DreamLine Aqua Ultra Frameless Hinged Shower Door

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Editor’s Conclusion
Dreamline distributes a wide variety of high-quality shower doors, tub doors, shower enclosures, and acrylics shower base, including the innovative hinged Aqua Ultra Frameless Hinged Shower Door.

The company offers innovative solutions with a hinged door attached to a stationary panel for small bathrooms that don't have a shower space wide enough for slider doors. The Aqua Ultra Uno has one hinged panel. On all models, the hinged panel is curved and opens out.

The door is available in different heights suitable for bathtubs and showers; the product will work on any straight tub or shower pan. It comes in chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin black.

Any of the Aqua Ultra hinged products give a modern look to a bathroom.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Engineered and designed in the USA

Walk-in Opening: 27 in. (in a 48"opening) or 36"(in a 60"opening)

Configuration consists of Stationary Panel and Swing Door – or as a single hinged panel

Anodized aluminum U-channel allows up to 1/4 in. adjustment for out-of-plumb

Includes towel bar


Covers only part of the shower area

Ability to compensate for out-of-plumb walls varies by model

Not designed for installation on molded fiberglass shower enclosures where the walls and base or tub are all one single insert

Towel bar cannot support body weight and is just suitable for a single towel or washcloths

Door only swings one way

Complaints about the hinges

Key Product Features

  • Aqua Uno Single Panel 34" W x 58" H. Walk-in Opening: 59 1/2 in. (in a 60 in. opening space)

  • Aqua Ultra Hinged tub door 48"W x 58"H. Walk-in Opening: 36"(in a 60"opening)

  • Aqua Ultra Hinged shower door 45"W x 72"H Walk-in Opening. 27"(in a 48 in. opening) or 39" (in a 60" opening)

  • Uno bathroom door weighs 58 lbs., hinged bathtub door 75 lbs., hinged shower door 109 lbs.

  • Quality 5/16 in. (8 mm) thick certified clear tempered glass

  • Frameless curved design with a European style

  • Anodized aluminum U-channel allows up to 1/4 in. adjustment for out-of-plumb

  • Stationary panel requires a Support Arm for additional stability

  • Reversible for a right or left wall installation to fit your specific layout

  • Towel bar handle

  • Matching shower bases available


The DreamLine Aqua Ultra Frameless Hinged shower is meant to cover part of the space on the open side of a tub or shower with a glass door that swings open.

One model for tubs, the DreamLine Aqua Uno SHDR-3534586-01, has a single hinged door, while another model, SHDR-3148586-01, has a stationary panel and a hinged door. In a 60 in. opening space, the Uno model is 34 5/16 in. W x 58 in. H and has a walk-in opening of 59 ½" while the two-door model is 48 in. W x 58 in. H and has a Walk-in opening of 36".  Adding a DreamLine Aqua door when bathroom remodeling can give any room modern touch.

Some Aqua models for tubs are available with "return panels," which provide a glass wall at the open end of a tub when there is no wall there or closes up part of the space with an extender panel; the extender panel reduces the opening to 27".

For showers, the Aqua Ultra model SHDR-3445720-01 is 45" W x 72" high and opens 27" in a 28" opening or 39" in a 60" opening.

The downside of this design is that water can get on the floor if the showerhead is not correctly positioned to spray closely angled to the wall. While a mat can soak up some excess water, extra water on the floor can be dangerous to users and harmful to floors.

Door Size and Materials

The glass panels for the bathtub door are made of 1/4" thick glass. Materials at least this thick are ANSI-certified tempered glass, are available in many sizes, have premium structural integrity, and have highly polished edges.

According to the manufacturer, the ClearMax Protection usually available on tempered glass is unavailable on this model. However, the company has a Custom Glass Group that will make a hinged Aqua door with the coating. The shower size door is advertised with 5/16" glass, while the bathtub variations are ¼."


When the walls around a tub or shower are uneven, the two-part hinged doors offer adjustment up to 3/8" for the bathtub model and 1/4" for the shower model. The Uno bathtub door offers no adjustment for width or out-of-plum walls.

DreamLine recommends professional installation of hinged models for both bath and shower. The ones for tubs may seem manageable to an experienced DIYer, but glass is still heavy. The hinged bathtub one requires drilling into the tub. Many buyers on Amazon and other review sites said these were easy to install without having to call a plumber.


The Dreamline Ultra Aqua doors run around $500 for the bathtub unit and over $800 for the shower door.


While these doors do not have ClearCoat, the glass is easy to maintain with a squeegee after showering and periodic cleaning with water and vinegar or one of the many glass cleaning products now available as glass showers have become popular.


Limited One (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer recommends professional installation as drilling into the tub is required for the installation of this product.

Comparison to Competitors

After use, some customers complained that the doors leaked anywhere there was a seal. Fortunately, replacement parts are readily available, and customer service is very helpful.

These doors are great-looking solutions for small bathrooms, but a disturbing number of complaints found in many low-star Amazon reviews was that the glass exploded – even after being installed for months. The company is likely to replace the door but not reimburse any labor involved.

The hinges were a problem for other customers, as the glass tended to sag and even fall off the track and break. With these hinges, the door only opens one way to about 90°.


Despite the negatives, the overwhelming number of comments on the beautiful Aqua Ultra doors are very positive. "Exploding glass" is a problem in the industry; there is no indication that the beautiful Aqua Ultra has a worse record than other manufacturers. If you love glass showers, buying any one of them is a calculated risk.