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10 Design and Decor Geniuses to Follow on Instagram Today!

instagram home decor 10 Design and Decor Geniuses to Follow on Instagram Today!

When it comes to writing, there is a timeless adage with respect to inspiration. It goes like this:

Good writers borrow. Great writers steal.

The idea behind this quote, first spoken by poet T.S. Elliot and then adopted by Picasso, is that when artists can’t seem to find the muse, the best thing to do is replicate the work they most admire.

The sentiment also rings true when it comes to home furnishing style and decor. After all, design is an art form.

Every homeowner is starting somewhere, and no one can find an original style without first mimicking one to which another designer has attributed. You must replicate before you can truly create.

Artist and designers do this, not because the wheel does not need reinventing. It absolutely does, which is why stealing is only a piece of the puzzle!

For design novices, stealing color schemes and aesthetics from other designers can help you get the creative juices flowing, for lack of better phrasing, throughout your own home.

Unique design requires a direction towards a clear end point. The best artists and designers overcome creative idling by following someone else’s path until their own is revealed.

It is funny how quickly your own personal context and taste begins to bleed in. Once it does, you are innocent. You’ve stolen nothing. You’ve simply been inspired.

And when it comes to design, there is no better place to be inspired then on instagram. Oh, instagram…what did we do without you? What better place for interior designers to showcase unique pieces staged in new and interesting ways through homes? What better place to go for help with yours?

In this article, we outline the 10 best design accounts to follow for a masterclass in home decor.

1. Joanna Laven @joannalaven

Laven is a set and prop stylist who has leveraged those talents into a career as an interior designer. On her page, you will lots of modernist inspiration, minimal in foundation and color, but rich in texture and geometry.

Think white walls, modern architecture and furniture, and open concept, with traditional elements like wainscoting and stone hearth fireplaces liberally sprinkled. The contrast creates a design world in which every aspect of a room, no matter how inconsequential, seems featured.

2. Pierre Yovanovitch @pierre.yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch @pierre.yovanovitch

Yovanovitch’s room designs are the stuff of modern fairytales. No other designer can meld color palettes like this artist. Coral pinks and bold, bright yellows with traditional dark, hexagonal parquet flooring is just one, not so rare example.

On his page you will find a little bit of everything to fit every type of room. There are country inspired living spaces, mediterranean entryways, and sleek, urban studies all together in one wonderful instagram portfolio.

Yovanovitch goes out on a limb with furniture, and these pieces are focal points more times than not. Think fuzzy, high-backed armchairs and pointed floor lamps. Still, it always seems to work.

3. Hanne Gather @dactylion_design

Hanne Gather @dactylion_design

Gathe’s style could best be described as Royal hospitality. There is something resoundingly high-end about the design, but with touches of humility that surely welcome visitors to experience complete comfort in each space.

This designer has worked for a number of big design firms in London, including Foster + Partners, Jump Studio, Fiona Barratt Interiors, and Lawson Robb, but for now, she is out of Oslo, Norway, leading Metropolis Arkitektur & Design as the senior interior architect.

The Norwegian firm is currently working on a large, hotel renovation. Trust us, the common dining spaces and bedrooms featured on her page do not feel cheap with elegant chandeliers and raised bedding. That said, fireplace, armchairs, and breakfast table-esq seating bring it all back down to earth.  

4. Kelly Wearstler @kellywearstler

Kelly Wearstler @kellywearstler

Wearstler’s work is featured in chic hotels in major cities across the globe like The Proper in Hollywood, CA and San Francisco and the Four Seasons in Anguilla. Her instagram account is a collation of all of these.

Known for her glam, Wearstler’s designs are a product of a unique collaboration: rich color and texture that scream luxury, but with a bit of sass and spontaneity. She also has created a high-end global brand of curated furniture, lighting, rugs, fabrics, trims, wall coverings, bedding, fine china, decorative home accessories, jewelry, and other art available at her boutique on Melrose Avenue, in LA.

5. Grant K. Gibson @grantkgibson

Grant K. Gibson @grantkgibson

Gibson’s namesake firm was founded in New York in the early 2000’s. Now, the team of designers work out of San Francisco, which seems to be the American hub of interior design and decor.

Gibson spaces are famous for functionality. Furnishings that are featured are also those most utilized amidst whatever purpose for which the room is dedicated. In other words, in dining rooms, it is the table set that is focus, and not some other decorative piece.

That said, there is plenty of decor littered across table tops, mantles, and side tables, and yet all of them are still useable, if not useful, in some way, shape, or form. Decorative candle  holders, for instance, do a fine job of both holding candle sticks while simultaneously adding depth to a certain motif and color palette within a room.

6. Alyssa Kapito @alyssakapitointeriors

Alyssa Kapito @alyssakapitointeriors

Alyssa Kapito is both the lead designer and name of the New York firm famous for its residential work across both costs. Kapito is famous for stark lines and bulky textures. The palette is light, earthy, but there is a thickness to each hue. In this way, no room feels sterile despite its lightness, but rather, warm and welcoming.

Patterns that independently clash with seemingly everything work in collaboration with woods and geometric shapes. This is evident on instagram, which documents recent work such as a renovation of an Upper East Side pre-war apartment in New York, a Bellport beach house, and a family home in Beverly Hills, CA.

7. Justina Blakeney @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney @justinablakeney

If your style tends to lean more bohemian than Justina Blakeney should be your first stop on instagram. The designer’s maximalist tendencies have quickly become the cornerstone of a booming design business complete with collaborations, a blog, and a booming ecommerce business.

Blakeney can best be described in three words: color, pattern, and plants. Trust us, there are plenty of each featured on instagram. But this is not the only showcase of Blakeney’s work. On her website you can find all sorts of inspo as well as links to her online store which carries furnishings, rugs, wallpaper, baskets, and more.

8. Ryan Korban @ryankorban

Ryan Korban @ryankorban

Korban is famous in the interior design world for possessing no formal training whatsoever. Still though, he has developed a unique style that combines luxe, tradition, and urban aesthetics.

Designs are highly refined, but each has a little something edgy about it which comes through via a boldness and intricacy of line, color, and pattern. Korban takes inspiration from visual artists of many mediums, specifically Monet and photographer, Helmut Newton, on his quest to redefine space for the new generation of homeowners.

Amidst his portfolio are the homes of prominent figures from fashion, film, and music, but has found his niche in retail design.

9. Sarah Sherman Samuel @sarahshermansamuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel @sarahshermansamuel

Samuel is the renaissance woman of the interior design world, with a hand in everything from a line of paper good (available at Target) to a design blog. Her instagram highlights all of it, including her recent renovation of Many Moore’s midcentury, Harold B. Zook home.

This remodel is a good example of Samuel’s style– fun, feminine, but not to be taken lightly. The latter is a result of straight lines and geometric shapes to create a forum for bright colors and wild patterns to play.

10. Decus Interiors @decus_interiors


Decus Interiors is a design firm that truly creates art of space and home decor, their ideal medium. This all-female team creates spaces that are meant for more than practical tasks like eating, sleeping, and watching T.V. These are places that inspire thought, creativity, and allow human emotion to rise to the surface and bubble over.

Decus is known for whimsy, a vibe created through rich color and pattern that always seems to just work once the composition is realized. This instagram is perfect for the novice home designer nervous about breaking the mold.