Best Carpenters in Houston

If you’re like most of us you’ve got a project or two sitting around half done at best, and you’re tired of hearing your better half remind you about it every six months. Maybe now’s a good time to hire someone to finish your attempt, if not start over completely. Choosing a good carpenter can raise your stress level if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a good, professional carpenter. Lucky for you we did some of the work for you, choosing the top three carpenters in the Houston area based on the following criteria: reviews, price, services offered, experience, guarantee.

Of course, the selection process should not be rushed. Instead, you will want to evaluate each of the companies, by referring to the aspects and factors listed below.

Services Offered

Best Carpenters in Houston

#1. Millwork Construction Inc


11050 W. Little York Rd.



Canopy Unlimited narrowly edges out the number two carpenter on our list, but only because its website is a little nicer and easier to navigate.

If it’s good quality work and craftsmanship you’re looking for, Canopy Unlimited has been delivering its customers just that for over twenty years. They offer a vast array of services, from basic painting to complete additions to your home or business.

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Doing your bathroom? They’ll help you with a design that makes the best use of the space you’re working with, and they’ll help you pick out all the fixtures to make your new room stand out and get noticed.

How about your kitchen? Canopy Unlimited’s team will work with you so that your every need is satisfied before the building begins. Need a wall removed? They can do that too, if you decide that’s what you need to do to get the home you’ve always wanted.

Their website is laid out nicely, with a limited number of tabs telling you who they are and what they can do without taking you on a ride through their site to get there. The “Our Work” tab has an impressive number of photos of their work which can be enlarged so you’re able to see the quality of the work in greater detail.

From design to the final coat of paint, Canopy Unlimited has the staff to help you make the right decisions for your project and at the cost you’re looking for. They will get your project done on staff and on budget.

#2. Morales Painting


11603 Somerset Ln



Morales Painting and Carpentry have been operating successfully in the Houston area for over thirty years, and the large number of their customers who return for more work are testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 1986 the staff at Morales has been providing not only residential carpentry services of all kinds, but commercial services as well.

They provide residential services including sheetrock and drywall, painting, carpentry, cabinets and doors, ceiling and walls, and they’ll even remove that ugly old wallpaper in your new house that somehow, somebody once looked at and said, “Oh, it’s perfect!”

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On the commercial side, they provide all the necessary capabilities for an addition to your building or a remodel. They’re even equipped to power wash the exterior of your buildings and have all the necessary high lift equipment and the people skilled in using them.

They take great pride in completing your project on time and on budget, and they back it all with a two-year warranty on parts and materials.

Morales’ website is user friendly and easy to navigate. It includes a tab that spells out clearly how to contact them by either mail, telephone or email. It also has a little history on the company and a few testimonials from previous customers.

If you’re in the Houston area and you need a good, professional carpenter, give Morales a call. You will not be disappointed.

#3. K&G Master


2233 Heights Blvd



K.G. Master Carpenters has been doing business in the greater Houston area since 1989. They have an A+ rating as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau.

They are master cabinet builders and can create built-in shelves and media centers, kitchen, bath and office cabinets and millwork. They take the utmost pride in providing the best craftsmanship, affordability and customer service in the business.

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We highly recommend this carpenter, because of their sensitivity to the customer’s routine. They will make cabinets in their shops ahead of time to minimize the amount of on-site work to between four and seven days, so that you can go about your business with little interruption.

These guys won’t “cheap out” on you either. They use only the best materials, meaning no particle board, plastic corners or hot-glued joints. Their work is considered furniture quality and the best in the business.

They can either help you in the design process, or do the design process for you, refining along the way to meet your specific needs. They will make sure everything is in order before the construction begins.

Their website is nice, if a bit clunky looking, but there is a lot of good information on how they go about their business. There are also scores of pictures that demonstrate the quality of their craftsmanship.

Whether you are adding a wall or an entire new room, K.G. Master Carpenters can take the project from your sketch on a napkin to completion, and they’ll do it on time and on budget.