixer Upper fans among us. It is, however, contingent on your ability to get your hands on an old wooden painting ladder.

ladder shoe rack

Lean the ladder against he wall in the corner of your foyer or mudroom. Make sure the legs are only slightly open. This way, the two sets of rungs will create a platform for shoes while the ladder is still able to lean.

Hooks, Pegs, Towel Racks

With standard hooks or pegs, you can give shoes a place to live that is out of the way and inconspicuous. These can be installed in a closet on the wall, or in the corner of a entryway or mudroom.

Hooks, Pegs

Just fasten as many as you need and hang the shoes upside down by their opening.

You can also use a towel rack and hook system. Install the towel rack where you see fit. Then use S hooks to grab hold of the heel of the shoe and rack rod.

Repurposed Dressers & Armoires

For the most clandestine shoe storage solution, try an old dresser or armoire.

Armoires tend to have shelves, although some are simply for hanging. If the latter is true of yours, install some quick shelves and create plenty of shoe storage space that is easily hidden from view by just closing the doors.

You can make shift your own shelves with scrap wood, or buy some floating shelf options that match your armoire style. WOLTU shelves, for example, come in all kinds of wood styles and hues. The best part about using floating shelves inside an existing piece of furniture is that you don’t have to worry about finding studs or using anchors to fasten the shelves since you can screw right into the back of the piece itself.

WOLTU Set of 2 Floating Wall Shelves MDF Wall Mount Wood Ledge Display and Organizer Rack with Hidden Brackets,23.62" long, Black, WS03blkS60-2

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If using a dresser, take out the drawers and see what you are working with. In some cases, there is a complete piece operating like a shelf where the drawer sits. If not, there is some certainly something acting as a support for a drawer glide, which can be used to support a shelf.


There are plenty of ways to get shoes off the ground and out of the way. The key is to be creative. One thing to consider is where the storage implement will be used. For instance, in a kid’s room or a play area, some of the craftier ideas like PVC stacks or shoe boxes are great. Plus, they allow for a fun family craft project!

In bedrooms or entrance ways, however, where a pink glitter cardboard box might bring down the elegance of the overall aesthetic, you might want to lean towards something a bit more consistent with your home’s style.

Regardless of what you are ultimately looking for, there is something here for everyone.