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5 Indie House Decor Shops You Will Instantly Love!

indie home decor shops 5 Indie House Decor Shops You Will Instantly Love!

From traditional decor to extreme minimalism, there is a style to fit everyone’s personal taste. A popular trend that many are incorporating into their home recently is Indie Chic. Indie style yields itself to relaxed comfort paired with sophisticated simplicity. Using soft colors and natural materials, Indie decor can turn any home into a bohemian paradise. Here are some of our favorite Indie stores with the latest in modern, stylish decor.

Indie Home Collective

Simple color combinations and contemporary designs make the Indie Home Collective one of our favorites. With a wide range of home accessories, furniture, and textiles their products are almost tribal in appearance. For those who want to bring in high-style into their home, this store has everything to fill every room.

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Imagine sitting in the backyard with a glass of wine and soft music playing in the background. Terrain helps make your outdoor space not only look inviting but also elegantly stylish. With products that pull colors from nature, you can easily bring sophistication to your yard, balcony or any other outdoor space. If you are looking for indoor accessories or ideas to decorate your home, Terrain has that too. However, where they shine is in their outdoor offerings.

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The Citizenry

We can stand behind an organization that supports independent artists. The Citizenry gives 10% of their proceeds to the artisan community. Their philosophy is to help people’s homes reflect not only their independent style but also their personal journeys. With modern, minimalistic accessories and decor they celebrate the artisans who make the Indie style a reality.

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Specializing in furniture that is made in the US, APT2B provides colorful, modern decor that works for just about anyone’s personal style. From sectionals to sofa beds, they pride themselves on having well-crafted furniture at an affordable price. You don’t have to stick with basic hues though. APT2B allows you to customize your sofa or chair with unique fabrics and colors.

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Joss & Main

For those who love to entertain, Joss & Main has a selection of warm and inviting accessories and furniture to have your guests gushing over them. They provide affordable decor furniture for those looking for Indie style without a high price.

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Indie style is uncomplicated. It’s classy, yet simple. Sophisticated and elegant. When you want a relaxed, bohemian look for your home, Indie decor is the way to bring all of these elements into your personal space. You can make every room of your home feel as relaxed and peaceful as you want it to be.