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Who Gets The ContractorCulture Approval Badge?

It seems that before you buy anything these days, you can type in a brand name in to Google and be flooded with hundreds of different sites, all with something to say about the certain product or service you are interested in. But when it comes to these reviews, what are their criteria? What do they look for? What type of people are evaluating, are they subject matter experts, or simply content editors? Here, we take reviews seriously, and we search through hundreds of items to bring you the best. We are looking at other reviews, brand reputation, quality of materials, quality of instruction, and many other qualities that ensure you are getting the best of the best. Why do we do this, you ask? When it comes to something as time consuming, and expensive as renovation, we want to ensure our customers know what they are getting themselves in to. We want to assist them on their journey, and take away some of the hassle from the big projects. Here is a list of reasons why you should trust our opinion, and reasons to why our choices have your best interest in mind.



Everyone has either read a review for something, or given one. Reviews could be the best shopping tool, or your worst nightmare. Reviews allow a window in to your product, without having to spend a dollar on it yourself. They can also have biased or falsified information. That is why we go through hundreds of different reviews, taking in to account biased and wrongful reviewing. Instead of you wasting hours of your life trying to decipher what is correct and what isn’t, we do the work for you. We are the subject matter experts that know what to look for, ensuring that you place your trust in a tried and true brand that won’t disappoint.

Price Point


As much as we hate to admit it, we are always looking for the best value for our money. There are very few people in this world that have the luxury to through caution to the wind when it comes to spending money. When it comes to house renovations, we are dealing with some of the most important resources in the world to us, our shelter. Bad quality and inexperienced renovation works can create not only a headache for us, but a huge void in our bank accounts. Bringing you the very best in the market is a way for you to avoid all issues relating to wrongful renovation.

Services Offered


At the end of the day, we want the best. We want to go with the people who have the most experience, and the brand where we can feel safest. We want not only the problem to be fixed, but we want the most aesthetically pleasing work done. We want you to avoid the feeling of being “ripped off” by a company just looking to make a quick buck, leaving you with a low-quality carpentry job. Our reviews speak for themselves as we go with companies with the highest recommendations, and most experience in their field. To be the best, our mission is to provide you with the best, so we do the work to find the best, so you don’t have to.


We are very well aware you want the best and most experienced people working on your house both in and out. Our reviews speak for themselves in this department where many of the companies recommended are more than decades old and thoroughly experienced when it comes to house repairs and renovations. These teams have a true passion for their job and it shows in their services.



There isn’t a worse feeling that spending a lot of money and time on a project, only to end up hating the result. Without a guarantee, there is no way to feel that sense of comfort when making a deal. That’s why we place priority on companies that market their guarantees. We tailor our reviews to those stores that not only know what they are doing, but place a guarantee on their work. It is that extra insurance for you to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

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