Best Carpenters in Philadelphia

Looking for a professional handyman for some serious wood work around your house? If you are searching for a professional that specializes in all types of wood work, including framing, finishing, and custom-made furniture, you’re just in the right place. We have selected the best companies for the job based in Philadelphia. If you have any kind of home improvement projects that need to be done – both interior and exterior – you’ve come to the right place.

Please find below the criteria we used to select the companies on our list.

Service offered

Best Carpenters In Philadelphia

#1. Corkery Customs & Remodeling



Is there a room in your house that you want remodeled? Maybe it’s just not the exact way you want it or maybe you want to change the whole thing all together. Whatever the case, Corkery Customs & Remodeling LLC has got you covered. For large or small projects Corkery can get your house looking just the way you envisioned it!

They have been in business for 9 years and have over 18 years of experience doing repairs and improvements as well as full scale remodels. Fully licensed and insured to work on residential properties, Corkery delivers top notch service with competitive rates! Their services cover all aspects of interior renovations from framing to drywall and more. If you live in the Tri-State Area including Philadelphia, Main Line, Lower Merion, Bucks Country and more these are the contracts you’ll want working on your house.

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Corkery’s services include full single room renovations such as kitchens, bathrooms and even basements; custom built-ins which include things like cabinet construction, media centers and bars. Really anything you can dream up, they can create! They also offer services in carpentry, interior painting, floor installation and remodeling. For them no job is too big or too small. And they’re with you every step of the way. You’ll never have to be frustrated with contractors again because Corkery’s team is dedicated to helping you out through every hassle and not only giving you a gorgeous looking home but a fabulous experience as well!

As a family owned and family run business you can be sure they’re going do deliver what you want, how you want it. And don’t think they’ll leave anything out. For them it’s all in the details! Every step of the way you’ll get detailed estimates on price and computer sketches of the project so you can see exactly how it’ll look before it’s even started. That way you can also make any minor adjustments you want before the building has started.

For the best price, a fantastic experience and beautifully detailed work Corkery Customs & Remodeling LLC are the carpentry contracts to contact!

#2. Yeager


556 Dupont St.



Looking for a professional touch to your next home renovation project? If you want a professional handyman at your service, someone you can rely upon for your precious home, Yeager Woodworking has got you covered. Many homeowners will say that it is hard to find a reliable, professional handyman in Philadelphia. Well, we doubt that. Yeager Woodworking is the best choice for when anything needs to be done at your home. So when in need, call Yeager Woodworking!

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Yeager Woodworking is a design-build furniture and custom cabinetry shop located in suburban Philadelphia. Led by artisan cabinetmaker Ron Yeager, they’ve been providing unique and individually tailored projects for home and office for over 10 years. They specialize in cabinetry, bookcases, built-ins, furniture, kitchen and bath cabinets, home trim carpentry and custom closets. They utilize environment-friendly products to keep your home healthy and in good shape for years to come. Their technicians have been recognized as being among the best in the industry.

They provide a one-on-one design consultation in person to facilitate unique solutions and an extraordinary project you will enjoy for years to come. They use only the finest hand selected material, hardware and finishes for your project. Cabinets can be fitted with an endless variety of doors, drawers, fittings and finishes.  The lumber they select comes from local saw mills and is harvested sustainably or FSC certified. Also, they use finishes made from natural ingredients and selected safe non-gassing finishes. The selection includes zero VOC hand rubbed oil, natural shellacs and low VOC urethanes.

Above all, they are fully licensed and insured for home improvements – both commercial and residential. Your complete satisfaction is Yeager’s standard business practice. We highly recommend Yeager Woodworking for all your home repair or remodeling needs. No matter how small or complex the project is, Yeager Woodworking will be there for you!

#3. Geno's



18 Bridle path, Holland



Give Geno’s a call, and they’ll do it all! For professional handyman services for your home or business, Geno’s Sliding & Roofing Co is just a call away. They are not just a name, they’re a whole team of home improvement professionals working day and night to make your home a much better place to live in. At Geno’s, they understand a home is where your heart is and they care for your home as you do. Everything from plumbing and carpentry repairs to kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, you can trust Geno’s team of home improvement professionals to care for your home.

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Since 2007 Geno's Siding & Roofing LLC is a full exterior Home Improvement contractor servicing the Greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas of Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware counties, Southern New Jersey and more. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, and are committed to serving homeowners with old-fashioned, friendly, reliable service. They are the go-to solution for homeowners like you who need skilled labor and reliability to get things done quickly and efficiently. When you hire Geno’s, you’ll work with an entire team of home improvement professionals beginning with your first phone call.

The whole team at Geno’s work efficiently with good attention to detail for a quality finished product that best serves your interests. They treat you and your home with respect, providing top quality materials and workmanship. From the friendly customer service representatives, to their highly skilled technicians, you can expect an exceptional service from each team member you interact with and they’re always happy to help. Geno’s only goal is to make you happy when done with your project!

#4. Ardmor Inc



2030 Grant Ave


(267) 314-7757

If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York or Delaware and need a carpentry contractor for repairs or remodeling on your doors and/or windows then you need ARDMOR Inc. With over 8 years of experience, they’re the best in the business!

ARDMOR Inc. has worked with all of the major window manufacturers over the years so you know you’ll be getting the best materials at very competitive rates. They are also experienced in using different materials such as wood, clad, vinyl and more. And their installation techniques range from full units to glass blocks. Whatever your window and door needs, they’ve got you covered.

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They are committed to delivering the highest quality materials as well as a gorgeous finished product. This also means their repairs and renovations will last for a long time to come. But that’s not all! ARDMOR Inc. is also fully committed to their customers and they offer some of the best customer service. They’ll be with you every step of the way so you get exactly what you want, how you want it. You’ll never feel like you don’t have a say in the design, after all it’s your house!

To date they have completed 2,908 projects and worked with over 2,500 clients, all of whom testify that ARDMOR delivers beautiful products, at a great price with the best experience they’ve ever had. Their services include window/door repair, screen repairs for both windows and doors, foggy/broken glass repairs, full windows and doors replacement, caulking and even arched window repairs!

Don’t spend enormous amounts of money completely replacing damaged windows or broken doors. And don’t pay a ridiculous amount to carpentry contractors who will only give you a mediocre repair and horrible experience. Instead, call up ARDMOR Inc. for a consultation in which they’ll give you the best estimates and help you to get your home looking like new again!