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5 Wreath Ideas We Are Loving Right Now!

Wreath Ideas 5 Wreath Ideas We Are Loving Right Now!

October is here and that means full blown fall is fast approaching. Sure, generally September is regarded as an autumn month. But we don’t mean this fake fall where it’s a crisp 65 degrees one day and then a heat wave for the next week. We are talking about flannel shirt, leaves falling, pumpkin carving fall.

Speaking of pumpkins, October is also a good time to start thinking through the rest of your outdoor decorations for the cooler weather. A wreath, for instance, can go a long way in the transition of your front door from a summer vibe to one more consistent with the pending seasonal change.

In this article we list five awesome, do-it-yourself, wreath ideas for fall that are sure to get your friends,  your family, and all your neighbors geared up for the holidays to come.

Blackboard Wreath

This is a truly fresh take on fall wreaths. Chalkboard paint has become popularized by many of the home and garden television shows. In fact, Magnolia, the Gaines’ line featured in Target, even produces its own line in various colors.

Blackboard Wreath

For this wreath, you use an old serving tray. The more patina, the better, as evidence by the picture. Paint the center of the tray with the chalkboard paint, where your message to guests will be displayed. From there, you can decorate the repurposed dinnerware however you see for fall.


Get It Here

In the picture, there are autumn leaves and berries, but certainly this wreath can be updated for Christmas time with holly or garlin.

Wooden Board Wreath

Here is another rustic, simple look to up the autumn on your front door. Best of all, this one may be even easier DIY wise than our blackboard wreath.

Wooden Board Wreath

All you need is a wooden plank plaque, which can be found at your local craft stores or on Amazon.

wooden planque

Get It Here

Stencil your favorite fall greeting across the front and add leaves, pine cones, dried berries, or any other natural fall accouterments. The hot glue gun is your friend here.

Add twine or wire to the back and Voila!

Owl Wreath

While slightly more invasive, this owl wreath is totally worth it. All you need is some burlap ribbon, a styrofoam wreath form, an old sismal doormat, a raffia table skirt, and a mason jar lid.

owl wrath

The wings are made from the doormat and the eyes are a combination of the rest of the materials plus red wood beads and some pumpkin seeds for a little extra fall flavor.

It might look and sound like there is a lot going on with this wreath, but trust us, if you have any sort of craft chops, your owl wreath is just a little resourcefulness and a lot of hot glue away.

Follow this link for the complete tutorial.

Birch-Bark Leaf Wreath

This glazed leaf wreath straddles the line between fall and winter making it the perfect holiday wreath. For this project, you will need six ¾ inch by twenty ½ inch sheets of birch bark, which you can find online at Amazon, a form wreath form, and some leaf templates.

Birch-Bark Leaf Wreath

Simply trace and cut the leaf shapes from the bark sheets. Then, get to gluing! You will want to vary the shapes and glue in staggered layers to achieve a look similar to the picture. To create the depth and dimension of the wreath, use wooden spacers in between leafs.

Richland Natural Birch Bark 20" x 7" Strips Set of 6

Get It Here

Here are the complete instructions for this magical multi-season door hanging.

Pinecone hangings

This one ventures from the world of wreaths and is more of a door hanging. Still, it’s simple fall feel is the perfect compliment to your other outdoor autumn decor.

Pinecone hangings

To put this ornamental piece together, you will first have to go scavenging for 8-10 four to six inch pine cones. Glue your favorite warm color scheme of ribbon to the ends of the pine cones. Make sure to select varying lengths of ribbon to adhere to the cones so that each cone hangs at a slightly different length to create the cluster.

Bow up your ribbon ends and finish with a decorate nail.


So, there you have it: 5 hangings to spice up your door for autumn. There are options for every kind of do-it-yourself crafter here. While some are relatively more invasive, involving more obscure materials and some extra steps, everything can be supplemented based on your level of comfort and accessibility.

These are the perfect projects for fall family fun. Any is capable of planting a seed of holiday spirit sure to grow and spread  throughout your household this September and beyond. .