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Your Living Room Could Look Better: Easy Ideas to Revamp it

living room decor Your Living Room Could Look Better: Easy Ideas to Revamp it

Everything gets tired after a while, and your living room is no exception. So, when you stop noticing anything in it, this is a large concern. That simple act means there’s nothing awe-inspiring about the room anymore, and to change that line of thought, you need to change or add certain elements to it. Hence, we’ve compiled some tips, that are sure to change how everything looks.

Clean Up the Place

This is the first thing you have to do because the new items you purchase need a place to stay. Also, by the time you’re done with the clean-up, the empty space should create a few patterns that you can use in rearranging your entire living room. An example is couch positioning. This alone is enough to make things look different, though, not necessarily better if you’re not careful. Moving on, cleaning up offers more space, which you can pair with a large mirror or multiple small ones to trick perception. In turn, this looks and feels professional.

before after living room

Tip: Exercise care when using a mirror. You don’t want the mirror to reflect a congested space. Instead, it should reflect your pendant lights or any other such option, since it represents space.

Art is Life

In this case, you do not need a small painting. You should go all out and find a painting that’ll consume a lot of space on the wall. Additionally, when selecting the piece of art, use something obscure, daring, and even colorful.

living room art

That said, why do you need a big painting? Well, the fact it gets up close and personal with you and forcefully demands your attention is just captivating.

A Rug is Best

Other than the fact that a rug is comfortable since it acts as a cushion for your feet against the floor, it is the first thing you should change since it’s the base, upon which you can use colors to complement.

beautiful rug living room

So, it’s advised that you find a rug with a design and size that’s too attractive not to be noticed. Also, the rug you select should complement the colors (taken by your couch for example) present in your living room.

Reduce the Lighting

Getting the ambiance right is not so hard in as much as you can adjust the amount of light coming in.

Lighting that’s not too bright, complements the overall environment and certainly changes the looks as it makes you feel more comfortable. Additionally, you can use pendants lighting options which covers the whole room and floor lamps for corners.

pendant lighting living room

If you like reading a lot, then task lighting installed should be installed in your favorite spot in your living room.

A Vignette is Helpful

If you want to create a vignette, use a spot previously occupied by maybe your couch, or even your TV.

beautiful vignette

Then, you can just visit a thrift shop for some amazing pieces and arrange them to create still art that subtly blends into the background, but is still different. The amazing thing about this is that you can rearrange anytime a look begins to bore you. And you won’t even need to purchase more items since you can pretty much perfect the look with anything in your home. Well, anything that’s not being used.

Molding Makes it Look Expensive

You don’t need to do much here; just add thin moldings to the corners/walls of your living room to give a sophisticated look.

living room molding

Also, the vignette you build or the painting you decide to hang, you can use moldings to frame them and hence, call attention to their presence. Subtle, but deeply impactful is what you’re looking for here.

Your Television

If your TV is hanged before, you can find a wooden stand that calls out the color of the environment for it. Alternatively, you can hang it if it’s on a stand before and if the stand is suitable enough, you can even use it to build a vignette (place some pictures with it too).

tv on wooden stand

After you’re done with the new positioning, strip LED lights can be installed on the back of your T.V to create a mesmerizing combination of colors.

Your Bookcase should be Adjusted

living room bookcase

Do not let your bookcase feel too occupied since that seemingly suffocates the environment. You can instead take a few books out and add some sculptural items like vases to mix the look.

Pillows are a Necessity

living room pillows

At this point, pillows, meticulously placed in your living room can add to its overall appeal. All you just have to do is make sure the design you settle on is bold, the sizes of the pillows are different but still close enough, and they should actually be useful and not just there for the physical appeal they offer.


Provided your living room doesn’t use ceiling to floor drapes, then this is a must-do on your part. Purchase drapes with colors that although complements others in the room, should be an art itself.

living room curtains

Also, depending whether or not you like a professional look, your drapes should either touch the floor or just hover above the floor for a casual look.

A last note; just make sure any design or change you implement impresses you. Most importantly, you must like the changes immediately after implementing them.

Additionally, try to get a second and third opinion to see which parts could be better and which parts are already good.