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PODS Moving Cost & Pricing 2024

PODS moving cost PODS Moving Cost & Pricing 2024

You may not have heard about PODS before, but this innovative moving and storage system allows homeowners the flexibility to pack and unpack their own stuff and have it moved at their convenience. Homeowners are given as much time as they need to fill a container, and either has it stored or sent on to a final destination according to their schedule.

The conveniently-sized storage units are delivered to your door and can be packed at the homeowner’s leisure. Once the POD is full, the company can either deliver it straight to your new home or put into secure storage until delivery is needed.

This system gives flexibility to the homeowner on the move. For one thing, you are not locked down to a specific date for the movers to get your stuff out of the home you are leaving. As the owner, you can take your time making sure your belongings are suitably secure and safe in the container and not have to rush with the inherent risk of damage and breakages. As far as security goes, every container is locked, and only the person renting the POD has a key to access the interior.

The cost of using the system is broken down into three components. There is the hire of the container or POD, the cost of delivering it to your door, and the cost of having it delivered to your new home. Needless to say the less distance the POD has to be moved, the less costly the move, however, the convenience of packing your own container at your own pace comes at a premium. PODS come in three different sizes, 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot containers, and are hired on a monthly basis with appropriately different prices. The cost of the PODS also varies depending upon where in the US or Canada you live.

Container Sizes:

Small – 7ft x 7ft x 7ft = 343 cu ft (9 cu m)
Medium – 12ft x 8ft x 8ft = 768 cu ft (21.75 cu m)
Large – 16 ft x 8ft x 8ft = 1024 cu ft (29 cu m)

Local Moves:

If you are intending to move within a local area of about 25-radius, on average the cost of hiring a 7-foot POD for a month is about $116. The delivery charge to your home will be in the region of $100, and the shipping charge to your destination can be anything between $100 and $225 for the smallest unit.

If you need the bigger 12-foot or 16-foot units, then the monthly hire price of the container will go up to around $170 a month. The delivery charges are similar for the smaller units. So, the cheapest option for a short distance move will come in at around $350.

Long Distance Moves:

For longer distance moves the monthly hire charge for a POD is the same for local moving. The initial delivery charge of the POD is also the same at about $100. However, the delivery to your destination is based on a mileage rate, which can be anywhere between $6 and $9 per mile. So, if you intend to travel 100 miles the cost of transporting a larger container will be in the region of $1,000.

For exact pricing, the PODS website offers a more accurate quotation system, which only requires the pickup Zip Code and the destination Zip Code and a valid email address.