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5 House Jobs Every Homeowner Should Do in Spring

5 House Jobs Every Homeowner Should Do in Spring 5 House Jobs Every Homeowner Should Do in Spring

Spring is the time of year when the birds begin chirping, flowers start to bloom, and the world feels so fresh and new. This rejuvenation and transition from one season to the next also extends to your home. Spending a little time to remove the gloom of winter will help make it easier to welcome in the warmth of spring. Get ready to spruce up, tidy up and get your house spring-ready. As the warm season rolls around, here are some of the most important things to take care of before running out to enjoy the weather.

Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

There is something about cleaning the kitchen or living room that gives you a sense of accomplishment and more importantly gets rid of unwanted clutter. The bleakness of winter is replaced with the vibrancy of spring. You feel lighter in almost every aspect and everything feels just a little bit brighter. So crank up your favorite tunes and start cleaning up the house. Tidying up your home’s interior will make room for these good vibes to continue from spring into summer. Here are a few of the most common things that would benefit from a good scrubbing.

Grimy Windows – It’s more difficult to clean windows during the winter due to uncomfortably cooler temperatures. This is why spring is the perfect time to remove dirt accumulation from the elements. Using plain old store bought window cleaner will do the trick. If you want to go the more eco-friendly route, consider making your own cleaner out of one part white vinegar to 3 parts water and placing it into a spray bottle.

Dust Off Those Old Rugs – Do you have a lot of floor rugs in the house? Once it gets warm, take them outside and give them a good old-fashioned beating. Using a broom, dust can be removed by hanging the rugs and giving them a good whack. If your rugs are washable, throw them in the washing machine to make them fresh again.

Put Away the Winter Clothes- Barring an extreme and unexpected shift in temperature you can safely assume that you won’t need those winter coats and sweaters for a few months. Vacuum sealed bags and plastic storage bins are great for tucking away winter wear that you no longer need for spring.

Dust Around the House – Wiping down and dusting fireplace mantels, shelves, and ceiling fans will help to remove dust along with annoying allergens that could potentially cause problems. It usually helps to follow up any dusting by using the vacuum hose to get into tight areas.

Clean Out the Oven and Fridge – Your oven can definitely benefit from a good cleaning to remove any baked on comfort food. Cleaning out the refrigerator and adding baking soda will absorb lingering smells that may have accumulated over the winter.

Organize a Yard Sale

yard sale

Spring is also a prime time to get rid of anything that is no longer of use. Old clothes, appliances, and even your prized comic collection are all things that you can sell. Hosting a yard sale is a great way to give your things a new home. If you are especially good at making deals, you can often come away with a nice sum of money to invest in home improvements or save for a rainy day.

Inspect Roof for Damage

inspect roof

Depending on your location, your home can receive more damage from the elements. Extreme cold, snow, and ice can be a nightmare on roofs. Once spring arrives, you or a hired professional should take a look at the roof for any loose or missing shingles. Any nails that are poking out along with cracks in flashing or seals are all signs that the roof needs to be fixed or completely replaced. When owning a home, the roof is one of the main things that need to be examined on a regular basis. This will help you catch simple fixes before they become giant repairs.

Tend to Your Garden

getting rid of weeds

Springtime means that everything—and we mean everything—is in bloom. This includes weeds. It’s important to remove these little green interlopers before they choke the life out of your prized roses. You’ll also need to rake any fallen leaves or debris that may have accumulated over winter. Taking care of these chores sooner, rather than later will prevent your lovely yard from looking like a jungle as the temperatures begin to increase. In addition, make sure to check any outdoor faucets and hoses for signs of cracks or breaks.

Change Out Air Filters and Check the A/C Unit

changing air filters

Making sure that your home’s A/C unit is running at an optimal level needs to be something that gets taken care of before the summer heat sets in. Having a professional check the unit will help save you from losing your cool should the A/C go out. Your home’s air filters will also need to be replaced to ensure that the air quality remains clean and healthy for everyone in the home. Luckily, this is an inexpensive, quick fix that you can do on your own time.


Before you crank up the grill and get ready to enjoy some fun in the sun, just remember to take care of things at home first. Giving your home a good cleaning will not only make it look better but help you shake off the winter blues. Plus, once you get started it won’t even feel like work. Spring will be that much better once your home is squeaky clean and in tip-top shape.