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House Party Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

gifts for wine lovers House Party Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

You’ve been invited to a party – great! Your host knows how to throw a good party as he, or maybe she, is a great lover of wine. There lies the problem. What little gift can you give someone who loves wine, that they might not already have? Wine buffs are like everyone else; they’re eager to try out any new gadget or invention in their area of interest. So it’s a matter of trying to think a bit out of the box to come up with a great thank you gift.

Chain or Rope Wine Bottle Holder

Lily's Home Chain Wine Bottle Holder,

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These innovative ways to present a wine bottle at the table are eye-catching and magical. The chain wine bottle holder appears to defy gravity and hold the bottle in midair with the nickel-plated chain wrapped around its neck. The illusion goes further to the rope wine bottle holder. How can a piece of white rope hold up a heavy bottle of wine?

The answer is buried inside the rope where a chromed metal core provides the necessary stability and balance. They will both hold a standard wine bottle with a long neck. It will undoubtedly get people talking at the party, and also looks cool in the dining room or kitchen.

Wine Stem Glass Holder

wine stem holder

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We’ve all experienced the party where there is wine and food. In one hand, you have your glass of wine, and in the other a plate of food. Then you get introduced to someone and want to shake hands, but you haven’t got a hand free! How about a way to hold your wine glass but not in your hand.

The over the neck Neoprene Stemstrap wine glass holder leaves both hands free for other things while keeping your wine glass safely stowed thanks to the non-slip rubberized lining. People who have bought the holder say at first glance; it’s often thought of as a bit of a joke. However, once it’s worn, and users get to experience the Stemstrap there’s no going back to the old ways of juggling a glass and plate.

Wine Stopper USB Memory Stick

wine stopper USB

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What do you get when Silicon Valley moves to Napa Valley, the answer is, of course, the wine cork USB memory stick. There are a lot of novelty USB sticks available these days, anything from fake sushi to bloodied fingers, but this has wine lover written all over it.

The 1GB built-in memory looks just like the cork you get out of a wine bottle. The only difference is that it can be split apart to reveal the USB connector. As the drive is made of cork, if you drop it into a puddle then its more than likely going to float, and that could save your data.

Wine Cork Decorative Wooden Organizer

cork organizer

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There are times when you drink a bottle of wine you wish you could remember for always. Well, the decorative wine cork organizer helps you do just that. These display boards are created in the shape of US states and can be mounted on the wall of your wine cellar or man-cave. The boards have cutouts to fit standard wine bottle corks.

The more regular the shape of a state, the more cutout holes there are to mount corks. For example, Indiana can take 56 corks, whereas smaller Maryland can only hold 26. This is certainly a fun way to remember some of your most memorable bottles of wine.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

the essential guide to becoming a wine lover

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Not every wine lover is an expert, but the large majority of them would like to be. This handy first of its kind book gives any wine lover the chance to sniff as well as read about one of their favorite subjects. The author is Richard Betts, one of less than two hundred master sommeliers in the world. Richard takes a great no-nonsense approach to take some of the snobbery out of wine.

He introduces readers to the fundamental components of wine, the fruit, wood and earth, explaining the difference between grape varieties and how they are fermented into the wine we drink. You also get to sniff your way through the basics of understanding wine.