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The 5 Home Improvement Gurus to Follow on Instagram

home improvement gurus instagram The 5 Home Improvement Gurus to Follow on Instagram

Home improvement projects used to be mostly left to the professionals with a few people here and there that would tackle projects on their own. In this day and age, though, the DIY movement is bigger than ever and more and more people are taking their renovations, whether big or small, into their own hands. This is largely in thanks to the power of the internet. With so many great ways to connect online and the amazing tutorials that are now widely available as well as the ideas that people share constantly, there are few projects that can’t be tackled thanks to the internet.

Specifically, social media is a great place to get some of the best ideas out there and we have a special place in our hearts for Instagram. Instagram is a great place to find amazing ideas and inspiration and see what others are doing in their homes. Below, we have listed our 5 favorite improvement gurus that everyone should be following on Instagram for the best ideas and inspirations out there. Following these gurus of the improvement world will give you amazing new projects, tips, and inspiration for your own ideas for your home.

Natalie Meyers

This incredible woman is an interior designer based out of Los Angeles, California. She is a true improvement guru and has definitely earned her spot on this list. She has a refreshing and clean style that is chic and unique. She shares tons of her projects every week, so there is always something new to look at. On her awesome Instagram page, you will find lots of her work as well as ideas for inspiration and more. She generally sticks to a mostly neutral color pallet, especially using a lot of white, black, and greys. Even without tons of color, her designs are stunning, bold, and eye-catching. She does like to add a nice pop of color in here and there, though. She does an amazing job with all of her work and should definitely be your go-to for anything simple, clean, and modern.

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Liz Marie Galvan

If you are looking for a lovely rustic look, look no further. Liz Marie Galvan is based out of Michigan and shares her amazing renovations and designs as she and her veteran husband fix up their stunning 1800’s farmhouse. She regularly shares beautiful photos as they make progress throughout their home. They just redid their floors and wow are they amazing. Liz Marie also tends to stick to a mostly neutral pallet of colors with lots of pretty creams and subtle earthy tones. She loves to add pops of bright green with natural plants found throughout her entire home. She has a nice, eclectic style, so her walls are a bit busier and there is always something new and interesting to look at. Her style is classic, yet original, and you will never run out of things to look at in her amazing home. If you love the farmhouse style, check her page out anytime you need some fresh inspiration.

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Sarah at the Ugly Duckling House

Sarah might as well be THE professional DIYer. She has spent the last 7 or so years renovating her 1982 home in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. As Sarah states, she likes to tear her house apart and put it back together. She regularly shares photos of her amazing home and the many different renovation projects that she always seems to have going. Everything about this DIY blogger from Atlanta is real and raw. She often shows the before and after but also shares the in-between parts that are all too often left out altogether. She shares lots of projects in progress and she believes that if she can do it, anyone can. She is very inspirational, creative and funny. You will love her quirky personality and are sure to get a lot out of her posts. She even includes lots of tutorials to show you step by step how to achieve the same things that she is doing.

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Nick Olsen

Nick Olsen graduated with a degree in architecture but ended up deciding to dive into the world of design and home improvement. He is an incredible designer and has had his work featured in many magazines including British Home and Garden, House Beautiful, Veranda, and even the Wall Street Journal. He mixes modern touches with classic and vintage looks for an incredible and unique style all his own. His impressive and courageous use of lots of bold colors and patterns as well as oversized pieces really sets him apart and show exactly why he is so loved and followed by nearly 30,000 people on his Instagram where he is constantly posting gorgeous photos of his amazing work. If you are a big-time color addict and in need of some great ideas to refresh your space, you need to be following this man.

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Emily Henderson

Last, but certainly not least on our list is Emily Henderson. Originally from Oregon, this impressive and famous stylist is now based in L.A. with her family of 4. She wears many hats as she spends her time as a stylist, designer, art director, writer, TV show host, and mommy. On her Instagram, she shares lots of inspiring photos of her unbelievably beautiful work. She tends to lean towards a classic, neutral color pallet in most cases but always includes an eye-catching pop of bold color in her rooms. She likes to incorporate modern looks into her designs, but she believes strongly in the character brought into a space by an antique or vintage piece. She thinks that a home should reflect its occupants above anything else. Follow her for some really amazing professional inspiration.

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