Raven MPV 7100

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with an impressive transmission
  • The drive is electric
  • No cold weather or overheating will cause the tractor to fail
  • The machine’s seat has a 90 degree backrest, thus uncomfortable for folks who love slouching a lot
  • Mulching capabilities aren't great
  • Doesn’t come installed with a speed limiter


This is the ultimate mower out there. That is, the Raven MPV 7100 is the kind of mower that’s suitable for those looking for something that offers more than just mowing services. With the mower, you get to enjoy effectiveness and its driving thrill.

If there is something noticeable about the tractor is its generator. It’s very powerful. It operates at 7100 watts. However, it only runs on 6500 watts in operating items such as drills, pumps, saws, etc. The extra watts are used in running larger applications, as well as other multiple items. This allocation of watts is exactly what make this mower unique and a far cry from many of the best garden tractor alternatives out there.

The Raven MPV 7100 has actually revolutionized the world of mowing tractors. The machine was manufactured with the “eco-friendly” aspect in mind. It uses a hybrid technology whereby the motors are electronically controlled. And the same applies for the other functionalities such as the mowing process itself.

Nonetheless, the generator has to be powered by gasoline, which then charges the internal batteries. This ensures that the machine runs for up to 10 hours on just 5 gallons of fuel. This means that you’ll be using half a gallon for every one hour of mowing, which is way cheaper compared to typical engines. Note that a typical machine uses about 1 gallon an hour. So, with the Raven MPV 7100, you’re actually cutting your fuel use in half.

Now, who doesn’t love a quiet lawn tractor? If you are looking for something that doesn’t make much noise, then the MPV 7100 is exactly the kind of tractor you should get. Its quietness is accredited to the electrical aspect of it. Even though it might be as quiet as a typical electric rider, it’s actually much better than most of the best garden tractors in the market.

The engine is placed at the back of the tractor whereby it’s been tucked down at the bottom of the unit. This further reduces the noise while driving.

Driving the MPV 7100 is as simple as it goes. Its steering geometry is remarkable such that when you turn, the Raven goes in the exact direction you’ve aimed it. And it never damages the turf.

Just like many other MPV 7100 reviewers, I was impressed by the fact that its tires stay flat during the turns so that the machine doesn’t plough furrows on my garden. This is great for those with weak gardens. Similarly, when turning round trees, the machine remains steady and doesn’t “push” or slide out of the turn. Thanks to its incredible steering and traction.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for something that’s both great for your lawn and the rest of the land, then the Raven 7100 is perfect. It’s eco-friendly and uses amazingly little amount of fuel. You’ll be surprised how much you can save with this garden tractor. And for the skeptics, you don’t have to be leery of the Chinese-made RACO engine. They’ve got just as good of a reputation as the rest of the other brands.