KOHLER Levity Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

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Editor’s Conclusion
Editor's Conclusions

Kohler, a well-respected manufacturer of fixtures and lighting for the kitchen and bath, uses a new technology in its frameless Levity shower doors that make them slide smoothly and quietly. An innovative roller and bypass system allows the doors to be fully bypassable so users can enter the shower from either side. The secret to the effective roller action is a cushioned center guide, which keeps the doors in line and ensures they are quiet. The system is also easy to install and convenient to adjust.

The overall look of the doors is minimalist to add a sleek, contemporary look to the bathroom. They come with either vertical blade-like handle or towel bars.

The doors come in several sizes, as well as several thicknesses of glass and popular finishes, including bright silver, matte nickel, matte black, anodized dark bronze, anodized brushed bronze, and brushed modern brass.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Innovative roller design simplifies installation and provides out-of-plumb adjustability while glass is installed.

Cushioned center guide provides quiet sliding action

Vertical blade handles accentuate the contemporary style.

CleanCoat glass treatment repels water for improved ease of cleaning.

Frosted or clear glass

Replacement parts readily available

Great customer service


Space between doors tends to leak

Doors may squeak from rollers

Some users regard thinner glass models as flimsy

Key Product Features

- 90-114 lbs., depending on models
- 1/4" glass – 5/16"
- Hardware colors include bright silver, matte nickel, matte black, anodized dark bronze, anodized brushed-bronze, and brushed modern brass
- Some styles have towel bar handles instead of handles at the end
- Frosted or clear glass


The Kohler Levity line of frameless doors comes in several widths and heights of full-size and bathtub enclosures. Unlike Woodbridge, which offers models with single or double sliding doors, Kohler Levity doors all have two doors that open from either side.

Some models have vertical handles on the outside edge of each door or towel bar handles on each pane. The handles are stuck in place with adhesive coating; once they are in place, they cannot be repositioned, although they can be carefully removed and replaced.

Door Size and Materials

The full-sized doors are available in 47-5/8" or 59-5/8" width and up to 82" high. Bathtub doors are 57" or 59-5/8" wide and 59-3/4" high.

Although what this company offers is a bit confusing on Amazon, the Kohler manufacturer site clarifies that Kohler Levity frameless show doors are available in ¼", 3/8", and 5/16 " glass, in crystal clear or frosted, and with vertical handles on each panel or towel bars.

The thinner glass lacks many of the characteristics of thicker glass while costing less. The specs are:

3/16"  Tempered
1/4"   Tempered, ClearCoat technology
5/16" Tempered, ClearCoat technology, smoother glass, increased durability, great structural strength
3/8"   Tempered, ClearCoat technology, smoother glass, increased durability, great structural strength, available in increased height options

The frosted glass option available on many models is great for those who want light in their shower but like their privacy too.


Installing a product with large glass panels is always challenging, but Kohler has clear instructions as well as YouTube videos that make the job seem more manageable.

Unlike the instructions for Woodbridge doors, the written instructions for Kohler products are user-friendly and aimed at DIYers. As there are risks when working with large sheets of glass, professional installation is never a bad idea.

This door is tolerant of out-of-plumb walls up to 3/8", and there must be at least 4" of flat surface where the door will be installed. If you opt to hire a contractor, they will measure the space, make sure the area where the door will go is ready for the door, and obtain any necessary permits.


Pricing on Kohler doors can be less than $500 to over $1,500. While glass thickness is one variable that impacts the cost, pricing is inconsistent among sellers. A wise buyer will double-check features and manufacturer-suggested retail pricing to make sure they are getting the best door for them at the best price.

Kohler Customer Service is very helpful and responsive to customers who contact them directly or make comments on review sites.


The glass used for Kohler doors has fewer grooves which facilitate cleaning. To help prevent water spots and avoid soap deposits or lime buildup in hard water areas, use a shower squeegee to clean glass doors after showering. Keeping the shower doors ajar and enclosures open will help air circulate to reduce mildew growth.

All but the thinnest glass has a CleanCoat® treatment that creates a barrier that protects the glass, repels water, and makes it easier to remove water spots and clean the glass.

When a deeper cleaning is needed, use a sponge or soft cloth but never use bristle brushes, abrasive sponges, or sharp instruments on the glass panels or anodized aluminum. Kohler sells a premium bathroom cleaner that restores glass, acrylic, tile, and more, but many cleaning products are available to keep your doors and the rest of the shower sparkling.


The product has a One-Year Limited Warranty.

For products purchased directly from the manufacturer, there is a 45-day return window from the shipping date; policies from other sellers may vary.

Comparison to Competitors

Kohler frameless shower doors are widely available, but the number of buyers who review the products is rather small.

Those who have left reviews on various sites praise the value, the easy installation, and the overall look but claimed the doors were leaky, especially the less expensive models. However, the doors were very forgiving of old walls that aren't level.

The Verdict

Kohler offers a great variety of shower doors in the Levity line and several others. They are willing to stand behind their product if there is a problem. Buyers can buy these with confidence, especially if they opt for professional installation.