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Finding a Contractor On Social Media: Yes! Here is How!

fiding a contractor on social media Finding a Contractor On Social Media: Yes! Here is How!

If you are looking for a contractor for house renovations, a social media site may just be the place where you need to be right now. Social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have not only brought a revolution to the way people connect with each other, they have also made it possible for people to identify goods and services from the comfort of their homes. However, this luxury comes with its own issues; fraudsters and chancers can easily pretend to be what they are not. For this reason, you need to follow a few tips to make your hunting for a contractor via social media more successful.

Know exactly what you want

finding a contractor on social media

The first step in using any platform, including social media networks to find a good contractor for home renovations is to know exactly what you want done for you. While this tip may look obvious, you will be surprised at the number of people who want to have their homes renovated but they have no idea what exactly they want to do.

The good thing about knowing exactly what you want is that you can have a rough idea of what it will cost you. Once you start looking for contractors on social networks, it becomes easy to identify the ones who do what you are looking for and the ones who do not. You will also have an idea whether a particular contractor you are talking to is expensive or reasonable.

Knowing what you want will allow you to know the questions you need to ask the contractor. Use their social media page to ask these questions. Once you have asked these questions look at the answers they give and then also check the consistency of what they say when the question is asked by different users in different ways.

Start with your personal network

The advantage of social media is that you can contact thousands of people at the same time. Look through your timeline and if you see someone who has just had home renovations done and they indicate they’re happy with the contractor, contact them directly and ask for information. If this person stays close to you, you can go and see the work that was doneor you may ask them to send you videos and photographs.

Apart from telling you about the work done by a contractor, your social media connections who have just used a contractor will possibly be happy to give you some home renovation tips. They’ll also be in a position to give you tips on what worked for them and what didn’t while they were looking for a contractor using social network sites.

Some of the things you can find out from your social media contacts include whether the contractor was able to complete the job within the budget and timeframe allocated, if there were any unforeseen problem they ran into with the contractor, and if the contractor actually has the experience, licenses, and tools required for the job.

Check the following

Once you have determined what you want and are now looking at companies on the social networking site, the most important aspect is to check the following that the contractor you want to use has. It’s most likely that a contractor with a big following is popular and they are doing a great job. For instance, if you wanted to go for dinner in a city where you have never been before, would you go and sit in a restaurant that is empty or would you go to one that is full?

It is also most likely that when a contractor has many followers on their social networking sites, you are likely to get a good idea from the reviews of the work they do. Of course, it’s possible that they may remove the reviews they do not quite like but if they really have many followers and they are doing a bad job, they would need to have someone removing reviews on a fulltime basis.

Look for useful content

Serious contractors who own a social media page know the importance of share stimulation content. Share stimulation content is the content which may at a glance look like it has nothing to do with the business of renovating houses but could be useful to a customer who needs to have a house renovated.

The content posted on the social network page of good contractors does not have to be anything complicated. Check out the pictures and videos of projects that they have transformed for others. Good pages would usually have before and after pictures. Such contractors are also not shy to post pictures of satisfied customers and what such customers think about the work they do. Be careful though if every review is good, this could mean that the contractor removes the bad ones.

Apart from just posting photographs and videos, good contractors also make their way into the news and they are very keen to share this on their social media. Check out if there is any news in the local press that the social network page of the contractor you are considering has links to.

The response time is important

A good contractor must be willing to respond to any requests placed on their social media pages. If you post a request through the site and you have to wait for days before someone responds, this should be an indication of the culture of the contractor you are dealing with.

Related to this is how often the contractor posts on their social media page. If you are looking for a contractor in November and you notice that the last time they ever posted anything on their site was in November last year, it may also be an indication of a company that is not well managed. When a company is well managed, this shows even in things that may be considered small; not that any good company would consider a social media page small.