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10 Best Gifts for Handy Dads this Holiday Season

best gifts for dad 10 Best Gifts for Handy Dads this Holiday Season

With the holidays looming, the seeds of family gift ideas are beginning to sprout. But there is one person whose wants around the gift giving season always seem to be a mystery: Dad.

Each year when you ask him, without fail, he tells you “I don’t need anything” or that he is just happy is family is together. Still, you want to make a gesture and give your father something he will cherish and use all year long.

He has plenty of ties, and tons of winter socks. And even if he doesn’t, let’s face it, those are not what he really wants.

To truly make dad smile this holiday season, give him a practical gift that he can put to work to keep your childhood home in tip top shape.

Here is our list of the ten best gifts for handy dads!

1. Practical Shop Power Strip

Stanley 32050 FatMax Power Claw with Grounded 3 Outlet Clamping Power Strip e1545048887993

Get It Here

Every DIY’ing and homeowning dad is faced with the same problem in their garage, shop, or basement work station. There are never enough available power sources to run all those amazing tools.

Shop power strips, like this one here from Stanley, are grounded and feature a 15-amp breaker. This particular model is also built into a clamp meaning it can be placed virtually anywhere. Brace it to a stud, rafter, sawhorse, ladder, or hang it anywhere power chords connect to power tools.

2. Concrete Screw Drill Drive Install Set

RWIN 1881131 Impact Performance Series Concrete Screw Drill-Drive Installation Set with Pro Set Case for 3 16-Inch and 1 4-Inch Screws, 9-Piece

Get It Here

For basement remodels, outdoor work, or any DIY construction that involves concrete, this nine piece set has everything your dad will need to hang and fasten to the toughest surfaces.

More importantly, this is one of those nice to haves that he likely has never justified buying. What better way to inspire a new project or make a current concrete job easier than by gifting this holiday set.

This particular kit by Irwin comes with four drill bits, a drive sleeve, two hex drive bits, and two Phillips drive bits.

3. Outdoor Heater

NewAir G56 5600 Watt Garage Heater - Get Fast Heat for 560 Sq. Ft.

Get It Here

Dad should NOT have to put all projects on hold during the cold months. And he should not be outside in the garage or down in the basement shop, sanding and painting his latest furniture refinish in a winter coat.

This small garage heater is the solution. For $170 dollars online, this heater by NewAir can raise outdoor temps up nearly 20 degrees in just thirty minutes.

Just be sure you have the infrastructure in place to run it. You’ll need a dedicated 30-amp, 240-volt circuit to power the heater.

4. Portable Mini Vise

rwin Tools Clamp-On Vise, 3", 226303

Get It Here

Trust me, your dad has been to alot of work shops and at each one he has felt a ton of angst and envy over the vises.

Hard installed vises are pricey and rather inconvenient. This one, also by Irwin, clamps onto any permanent work surface or temporary work bench. It is light weight, measuring three inches at its widest, perfect for sharpening, angle bending, and filing.

5. Coveralls

Dickies Men's Basic Blended Coverall Stain & Wrinkle Resistant Cotton/Poly

Get It Here

Dad may not be a believer in coveralls yet, but that is only because he doesn’t own them. He is probably okay with the workshirts he continues to further stain with each new job, but your dad is awesome. He doesn’t need to settle.

This full body coverall will keep his clothes free of mud, oil, paint or any other mess.

6. Rolling Seat

Sunex 8507 Creeper Seat

Get It Here

Dad is no spring chicken anymore. All those years of hard work have left his back and knees a little more susceptible to aches and pains while hes out in the yard or shop.

To keep dad doing what he loves without sacrificing his body, get him this rolling seat from Sunex.

Rolling seats are great for auto work, but can be applied to really any job that requires extended periods of time squatting and bending.

7. Swiss Army Screwdrivers

Screwdriver and Nut Driver 11-in-1 Multi Tool, Industrial Strength Bits, Cushion Grip Handle Klein Tools 32500

Get It Here

Dad’s everywhere have kept 4-in-1 screwdrivers on their person, seemingly at all times, for decades. That said, now more than ever, our Old Men are encountering star-drive and square drive screws, rendering those standard 4-in-1’s useless.

Update your dads all purpose screwdriver with this 11-in-1 screw/nutdriver. It comes standard with the typical multi-sized Phillips bits, plus two square drives, two Torx tips, and two outdrives.

There is also a wrench bit for wire connectors, perfect for those hard to reach fixtures or outlet boxes.

8. Kreg Project Center

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

Get It Here

Kreg is a great company that makes real practical tools, and the project center is no exception. The portable project center is great for jobs that require some bouncing around to different components before the whole thing comes together.

The work surface is 30 inches by 32 inches and can hold up to 350 pounds. Dad can set up a radial arm or miter saw outside closer to his newest project’s material or combine it with another permanent surface to make more space.

9. Tunage

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2792-20 M18 Job Radio/Charger

Get It Here

Milwaukee, the Mercedes of tool manufacturers, recently introduced the M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger, and it has changed the game for worksite listening.

The M18 is bluetooth enabled, which means if your dad is capable of operating his smart phone (not always the case) then he can stream his favorite tunes or podcasts and never miss a call or text from his favorite child.

What’s more, the M18 acts as a charger for your power tools as long as you stick with Milwaukee brand. It even has USB ports for charging other devices and a range of about 100 feet.

10. Full Turn Step Ladder

WERNER CO PD6203 Type IA Aluminum Podium Ladder - 3'

Get It Here

If you’ve ever watched your dad hang a paint can with a coat hanger from the side of a ladder, so that he could tip toe on a narrow rung, and stretch for an out of reach corner with his brush, than you need to get him this step ladder.

No more risky moves for your old man. This step ladder has a full standing platform that allows for 360 degree movement at any point on the ladder. This will keep dad safe, give you peace of mind, and just make all those elevated projects a little bit easier.


Any of these gifts are sure to make your handman father an extremely happy camper this holiday season. Sure, socks and ties are a necessary evil, but nothing beats a new tool and a reason for a new weekend project. What’s more, with each new project that he gets to use his portable work surface, screwdriver set, or coveralls, he’ll think of you!