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Best Family Dogs And The Breeds To Avoid When it Comes to House Dogs

best family dogs Best Family Dogs And The Breeds To Avoid When it Comes to House Dogs

You decide to adopt a pet and you choose a dog. Still, you’re not too sure about your choice and you need an external source to compare your thoughts with.

In that case, this post will give you options to consider in the type of dog that’s perfect for your home. And this is absolutely normal since not all dogs that are cute as a pup are always that friendly when grown up. So, a guide that will help you distinguish between dogs suitable for your home and those that aren’t, is essentially what you need to make up your mind.

The Best Canines for Your Home

The Labrador Retriever

Well, they are pretty popular in movies not only for their loyalty but the sheer friendly company they provide. The Labrador Retriever is a perfect home dog that’s due to its history. The breed was originally known for their intelligence in retrieving (a cliché) any item their owner wants.

labrador retriever

That extends to their iconic use (other than the fact that one became an honorary Mayor) by fisherman, who used them for recovering ropes and hauling nets. Nowadays, you’ll find homeowners liking them for the following reasons;

✓ Friendliness

They’re extremely friendly dogs, who will become your best friend or your kid’s immediately. This helps if you have guests over often since their welcoming attitude (playfulness) is something you’ll appreciate. Labrador Retrievers are also friendly to other dogs, so if you’re thinking of getting another dog breed, there shouldn’t be any problem. Though, that’s only if the oncoming breed is accommodating as well.

✓ Grooming Ease

Labradors are extremely easy to groom. This is as opposed to Maltese that requires daily cutting and bathing or else they’ll lose their looks. Nonetheless, Labs shed a lot of fur but luckily, as you only need to brush their coat, it’s a good trade-off, to be honest.

✓ Labs Are Easy to Train

Well, any dog that can retrieve exactly what you specify to it and can even master swimming is a typical sign of some intelligence. That said, Labradors are extremely intelligent dogs and that is a trait which aids trainability.

They also love to learn and simple instincts like barking, howling, and pooping can easily be controlled. Likewise, commands can easily be learned and as that doesn’t take any time for them to grasp, you, a prospective homeowner will love them.

✓ Fit for Exercises

If you’re the type that loves some early morning exercises, Labradors are good dogs in that regard. They are extremely energetic and their intelligence allows for them to keep up with your pace evenly. In other words, you won’t have to be dragged around since they know you can’t keep up when they have four legs.

The Beagle

Their build isn’t that big and they are very friendly which makes them an excellent family dog. Still, that build of theirs must be at fault for their stubbornness since it seems like they’re always trying to prove a point.


The Beagle also has a tendency to follow its nose—which isn’t their fault as they’re built to be scent hounds for game. The quirk is cute since that’s most likely the only fault they have.

✓ Their Small Build

Beagles are small and tough, and they play like they have much a bigger mass. This is an endearing fact about them that homeowners love.

This has another benefit in the looks and safety departments as kids will fall in love with them on sight—and will also be able to engage in some fun with them with no risk to their person when you consider their size.

✓ Low Maintenance

They don’t shed that much fur and that equals to low maintenance. You don’t have to wash their coat daily as you may be busy with other tasks and brushing them isn’t compulsory too.

All you need in maintaining them is just brushing and bathing them every few days.

✓ Playfulness

Despite the inherent stubbornness, usually, all beagles are friendly with both their human and other even other dogs. They also easily welcome new faces and as a matter of fact, their size helps in the case of children.

They’re not too big to cuddle with and not too tiny nor frail to the extent that they won’t be able to keep up with some rough play from your children.

The German Shepherd

Tall, magnificent, and alert like no one’s business, the German Shepherd is definitely one of the best family dogs you can own. This is as a result of its nature. The GSD doesn’t trust strangers-period. At the same time, it considers you family and family to it is the most important aspect of its life.

german shepard

Nonetheless, expect a lot of fur clean-up.

✓ Good as a Guard Dog for Your Home

Highly territorial, the GSD will not allow new faces on its turf since it considers that a security risk. This is good especially as it’s extremely rare to see dogs that are hostile to outsiders while completely meek with its family.

The dog simply adores you in every way and form, and luckily, it has the energy to show just that.

✓ Their Beauty

That fur of theirs is present for a good reason which is the fact that they’re gorgeous. You and your children will love them and taking them for walks too will be a good experience filled with compliments.

✓ Highly Intelligent

German Shepherds are smart animals that you’ll easily be able to train and tailor to living at home. Potty training them is easy and if you’re wondering about their ability to follow commands because of their territorial behavior, don’t be.

They always listen to their family and are even good with kids (though not other dogs). Though, their size is a big factor to consider in that regard.

✓ Low Wanderlust

Due to their protectiveness over whom they consider their pack member, they rarely ever leave the house due to the fact that they’ll be worried.

