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Organizational Tips to Help You Keep Your House Tidy Any Day

declutter house Organizational Tips to Help You Keep Your House Tidy Any Day

There’s just something nice about walking into a clean house, isn’t there? Coming home to clutter is not most people’s idea of a relaxing end to a hard day. The reality is, though, it can be hard to keep a house tidy all the time! Have you ever spent an entire day getting everything all clean, only to feel like it turns into a mess just a few hours later? We’ve all been there.

Cleaning a house can be easy (albeit time consuming) but the real struggle is keeping it that way. After all, a house is meant to be lived in, not looked at like a museum. The key to a clean house is for it to be functional and cozy while remaining tidy. Much easier said than done! However, by following these organizational tips you will be much more likely to keep your house picked up and neat at all times.

Do Laundry More Frequently

You might not like the sound of this rule, but it is one of the best ways to ensure the house is always tidy. A heaping pile of laundry is not a good look for any room. To reduce the look of dirty clothes, get into the habit of doing a quick load of laundry each day (or every other day) when you get home for the evening. This way, clothes don’t pile up, leaving you with several loads you have to do all at once.

landry declutter

The other benefit to doing laundry more frequently is to not have to put away so many clothes all at once. Do you have a certain area in your bedroom where clean clothes end up piling up? Possibly a chair, or on top of a dresser? It happens. For many people, folding clothes and putting them away is more tedious than doing the actual laundry. By reducing the size of your loads, you are reducing the amount of time it’ll take to put everything away.

Getting into this habit ensures all your clothes are neat and organized and stored where they need to be.

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

Have you ever heard of the 5 minute rule? It is one of the best organizational tips out there (and also is a great rule to keep in mind while you are at work too!) The rule is simple- if there is a certain task you need to do and you know you can complete it in 5 minutes or less, do it right away! The reality is that the small amount of time is not going to make a big impact on your day when it is handled in small increments like this. However, if you push all of those small tasks off, you will be left with a long to do list that you may not have time to get to, or more realistically, won’t want to get around to! The result? A cluttered house!

If you get into this habit, you’ll notice how much you are actually able to get done in just 5 minutes. This way, you’ll never feel overwhelmed with a long list of things to do, and better yet, your house will be more organized than ever before. As for those tasks that will take longer than 5 minutes? You’ll be much more willing to get them done when you’ve got more free time and are far more likely to get them done, which will also result in a cleaner house you’ll be happy to come home to.

Invest in Storage Solutions

This may sound obvious, but it’ll be hard to have a house that is organized and looking tidy if you don’t have places to put things! For example, have you ever spent an entire afternoon cleaning the house? Do you find yourself shoving things away wherever you can find the space just so that your house looks good? That may work in a pinch when you are throwing a party, but the reality is, once you need to take those items back out to use them, you’ll be back to a cluttered space.

storage solutions

Instead, make sure you’ve got good storage solutions for all rooms of your house. Don’t want to look at your remotes for your TV? Invest in an ottoman with storage that you can keep them in. Spices cluttering your kitchen counter? Get a sliding spice rack. Get a mail bin so mail and bills aren’t scattered all over your desk or counter. This way, you have a dedicated space for all of the items you have and you can get in a habit of keeping things there when they aren’t in use.

Make the Bed Every Day

make the bed

Last but not least, this is a simple, but impactful tip. Make the bed! There is nothing that will make a bedroom look more cluttered than a messy bed. Don’t believe us? Make your bed and take a look at how your bedroom looks. We guarantee it’ll look much more tidy, even if you have other things you need to clean up. Best of all? This falls into the 5 minute rule we discussed earlier. This doesn’t take much time at all, but it makes a big impact. As an added bonus, there is something relaxing about getting into a made bed at the end of the day. You are sure to feel more relaxed and sleep better. Who doesn’t want that?

Wrapping Up

Following these simple tips will ensure your house will always stay nice and organized without you having to waste your entire weekend cleaning the space from top to bottom. By getting into a habit of cleanliness (and giving yourself the right tools and storage tools) you are sure to have a cleaner house, feel more relaxed, and have more free time. Not a bad combination if you ask us!