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The Parts of Your Home that Probably Need Replacing

home upgrades The Parts of Your Home that Probably Need Replacing

Have you ever wondered which part of your home needed replacements or renovations? If your answer to that question is yes, well, we just wondered that too. So, we sat down to really inspect which parts of the home truly did need some renovations on our front.

When you change these certain parts, the replacements will radically change the way your home looks—both to you and your entire household and any visitor (regular or otherwise) that you might have. Though, be prepared in terms of funds if you want to embark on this task, as most things needing renovating or changing will need you to most likely buy a newer version of what you want to change.

Well, why not change the Door or the Knob

It’s not as if you can change your yard, except to spice it up with items like garden gnomes. So, why not change the door or if you want to manage funds, change the doorknob.

colorful door

Taking them one by own, your door, if you haven’t changed it recently might be kind of worn out, aesthetically unpleasing since it’s out of style, and simply just be damaged in any way or the other. For the latter, a door that just squeaks and brushes against the ground are just examples. You’ve already tried fixing it and that doesn’t work, so why not just replace it as a whole?

It should change how your home looks especially if you pick another color from the previous for the new door. Alternatively, if the door is still in good condition, and it’s likewise cool to look out, there are beautiful door knobs that you can get on Amazon.

Still, do note that this change isn’t restricted to your front door only, you can do it for all interior doors as well.

Change the Interior Paint

interior paint

Most people know this, but you might need a reminder confirming with you the same fact. The paint you’ve used a while ago won’t be that pleasing to the eyes anymore. It might be to visitors who have never been to your home, but to you personally, you would have gotten used to the color.

Additionally, the paint might have started fading, and there might be permanent stains on it as well. As if that isn’t enough, the paint in certain sectors of the home could even have started peeling, and thus, it needs a change as well.

In that case, you have yourself another cue other than us telling you to change the interior paint. While you’re at it, do pick good colors that feel welcoming, though make sure it doesn’t compete with your own favorite colors.

Go Low and Change the Carpet

The carpet in your living room is likely the most overlooked piece you own. When your carpet has used a lot of time with you, the first thing you’ll notice is that the floor beneath it appears different than the rest of house.

In fact, dare we say it, it perhaps appears cleaner than the rest of your home. And although that’s a good thing, it might be a sign that the carpet has been at that spot for a while.

great carpet color

At that point, you should change the carpet and find something ranging from grandiose to simple depending on your taste. Also, the color must complement the interior paint of your home. And pertaining to the former point, we feel if you’re already changing the carpet, do try to get something striking in nature.

That said, the existing carpet in your home shouldn’t be thrown out. Instead, you can apply it in another room in your home if it’s compatible with the place—or you can sell it.

You can Go Higher and Change the Curtains/Blinds

In the case that you’ve changed the paint already, you can likewise change the curtains or blinds if you’re not shy on spending funds.

It’s a matter of making all rooms in your house aesthetically appealing to both you and visitors. As a matter of fact, curtains and blinds will change your house’s look so much (in addition to the above changes), it will appear like you just moved in.

colorful curtains

On that note, it might also be a good idea to buy a thick curtain for winter and a lighter one for summer. It should keep you on your toes and give a radical look to your place.

Change the Couch

In the case that you have pets or that it’s been a while that you have been using your current set, we recommend that you change your couch. You can find designs that’ll modernize the whole place, and since you can also buy couches of varying colors, you can make your design speak.

new couch

Also, sitting on a couch that lacks the proper support might cause back pain and poor posture on your part. In light of that, if you’ve ever heard anybody in the house complaining about back pains, then you have your culprit.

Nonetheless, changing the couch is usually expensive and you might have to prepare for this. Just make sure that the one you buy will shift your next replacement far off into the future.

Your Kitchen Items

Your refrigerator and plates to be more specific should be changed. For the former, you should change your refrigerator if you’ve been using it close for more than 15 years. You might want to argue and say you don’t need to due to the price of fridges but think about the technological advancements that have occurred in the span of 15 years.

smart refrigerator

There are refrigerators nowadays that cut power consumption by up to 50-60 percent depending on how far back you’ve been using it. If you choose to change your refrigerator now, you’ll be cutting down on bills, and the new refrigerator will pay for itself in time. If it will help you feel better or perhaps persuade you, you can just sell your fridge to cover part of the funds.

Moving on, your plates might have war wounds by now, and that’ll make for something unsightly. So, you could definitely spice things up a bit for both yourself and guests.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

You might have forgotten about your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers too. And in this case, they should always be changed every 10 years to ensure that they’re properly working. If you’ve done that already, make sure you regularly change the batteries in the case of the alarms and check up on the gauge and do some servicing in the case of the extinguishers. Also, make sure that you install a smoke alarm in every room in your home.

Change the HVAC Filters

HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and they stand for heaters, air conditioners, and ventilation systems. Inside all of them are air filters that should be changed whenever they’re dirty. Nonetheless, most individuals can leave their air filters unchanged for months at a time and they won’t even notice a dip in performance.

change hvac filters

So why not change the filters in question? Why you do this is similar to the reason why you would want to replace your fridge; you want to cut down on energy consumption in the home. You’ll see a rise in electricity bills per year since the devices listed above will have to work harder to do their job.

Also, no matter how much they consume energy to fulfill your wish, they still won’t be effective in maybe heating, cooling, or ventilating your air, so, you might as well change the filters to make it easy for them.

Other Items

Likewise, the refrigerators and filters, your washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers should be changed also. Doing this will help you manage power consumption around the house. You can also check out your faucets and if they’re leaking or faulty in any way or form, you should change it to. Plumbing should also sometimes be done (servicing) so it won’t lead to excessive spending of funds later on.


The above are just some of the areas or items in the home that most people overlook or even maybe know and just ignore. That shouldn’t be so, since it leads to unsavory situations sometimes, that you could have avoided.

So, following the recommendations should add some new look and should also make life easier when you think about the latter points.

No matter, we advise that you take the time to know how much time and funds (as we’ve mentioned above) you’ll need to put in—before you start following any of the tips above.