They are comfortable sitting beside you at the TV and just watching shows with you since that gives them more opportunity to oversee your businesses. Essentially, if you go out, they’ll happily go out too, but if you choose to stay at home, they’ll do that too in as much as they’re close to you.

The Dachshund

One thing the Dachshund has going for it is the sheer love it has for its family. Yes, they scent hounds that are used in catching prey like rabbits and even boars if they move in packs.


That said, every scent hound that is used for hunting are usually dedicated enough to bring the game home.

That requires a lot of love and trust on their part and the result is that they’re selfless and perfect as family companions.

✓ They don’t need that much Maintenance

The only issue we see in the maintenance of Dachshunds is if you overfeed them. Dachshunds normally only need the occasional bath and brushing to look good.

You don’t need to maintain their fur by working on it daily. Just the occasional bath and brushing will do a lot of good.

✓ Small Size Really Helps

One fact about them is that they’re extremely friendly. Another fact is that they are small, compact dogs. And one more is that they’re gentle canines. Combining these three facts together and you have a dog perfect for keeping both itself and your kids busy.

Hint: Small size means no accidental rough play.

✓ Do You have any Issue with Loyalty?

Inherently, they’re just too loyal and they show it through their ever constant close proximity. Due to this trait, they’re great companions for your family since they’ll be with you through one experience to the other.

✓ They are Friendly too

In the case that you have a lot of friends, the Dachshunds are always there with their award-winning personality to welcome your guests.

They also play well with other dogs, so if you have a dog already and you’re looking for another that’s compatible, you should certainly adopt a Dachshund.

Boston Terrier

Despite their rich history as dogs built to fight, Boston Terriers are incredibly soft dogs. Though they are a bit on the small size, but that’s negligible due to their features.

boston terrier

You have the cute and innocent attention seeking eyes, the loyalty and love shown to their parent, and their iconic Tuxedo-like fur pattern that supposedly re-enforces the fact that they’re serious (not really) dogs.

✓ Their Personality

If you’ve ever wanted a Terrier but their unrelenting feisty attitude is a turn-off, the Boston Terrier is a type of Terrier that lacks that attitude.

At the same time, they have the advantages shared by Terriers like being energetic and smart. Though, a feisty dog doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, just that in this scenario, a dog that’s level-headed and friendly will be perfect for the household.

That includes all-around friendliness to guests, kids/children, and even other dogs if the need arises. Summarily, Boston Terriers are like kids in the regard that they totally act like one. At the same time, that’s one of the reasons the elderly love them too.

✓ Shedding is Pretty Low

That low coat of theirs is an advantage, in that, Boston Terriers do not shed that much. So, that helps cut back on the cost of soaps, sponges, oils, and also time and effort. Though, as normal, you will need to give them a bath occasionally to give them a fresh look.

Additionally, as their size is portable, that makes good with how much ground you’ll be covering when you give them a bath.

✓ Portable

That small size to a lot of homeowners is lovable especially as they are extremely smart dogs. Yes, they are not confrontational, but at the same time, they really love to play which is a very good trait if you have kids around.

Dogs that are not for Your Home

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a dog that requires a lot of dedication and thus, attention. If you are too busy and you can’t keep watch of the dog round-the-clock, they have a heightened tendency of destroying items than other dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier

They are also petty and aggressive due to the fact that they are too stubborn (counters training as well) and any play, regardless if you think it’s not rough might not be ignored. Nonetheless, we don’t blame them for being that way, seeing as they’re not built to handle stress.

The Rottweiler

They’re similar to German Shepherds as they were also used to herd cattle (sheep and whatnot). Nonetheless, Rottweilers are flawed in a way that although they are territorial like the GSD, they do not recognize pack members like them (though GSDs are still too large for kids).


Their primal instincts are so ingrained that they might feel threatened by the presence of a baby or even a visitor. Though, this doesn’t mean they’re not great dogs. It’s just a matter of them being overprotective of what they see as their family and the immediate territory.

Akitas are not that Suitable as well


Other than the fact that an Akita is not suitable for new owners, their independence might be a problem. Akitas cannot be forced to do anything, and if you have a child, the child obviously won’t be privy to that fact and his or her forcefulness might be rewarded back with hostility.


Bullmastiffs are quiet dogs (they love the silence) and combined with their size and high temper when grown up, they’re not the perfect dog for the household.


This is even more true for new owners as the dog will have to be taken care of with experience. Any yell or sharp impromptu sound, and the Bullmastiff is up and ready to take up the fight.

Obviously, they’re great as guard dogs but as their ability to distinguish between good and bad is essentially hampered, this is one dog that shouldn’t be around children nor in homes with a lot of members that can contribute to noise.


Of course, each dog is different and this touches dogs of the same breed. Also, there are other dogs out there that fit the category too, but this is our own definition of dogs that are fit for your home.

Consider them, the reason why owners like them, and then make a choice. We personally took into consideration factors like size, personality or friendliness, intelligence (and thus trainability), and grooming and then we considered what you as prospective owner in your home would need in a dog.